Shopping for un-Kosher trouble in anti-Semitic Britain

Two stories making the rounds on social media clearly illustrate the rising levels of antisemitism in Britain today, fuelled by unreasonably hysterical and vitriolic anti-Israel hatred, and disguised – of course – as “only” anti-Israel protests.

In Birmingham a Tesco supermarket was trashed by “Gaza protestors” – i.e. protestors who object to Israeli produce being sold anywhere in the UK:

Tesco store trashed by anti-Israel protestors who threw Israeli products to the floor

Police officers were attacked and stock was thrown around during a protest against the Gaza conflict at a Tesco store on Saturday.

Demonstrators, who want the supermarket to stop selling Israeli food, entered Tesco in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, threw produce to the floor and shouted at staff and shoppers.

Pictures show a large number of police officers at the scene and stock strewn across the floor of the store.

West Midlands Police said one person was arrested for assaulting its officers during the protest.

Speaking on social media, a customer said: “I was just in the Tesco in Hodge Hill, scanning my items and I heard chanting.

“Then a group of Asian men holding Palestinian flags came walking in and starting to push products over and getting aggressive with staff and shoppers.

“Police officers tried to stop them but I ran out.”

About 100 people had gathered outside the store to demonstrate, calling on Tesco to stop all trade with Israeli agricultural companies.

When the British press write about “Asian men” or Asians in general, it is code-speak for Muslims. Keep that in mind whenever you read about anti-Israel protests in Britain.

Following shortly afterwards, the Holborn (central London) branch of the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain took it upon themselves to remove all the Kosher food from their shelves! Colin Appleby tweeted the story

And then the happy denouement:

Another Sainsbury’s came under attack by protestors (via Harry’s Place), including a disgraceful display by a Labour MP:

In both cases the Jewish community and its supporters, and also ordinary well-meaning citizens, did not sit quietly by.

In the Tesco case, people took to the social media:

Tesco customers were not impressed by the riot and went on social media to castigate the behavior as Idiotic” and “disgusting,” among other adjectives.

“Peace protest? I think not. Disgusting!” one tweet stated. Another tweeter with the Arabic-sounding name, of Wagar Ahmed, wrote, “This isn’t helping the Palestinian cause. In fact, it’s doing the opposite.” Mehr Ali tweeted, “How is this going to help Gaza. Idiots.”

 Reaction against the Sainsbury’s kosher-boycott was much fiercer. Jonathan Sacerdoti, an Anglo-Jewish reporter and pro-Israel activist, recorded his phone complaint to Sainsbury’s (via Israellycool who also has the full transcript) and it was most revealing:

Some key points that he made:

* Why is it considered a good reaction to remove products of interest to Jews from the shelves when there’s going to be some sort of violent intervention rather than to stop the violent intervention.

* But why don’t you stop them doing that? If I told you I was going to go into the store and start trashing Halal products from the shelves, would you remove them all?

– Of course not. that is a…

* But that’s what you did with the Kosher products.

– This was one store that decided to do that with the store manager, and it has all been rectified now.

* So you mean it was a mistake to do that?

– No, I didn’t say it was a mistake. You’re putting words in my mouth. I did say that it has been sorted out. There was an issue with it, and it has been sorted.

* As you told me there was a threat that people were going to come in and throw products onto the shop floor, you took the kosher products off the shelves so that Jewish people during that day would be unable to buy them., ad yet you can’t understand the comparison that if there were a similar threat to halal products you’ve told me you wouldn’t have the same line of action, and you can’t understand why that’s a fair comparison.

Read it all and watch the video.

The level of anti-Israel discourse in Britain today is disgraceful and extremely worrisome.

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9 Responses to Shopping for un-Kosher trouble in anti-Semitic Britain

  1. JudyPT says:

    If these anti semitic morons are determined to trash and destroy all and everything to do with Israel and Jews they should have the courage of their convictions and do it properly.Start with celphones ,huge amounts of medical equipment ,medicines ,hi tech discoveries all types of arms and a host of other things invented by Israel now in every day use.Lets see how they could cope without their computers and I phones, its so easy to trash shops it doesnt affect these louts personally.

  2. Reality says:

    well said Judy of pt.But this is exactly the kind of behaviour Britain &Europe have been using for many years.They are so terribly frightened of Arab/Muslim riots that they bend over backwards to avoid”insulting”them.The result?That Isis &Sharia law,violence etc…has entered into their lives.It started with Israel but will end with all British or European infidels if nothing is done to stop it.
    As an aside perhaps the Jewish community should make a peaceful demonstration outside each of these shops.We too can boycott.

  3. Earl says:

    To your point, annie: Rod Liddle in The Spec nails it:

    /if it looks like a swan, and swims like a swan, and squawks like a swan…

  4. Earl says:

    Erratum: “Rod”. DOH! Pls. amend.

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  6. Paddy O'P says:

    I can’t wait until ISIS and Muslim in General come and cut ordinary English people’s head off ! Then I shal dance on me ice skates in the Sinai desert !

    • anneinpt says:

      They already did that! Remember that poor soldier Lee Rigby last year? The bastards cut his head off in broad daylight in a London street, and people just stood around taking photos! Can you imagine that happening in Israel? The terrorists would have been stormed by civilians, not to mention police and soldiers. I was more shocked at the bystanders than the terrorists themselves, of whom I have zero expectations.

      So you’d better get your skates out…

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