Good News Friday

Another week has flown by and it’s time for my latest Good News Friday installment.

An OTI WAVE system attached to a Samsung smartphone

We’ll start this week’s post with the very latest hot-off-the-press news from Apple, whose latest development has made one Israeli firm into a big winner:

An Israeli company is poised to cash in on one of the new products and technologies Apple just announced. Its Apple Pay system is ideal for Rosh Pina-based On-Track Solutions (oti), a major player in the mobile wallet business. With Apple announcing that a new NFC (near-field communication) solution for mobile payments will be built into the new iPhone 6, 6+ and Apple Watch, oti said that it would bring the same capabilities to older iPhones, via add-on hardware.

That was enough for investors to bid up the price of oti’s shares on the NASDAQ, and oti stock was up some 75% at one point Wednesday before settling down by the end of the trading day.

Although less “glitzy” than the hardware products announced by Apple at a conference Tuesday, like Apple Watch and iPhone 6, Apple Pay may yet have as big an impact as other Apple devices.

Another oti solution for iPhones is the company’s NFC Insert, comprised of a thin film NFC antenna that connects to the iPhone operating system via the SIM card. The antenna folds onto the backside of the iPhone, where it is protected by any standard case. Several mobile operators around the world are currently piloting this product, which oti calls “cleverly unobtrusive.”

“With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6, the oti WAVE becomes the leading cost-effective solution for existing iPhone and iPad models that enables secure NFC payment transactions,” said oti’s CEO, Ofer Tziperman. “Apple’s adoption of NFC technology is a strong validation of our long-term vision and investment in NFC technology, as well as that of our partners and business customers,” he said.

Here’s a short video of the NFC technology:

Kol hakavod to OTI on their clever developments and mazal tov on their success. Let’s see the BDS bigots try to boycott Apple! 🙂

LOOK – the eyeglass tracker

Another Israeli technological product is bound to be of enormous advantage to a huge number of people – LOOK, the smart tracker to find your glasses!

Anyone who wears glasses knows the disaster of misplacing your specs. Not only do you spend hours frantically  turning over every single thing in your house, but you do so blindly because, without your glasses, you can’t see a thing.

If you know all to well what we’re talking about, then you will probably be happy to hear about the LOOK glasses locator. Launched as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is hoping to raise $50,000, the tiny LOOK chip easily attaches to most any pair of glasses to help the user locate them with a Bluetooth-connected device. Created by CEO Dafna Ariely (the mom of the bestselling author of Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely) after she couldn’t find her own glasses, LOOK is the smallest attachable glasses locator that’s hoping to shake up the market.

You may be thinking to yourself—someone has to have thought of this already—but the truth is that LOOK is the first Bluetooth-connected and fashion-conscious glasses tracker that fits on the arm of most glasses. The user is able to track their glasses with an application that causes the chip to beep, informing the user when they are approaching the mystery location of their glasses. According to the creators, the chip is so light that it doesn’t add additional weight to the glasses, measuring only 35 mm long and 10 mm wide.

Watch the video to see how LOOK works:

What a brilliant idea! As a glasses-wearer since the age of 2 (!) I am forever losing my glasses. As they say in the article, I need my glasses to find my glasses. This device will save me hours of frustrated searching and temporary blind-as-a-batness.

Kol hakavod to the Arielys for coming up with this ingenious device. I hope their Indiegogo crowd-sourcing brings them in enough funding to mass-produce the LOOK. I know I will be a devoted customer!

Naomi Elishuv plays her violin

I’ll conclude this post with a wonderful heart-warming story from Israel’s bio-medical field: Israeli neuro-surgery helped a world-renowned violinist regain her ability to play after suffering from hand tremors for decades:

Israeli neurosurgeons at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center helped former world-renowned violinist Naomi Elishuv overcome hand tremors to regain the ability to perform, in a remarkable surgery that had Elishuv playing Mozart while they operated on her brain.

“This is the first time ever that I have performed brain surgery on a person who played the violin during the operation,” said Professor Itzhak Fried, Sourasky’s director of functional neurosurgery.

According to Fried, the surgeons implanted a brain pacemaker with electrodes in the area of Elishuv’s brain that was the source of the hand tremors which prevented her from playing, and the electrodes emitted impulses to suppress the tremors.

“It’s a shame that I didn’t know about this operation before,” said Elishuv, who was forced to give up playing the violin nearly two decades ago. “Now I’m going to live again.”

Watch Naomi Elishuv play Mozart before and during surgery below:

At the end of the video the doctor asks Naomi how she is feeling. She answers “I’m controlling” – meaning she can control the bow.

What a fantastic story! Kol hakavod to the neuro-surgeons who performed this delicate operation. We wish Naomi Elishuv a full recovery and may she continue to entertain us with her violin for many years to come.

And on this note I wish you all Shabbat shalom!

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4 Responses to Good News Friday

  1. cba says:

    Wow, wow, and WOW!!! (I really hope the LOOK is available at a reasonable price… )

  2. JudyPT says:

    What a great post!I I cant make up my mind which item is the most brilliant. I wonder if the Look can be used for keys and things like that.The phone gadget is also clever as you say ,let the bdsers get to grips with all these ideas., they are just jealous of our brains.

  3. Reality says:

    wow ,what an amazing post! I hope all those BDS’ers enjoy NOT buying the latest iphone! and returning the one’s they already have, after all a ban is a ban!
    I love the LOOK chip. What a great idea. I think my brother should put one on his naughty dog which keeps on running away! I wonder if it can be used on elderly (or small children for that matter) who tend to wander off leaving the family searching for them. I could do with one to put on chocolate which I’ve hidden & then forgotten where! But seriously a good idea. Just today my sister in law said she couldn’t find her sunglasses & spent ages looking for them. My hubby definitely could do with this gadget.
    As for the moving clip -I was shocked at just watching brain surgery on someone who’s awake & playing the violin! What fantastic ideas & people we have here in Israel
    Keep these heartwarming posts coming.

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