The Industry of Lies – media (mis)reporting on Israel

The subject of media bias against Israel is one that just doesn’t die, as my regular readers well know. The latest war with the Palestinians in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, threw a spotlight onto the international media, and their reporting – or misreporting – highlighting the bias and the ignorance of so many reporters.

Honest Reporting has produced a slideshow of the five major media fails from the Gaza conflict, which illustrates clearly and concisely how the media failed in its true purpose of bringing accurate information to the public.

In a similar way, the Israeli veteran journalist Ben-Dror Yemini has exposed the “Industry of Lies” of both the international and local media in their reporting on Israel:

A veteran Israeli investigative journalist, known for decades of hard hitting local reporting, now says, “Enough!” to what he calls an “industry of lies” in the international and local press obsessively defaming and demonizing Israel.

“They have simply gone mad,” Ben-Dror Yemini said in a no-holds barred interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News, aired over the weekend, in the run up to the English-language publication of his account, “Industry of Lies.”

Internationally respected for his non-partisan reports for the local Maariv daily, as well as a host of other news outlets over the years, Yemini said that, in light of the grotesque development of a rising Islamic State and other brutal jihadists, that the narrow focus and near-exclusive blame on Israel for the state of the middle east “…is exploding in our faces today.”

“The monster is not Israel, the monster is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” charges Yemini, listing far-lesser covered killing fields across the middle east and Africa.

Despite his hard-hitting views on the media, Yemini is no right-winger and does not approve of the settlements which he thinks contributes to the anti-Israel bias.  I strongly disagree with this stance yet this does not detract, however, from his views of the media.

Watch this interview with him as he talks about his book:

In particular he focuses on Haaretz which, as I have written before, is a prime culprit and source for so much anti-Israel reporting in the foreign media.

If we don’t fix our own media and hold them to account, how can we expect the international media to report accurately?

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5 Responses to The Industry of Lies – media (mis)reporting on Israel

  1. Ken Kelso says:

    To understand fully the Hamas war criminals that the media supports, you must read this article. It perfectly describes how the Hamas terror state works.
    Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes
    by Mudar Zahran
    September 19, 2014

  2. Eyal says:

    I´m reading this book right now. A MUST read. I´m so happy that for the first time there´s a whole academic book dedicated to this issue. The reading is a bit depressing, as can be expected, but is of great importance. I hope this book mark the beginning of a process in which more and more people around the world understand what we go through and how the information about Israel is based on so many shameless monstrous lies you get a stomachache just realizing it.

    • anneinpt says:

      Eyal, thank you for your short review of the book. I’m waiting until it comes out in English even though I am fluent in Hebrew. I just read English so much faster. I saw Ben Dror Yemini at a CAMERA panel last month and he was excellent as well as very friendly.

      I agree with you about the monstrosity of the lies about Israel – and I can sympathise with the stomachache too. Part of the reason that I started blogging was to give myself an outlet to cope with these lies.

      I hope you visit my blog again.

      • Eyal says:

        Thank you Anne for your words. I honestly believe that the truth can win if we all pass it on to those around us. It´s only recently that Israel and its supporters have started reacting to the industry of lies. Until not so long ago the numbness was big. People didn´t realize the graveness of the impact of the lies, and didn´t know how to begin reacting. It´s true that the Muslims and their supporters have a lot of resources, but important blogs like yours are becoming more and more common. Our voice is being gradually heard. It´s not easy, since the media has an horrendous alliance with the jihad, but it is possible to change the pictures. I believe Yemini´s book is only the beginning of an academic series of articles, books, lectures etc., that reveal the truth and deal with the terrible ignorance.

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