Sunday morning videos: Israel advocacy

Here are three great videos about Israel advocacy which you should watch:

I wrote about Matti Friedman’s searing essay slamming the international media for their anti-Israel bias and one-eyed view of the Middle East conflict. It was a long essay, excellently written and very well-worth the read.  But if you didn’t have the time to read it through you can now watch (via Israellycool) a 5 minute clip of Friedman explaining his thesis on CNN, a prime culprit:

Another indefatigable defender of Israel is Melanie Phillips who spoke last week at an Honest Reporting conference in Jerusalem. Here she is in a (1 hour long!) video on how Western Jewry is paying the price for Gaza:

And in case all of that was not enough, here is American commentator Bill Whittle (whom I got to hear about via the Conservative Kitchen Table blog) making the case for Israel, as the video’s blurb says:

makes the historical and moral case for Israel, and shows just who, indeed, are the tyrants and aggressors in the Middle East

All the speakers above make Israel’s case so clearly, one has to wonder how anti-Israelism has gained such a strong foothold in the world.

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