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About those terror tunnels, and how Hamas used child labour to build them

The whole world has heard by now of the huge underground city known as the Hamas terror tunnels, a network of which has been dug to emerge within Israeli kibbutzim and towns around Gaza, besides other tunnels which are “only” … Continue reading

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Two great videos defending Israel in the media

Here are two videos, radically different from each other, but each with the same message. First is Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the US, who staunchly defends the IDF’s actions while castigating CNN for its biased and lacking coverage of … Continue reading

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Operation Protective Edge weekend roundup: more IDF casualties, Israel reject’s Kerry’s idea of a ceasefire

As Operation Protective Edge ends its 2nd week we hear that sadly 6 more soldiers were killed over Friday and Shabbat, bringing the death toll to 40:  The IDF announced early Saturday evening that three soldiers had been killed in the … Continue reading

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