Perfidious Albion – Britain will halt arms sales to Israel if ceasefire breaks down

Not for nothing is Britain called Perfidious Albion.  Britain’s latest betrayal of Israel, above and beyond the vile partisanship of several of its politicians, (and most likely because of this partisanship), has expressed itself in a particularly nasty threat: If fighting resumes between Israel and Hamas, Britain will suspend export licences for arms sales to … Israel!

Britain’s business secretary said Tuesday London would halt some arms exports to Israel if fighting resumed in Gaza

Vince Cable will cancel 12 arms export licenses to Israel, covering components for radar systems, combat aircraft and tanks, according to a statement from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.Cable, of the minority Liberal-Democrat coalition party, said the export licenses would be revoked if fighting renewed after a 72-hour truce currently being used for the sides to negotiate a longterm ceasefire. The truce ends Wednesday at midnight.

“We welcome the current ceasefire in Gaza and hope that it will lead to a peaceful resolution. However, the UK government has not been able to clarify if the export licence criteria are being met,” Cable said in a statement. “In light of that uncertainty, we have taken the decision to suspend these existing export licences in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities.”

Cable also said that the UK would continue to not grant new licenses while the conflict persisted.

A number of politicians and activists in Britain had pushed for a full arms embargo on Israel regardless of whether fighting resumed again or not.

“It is a very weak position and it will be seen as a sign of political support for the Israeli government,” Andrew Smith from Campaign Against Arms Trade told the Huffington Post UK.

A spokesperson from Cable’s Liberal Democrat party told the BBC that faction wanted an embargo on arms to Israel, but had to negotiate with the main governing Conservative party.

The very fact that Israel is even agreeing to ceasefire talks with Hamas is a huge concession from Israel. Hamas deserve nothing less than total annihilation, not talks with “men in suits” in civilized surroundings where they can demand everything and give nothing. In my opinion (and I’m not alone) Israel is wrong to even consider giving anything to Gaza unless Hamas are disbanded and disarmed – but that’s a whole other story.

Meanwhile, let’s unpack Britain’s twisted reasoning against the background of the current war’s timeline:

  • Hamas started the current round of hostilities with Israel by kidnapping and killing three teenage schoolboys.
  • Israel searched intensively for the boys and in the process arrested many Hamas members in Judea and Samaria.
  • Hamas retaliated by firing rockets at southern Israel.
  • When the rocket-fire intensified, and only after several days of warnings from Israel, the IDF attacked back with pinpoint bombing attacks from the air.
  • Hamas infiltrated Israel in attempts to kidnap and kill Israelis through tunnels it had constructed over the years using cement provided by those oh-so-concerned do-gooder NGO’s and UN agencies.
  • The IDF entered Gaza on the ground in order to destroy the tunnel threat.
    Hamas “cried uncle” and asked for a ceasefire – which they then proceeded to break several times.
  • At present a 72 hour ceasefire is in its last day and Hamas are refusing to renew it unless its conditions are met.
  • If Hamas does not renew the ceasefire, that obviously means they will renew their rocket fire onto Israel.
  • If Israel retaliates – as any country under attack is not only allowed but expected to do – Britain says it will withhold arms sales from Israel – the victimised party.

If you can ascribe any motive other than antisemitism to this decision I would love to hear it.

Until then I am planning to boycott as many British products as possible and I am very tempted to burn my British passport. My only reluctance stems from such a move being too similar to an antisemitic ex-Israeli who wants to burn her Israel passport.

I note that Britain is not withholding aid to Gaza – which, if one judges from recent history, will end up in the pockets if not the tunnels of Hamas.

What a wonderful lesson for terrorists worldwide to learn. Attack a democratic state; receive aid; the democratic state receives condemnations and boycotts; it is vilified and denounced around the world; its co-religionists are attacked in demonstrations and pogroms worldwide; and the terrorists receive aid and succour from the West.

Is it any surprise that ISIS is making such huge headway in Iraq and Syria? They have been watching the West’s actions towards Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and every other kind of Jihadist terrorists and have drawn the correct conclusions.

Now that the US has finally woken up, too little too late according to the endangered Yazidis who are taking refuge atop Mt. Sinjar (and of whom up to 70% are already dead from thirst, hunger or murder by ISIS) , and is attacking ISIS strongholds in Iraq, will Britain condemn the Americans? Or will Britain send in its own planes and helicopters to assist the Americans?

Make no mistake, I’m all in favour of the West taking on ISIS. The situation in Iraq and Syria is becoming desperate.

But why cannot Britain, and other similarly conflicted Western countries, see that Israel’s fight against is the same as theirs with ISIS?  Both wars are existential: Israel is fighting for her very existence against an annihilationist barbaric enemy, and the West is fighting against an annihilationist barbaric enemy in Iraq who threatens the eventual takeover of the entire West to impost a Sharia Caliphate.

In my opinion the problem – and the answer – is guns. To be precise – Jews with guns. The West has no problem with dead Jews. The love their dead Jews. Look at all the wonderful Holocaust memorials and museums around the world.

Memorial plaque at the Belfast birthplace of Israeli President Chaim Herzog, removed due to repeated antisemitic attacks

(On second thoughts, even dead Jews are a problem – as has been seen by multiple desecrations of Jewish cemeteries, and now, the latest violation, the memorial plaque at the Belfast birthplace of Israel’s late President Chaim Herzog has been removed due to repeated anti-Semitic attacks).

But Jews with guns?! Jews who defend themselves? Does. Not. Compute.

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19 Responses to Perfidious Albion – Britain will halt arms sales to Israel if ceasefire breaks down

  1. DavidinPT says:

    Let’s start a “Don’t Buy British” campaign. I don’t know how to start a facebook page for this, but if someone does it, then everyone can add all the British products on sale here to a list on that page and thus we can publicize lists. As a logo, I suggest a Union Jack with a big black X superimposed on it.
    Let’s start with British Airways.
    Oh, and let’s call on our politicians openly to stop sharing intelligence with the Brits.
    And a perfect stage for an anti-UK demo would be the Euro football game in Tel Aviv against Wales in September. That would ensure TV coverage in the UK.

    • anneinpt says:

      I davka don’t want to start with British Airways. They were the only ones who kept flying during the FAA ban.

      But yes, a halt to intel sharing etc. would be a good start.

      Let’s not descend to putting politics into sport though. It’s not the footballers’ fault.

  2. JudyPT says:

    Anne you are so right.This threat is pure anti semitism masquerading as care for put upon palestinians.All the “do gooders” who are preparing to pour money into Gaza are just prolonging the problem ,as it costs Hamas nothing to keep on attacking Israel time and again ,and yet we are the ones who are punished.Not only is there no call for donors for Israel but to add insult to injury arms we have paid for will be Held back if we use them in self defence!!What on earth did Britain think we wanted these arms for ,to play cops and robbers?I will happily join the boycott ,lets hurt them in their pockets maybe they will learn a lesson.

  3. RRW says:

    I agree with the boycott of UK products. I am already boycotting turkish products – so adding another country wont be a problem.
    Incidentally, Israel could probably get the confiscated weapons licensed products from China – who have probably copied and improved on the original design.

  4. Joseph says:

    “The very fact that Israel is even agreeing to ceasefire talks with Hamas is a huge concession from Israel. Hamas deserve nothing less than total annihilation, not talks with “men in suits” in civilized surroundings …” – taken right from my heart!

  5. Mark says:

    By boycotting British products you’ll only drive a deeper wedge between Israel and the United Kingdom.
    Some British people need little provoking to carry on with their anti-Israel demonstrations. The problem is it’s mostly a result of biased media reporting and a lack of knowledge, then throw in a few simple-minded politicians into the mix and it’s easy to see why there’s anti-Israel sentiment over here.
    Speaking as a pro-Israel Englishman, and one of many, your best course of action is to educate and inform people rather than to alienate them.
    I avoid obviously biased news agencies, except to see what they’re saying, and look for more credible news sources and blogs such as this in order to inform myself with some facts. The problem is the British people don’t have the time or the will to go and do hours of research after watching the news in order to find out what the real facts are.
    Blogs like this help, as does imparting information and knowledge through friendship.
    The minority voice, the ones who shout the loudest are the voices you hear, they’re not the majority.
    Don’t alienate Britain – we are not against you – believe me.
    I wish you all well, sincerely.

    • Brian Goldfarb says:

      Thank you, Mark. As a Brit, I needed to have that confirmed from someone like you. BTW, last shabbat at our synagogue, we heard a speaker from the Israeli Embassy, who claimed that their info said that approx. 65% of the UK population either didn’t know or didn’t care about Israel/Palestine, 25% were pro-Pal. 15% pro Israel. Personally, I can live with those figures, provided we get our Hasbara right.

      • anneinpt says:

        Brian, our hasbara is useless. But even if it were the most slick in the world, as I said to Mark above, we are drowned out by so many other more eager, bigoted and slanderous voices.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you for your reasoned comment Mark. You are of course right in your general point.

      Sadly though, there are much too many people who are not interested in learning the true facts or going to the effort of finding reliable media reports like you did.

      Working to educate the ignorant masses is both a lot of hard work and hasn’t been going to well for Israel so far. Our moderate voices have been drowned out by the terrorists’ propaganda, aided and abetted by a willing media.

      I don’t know what the answer is. I know that most English people are not anti-Israel. At the most, they don’t have any opinion at all. So I don’t really like the idea of boycotts, but I don’t like the idea of sitting back and taking the insults, the boycotts and possibly the real “punishment” of not receiving vital military equipment.

  6. Elliott says:

    The anti-Semitic opinion against Israel is perfidiously rationalized by the misguided belief that Israel illegally occupies the disputed territories. Ignored are the historical and legal justifications for the occupation. Anti-Semitics are unresponsive to the above enumerated reasons justifying Israeli defenses because it is argued that the illegal occupation (derived from their anti-Semitism) compels Palestinian aggression and terrorism. All agree, however, that anti-Semitism is unacceptable. Therefore, the priority should be to expose the anti-Semitism of the Israeli critics simply by exposing their inability to prove the occupation is illegal. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much effort in this regard.

    • anneinpt says:

      Good point Elliott though it’s not the sole reason. If you expose the antisemitism of the left or of the Muslims it is denied and then the Livingstone formulation is activated: “you are trying to silence us with accusations of antisemitism”.

      We can’t win on this playing field.

  7. Reality says:

    My reaction to all this is rubbing my hands in glee(schadenfreude).I will laugh when Sharia law takes over Britain.For those sane Brits reading this ,I’m sorry for your politicians,so change your vote next time and flee England.

    • Brian Goldfarb says:

      Thanks, Reality, I’m too old to move and don’t like the thought of having sharia wished on me. But, unlike France, only 3% of the UK population is Moslem (compared with 15%, I heard someone claim). Won’t take much effort to beat them back.

      Haven’t yet written to my MP re Vince Cable, but will before this evening is over. However, the ceasefire extension helps, as does the fact that our MP is a Lib Dem Minister and is Jewish, according to Wikipedia. Her response to the initial letter was most encouraging: too positive to disavow later. And yes, we’ve kept a copy.

      Nil desperandum.

      • anneinpt says:

        Good for you Brian. Kol hakavod on your activism. If only there were more people like you. And hopefully your MP will manage to influence the vote somehow.

        I’m not despairing exactly, just so fed up I could scream.

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  9. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Good news from Jewish News (UK) today:

    Tricycle Theatre overturns Jewish Film Festival boycott

    Pressure pays, as does the very real threat of of a counter-boycott. Still, we won’t be reinstating out membership listing until 2015, just to make sure that they stay honest.

    • anneinpt says:

      Ha! Great news. And good for you, seriously kol hakavod on standing by your principles.

      Edited to add: They’re still not reinstating the festival this year, only next year, so you’re wise to remain cautious until next year.

  10. Brian Goldfarb says:

    A bit less on the “perfidious albion” bit, please! (:)) How about this on the White House and Administration?

    At least here in the UK we’re protesting to the government and holding meetings (led, however ineffectually, by the communal bodies), whereas, if The Algemeiner is right, this isn’t the case in the US.

    Read and weep.

    • anneinpt says:

      That’s quite a shocking article Brian. I hadn’t stopped to think about it but you’re right. AIPAC have all but disappeared from the scene. I think they’ve been so battered by accusations of espionage, dual loyalty and other smears that they’ve been scared into silence. Thank goodness at least ZOA is keeping the flame alight. And of course Congress itself is solidly pro-Israel.

      The question is can we survive another 2 years of Obama? Can the rest of the civilised world? Terrifying thought.

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