Kerry’s delusional ceasefire proposal: When the left and right are in agreement you know you’ve lost the argument

John Kerry is back, like a bad penny

A lot has been said and much fun been made of John Kerry’s ridiculous ceasefire proposal, which was utterly rejected by Israel. It turns out that John Kerry’s delicate feelings and fragile ego have been mortally wounded by the mockery.

Below are a series of items from yesterday’s Times of Israel live-blog which illustrate this:

First, an overview from Avi Issacharoff regarding the ongoing dispute with Kerry:

Labor opposition leader Isaac Herzog told Channel 2 earlier that Secretary Kerry, with whom he says he speaks often, has been “hurt to the depths of his soul” by the criticisms he’s received in Israel for his handling of the ceasefire effort.

ToI’s Avi Issacharoff explains in an analysis piece why Kerry has so infuriated his allies.

One key point: “Kerry and his staff made an outrageous decision to turn their backs on the Egyptian framework for a ceasefire in a manner that encouraged Hamas to continue shooting rockets… By turning to Doha and Ankara behind the backs of Cairo and Jerusalem, Washington — no doubt unintentionally — strengthened Hamas’s resolve against Egypt and Israel.”

Another: “The farce continued with the amateurish draft that was immediately rejected by Israel’s security cabinet.”

And a third: “It then reached new heights on Saturday in Paris, when Kerry decided to participate in an international summit on Gaza, attended by his new friends al-Attiyah and Davutoglu (the foreign ministers of Qatar and Turkey) as well as the foreign ministers of the European Union, but not by a few players that Kerry apparently perceives as marginal – representatives of Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and, of course, Israel.

It’s hard to say what caused the Obama administration to join forces with the Muslim Brotherhood of all camps — loyally represented by Turkey and Qatar — and turn its back on the movement’s sworn enemy, the Egyptian government. The best case scenario is that it might have been amateurism or a misreading of the situation. In a less ideal scenario, Washington decided to forge an alliance with organizations and entities that would be happy to see Israel disappear from the map.”

Says Issacharoff: “I prefer to bet on the first option… that Kerry just doesn’t understand who’s playing against whom in the Wild Mideast.

Here is Avi Issacharoff’s full article.

Here’s just one example of an MK’s scathing view of American diplomacy. Zeev Elkin said “Last time we listened to the US, Hamas took Gaza”.

The US clearly can’t abide any criticism and use nasty menacing language against Israel’s legitimate criticism as we read that “Criticism of Kerry could jeopardize Israeli-US ties — US officials“. It seems that criticism is a one-way street. The US, particularly the State Deparment,  can and does criticise Israel loudly, publicly and often, but cannot dish it out. We’ve been here before.

The State Department goes on the defensive Monday afternoon, critiquing Israeli sources for leaking details of a Gaza ceasefire draft, and then denying allegations that the draft represented a capitulation to Hamas demands.

Leaks and criticism of the sort that Secretary of State John Kerry faced over the weekend are “simply not the way allies and partners treat each other,” State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki complains.

Riiight. The US has never criticised Israel. Not.

The US ought to know that in the Middle East, but especially in Israel, you know you’ve lost your argument when you’ve lost the left as well as the right, and when their views converge –Voices from left, right wary of US ceasefire proposal.

However, despite all America’s sound and fury at Israel’s audacity in rejecting their ceasefire proposal, Israeli criticism did manage to alter the US ceasefire terms:

While American officials continue to fume at the Israeli media for its harsh criticism of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to reach a ceasefire last week, apparently it had some effect. During a speech, Kerry says that “any process to resolve the crisis in Gaza… must lead to the disarmament of Hamas.” In a ceasefire proposal Kerry had submitted to Israel on Friday, no disarmament of Hamas was mentioned.

Small comfort but we have take the crumbs that we can find.

Israel’s confusion at John Kerry’s delusional behaviour has not gone unnoticed in the foreign press. The Daily Telegraph’s Robert Tail reports that “Israel thinks that John Kerry is an alien, an ongoing embarrassment“:

John Kerry has almost certainly been called worse things than a space alien – particularly by Israel’s Right-wing camp, where contempt for the US secretary of state and his failed peacemaking efforts is unabashed.

But when the insult is levelled by the previously supportive Haaretz newspaper, standard-bearer of the country’s liberal-Left, it may be time for him – and by extension, President Barack Obama – to take notice.

The withering description was coined by Barack Ravid, the paper’s well-informed and normally restrained diplomatic editor, to describe Mr Kerry’s attempts at brokering a truce to the bloody conflict in Gaza – rejected by Israel amid widespread mockery.

“It’s as if he isn’t the foreign minister of the world’s most powerful nation, but an alien, who just disembarked his spaceship in the Mideast,” wrote Mr Ravid, even while softening his remarks by describing Mr Kerry as “a true friend to Israel”.

Worse still from Mr Kerry’s viewpoint, the journalist suggested that, Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defence minister, “may have had a point” earlier this year when he labelled America’s top diplomat “obsessive and messianic” in remarks that were widely disparaged at the time over his abortive attempts to mediate a peace deal with the Palestinians.

The Israeli media carried similarly mocking depictions in abundance on Sunday – all fuelled by senior figures in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, who professed amazement at the terms of a proposed ceasefire deal which they said were skewed in favour of Hamas, the Islamist militant group which Israel is fighting.

Yet it is the Haaretz insult that signals Mr Kerry’s credibility loss in the eyes of Washington’s closest Middle East ally, according to Israeli government insiders.

“If he gets rubbished by Haaretz, it means he really goofed up,” said one official, who said the criticism was widely shared across the Israeli political spectrum.

Debka reports (h/t DavidinPT) that it wasn’t only Israel who was furious at the Kerry proposal. The Palestinian Authority strongly objected too:

The Palestinian Authority was much more open and blunt than Netanyahu in its disapproval of the game that was being played out in Paris. Walid Assad, one of the spokesmen of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas protested what he called Kerry’s “appeasement” of Qatar and Turkey at the expense of Egypt and the PA, and his failure to invite either to the meeting for discussing a ceasefire in Gaza hostilities.

Senior Palestinian officials warned against attempts to “bypass the PLO as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.”

In the legitimacy stakes, Netanyahu has three solid allies for crushing Hamas: Saudi King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi and the UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Sunday, Mahmoud Abbas attached a Palestinian voice to this group.

Debka goes on to try and explain the American rationale behind their ceasefire attempts:

This regional coalition has enormous clout, derived, on the one hand, from the Israeli military and its fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian army’s containment of Hamas efforts to break out into Sinai for strategic depth; and, on the other, from the financial might of Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates and the world prestige they enjoy.

So why is the Obama administration shoving this powerful coalition out of his way and building a rival alliance to counter it?

Its primary motive is fear that if this group is allowed to make the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip a success, it will become the springboard for its next move, a victorious assault on Iran.

This sequence of events would totally derail current US Middle East policy, which hinges on détente with Tehran, Obama’s advisers warn him, and even jeopardize his strategy for bringing the nuclear negotiations between the six world powers and Iran to a successful conclusion.

I can’t see anything wrong with derailing American policy in the Middle East. As far as I’m concerned, and probably most Israelis, that should be a feature, not a bug, of any future agreement.

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16 Responses to Kerry’s delusional ceasefire proposal: When the left and right are in agreement you know you’ve lost the argument

  1. Earl says:

    Ravid is partially correct. More accurately, a bloviating, pompous, self-important space alien who, without the Heinz fortune behind him, would be lucky to mayor of an obscure town in Massachusetts.

    /there, fixed that.

    Derail the current WH ME “policy”, and wait out Obama. Kerry will not survive the ridicule, and Obama’s been mailing it in for months. GO IDF! Stay well, annie.

    • trulyfox says:

      Kerry fortunately lost his run for president in ’04. It’s seems fitting that BO would pick him for SOS. They both stink, and the U.N. should be dissolved. It really has no legitimate reason to exist. We don’t need them to run the world. Stick to your guns Israel. Too bad the sheep are surrounded by ravenous wolves. The battle is the Lord’s the victory is yours. 2 Chronicles 32:8.

      • anneinpt says:

        Thank you for your support Trulyfox and welcome to my blog.

        I agree with your views about the Administration and the UN. unfortunately we’re stuck with both.

        Amen to your prayers.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for your “edit” Earl. Very apt. 🙂

      We know we have to wait out the current administration, but it’s terrifying to think how much damage they can cause in the next 2 years.

  2. Reality says:

    I love the bit about John Kerry being so hurt!!Awww.Poor little guy!!Honestly my kindergartners behave more like adults than he does!! What I don’t understand though,is how come Israel is prepared to deal with Abbas who hasn’t yet divorced himself officially from Hamas .Surely that should be a main condition. not only for Israel but for the Saudis and Egyptians.too.
    Who would’ve believed even last year that Israel would prefer a coalition of Egyptians &Saudis to America?Definitely Messianic times!

    • anneinpt says:

      Very good question about Abbas. Perhaps the devil we know is better than the one we don’t know.

      I agree about the strange new coalition of allies we have now. Surreal.

  3. Irene Matthews says:

    I thought your readers might want to read this from The Conservative Treehouse: “Moderates Be Damned – The U.S. Sides With Islamists – Perhaps John Kerry Is Not Clueless, Perhaps He and Obama Actually Do Support the Muslim Brotherhood…”
    It’s what I’ve thought for months and months now.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    CNN report (18.10 local time in Central Europe) that of the 1000 dead, 70 o/o are civilians, according to the UN. How do they know? After all that Algemeiner piece I linked to some days ago showed that 70 o/o were of male military age. So, what’s changed since then? Or do we just assume that the UN are guessing, because they haven’t analysed the figures or, worse, it’s the UNHRC who are posting these figs?

    • anneinpt says:

      Your assumptions are correct Brian. It’s the UNHRC lying and echoing Hamas’s figures without bothering to find out the truth, and even when it’s presented to them by the IDF and Israeli researchers, they ignore it because it obviously has to be biased since it comes from israel.


  5. Aridog says:

    I posted about Kerry earlier on the Protective Edge thread. The man was and is traitorous to his own country, and there is no reason to think he’d not sell Israel down the river as well. Never mind that his grandfather was a European Jew who changed his name from Kohn to Kerry in 1902 when he emigrated to the USA. John Kerry himself has done nothing is his life except lie in before the public and Congress, run for political office, and marry for money, twice…first Julia Thorne, and subsequently Theresa Heinz. Comically Kerry applied for (and received) a Catholic Church annulment from his first marriage that lasted 18 years and bore two children. There is no better example of a “born liar” than Kerry.

    • anneinpt says:

      Oy, just the thought of even a tenuous connection between Kerry and Judaism makes me feel sick. His personal history is as revolting as his professional career.

  6. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Earlier this evening (19.15 local Central European Time) CNN reported that the Gaza electricity plant was struck by a rocket. Peter Lerner then told CNN that he had consulted army Air Force and navy and all denied firing any rockets aimed at the plant. Probably a Hamas overshoot. See how long the counter story runs until it loses legs.

    • anneinpt says:

      Two thoughts come to mind:

      1. The counter story will run forever. Once Israel has been blamed, it doesn’t matter if the proof is presented in a gold plated box tied with a pink ribbon, the myth will remain. Just like the “Jenin massacre”. Or the “occupied Gaza” myth for that matter. It will now go down in history that Israel bombed the UN school, the Shifa hospital and the power plant.

      2. I’m upset that we DIDN’T bomb the power plant. It’s a perfectly legitimate target and we should have bombed it at the very beginning.

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