Money aplenty for reconstructing Gaza but no money to fight Ebola

John Kerry and Catherine Ashton at the Donor Conference for aid to Gaza

After Israel’s defensive war this summer against Hamas, the world as usual is in a great hurry to help the Palestinians reconstruct the damage to Gaza, and no matter how much Mahmoud Abbas promises to be transparent in the handling of the aid funds (please excuse my hysterical laughter here) it will be no surprise if we discover in the not too distant future that those funds were not used to rebuild homes, hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure but instead to replenish Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s stores of weapons and to import the massive amounts of cement needed to build their terror attack tunnels.

Israel was not invited to the donor conference held yesterday in Cairo, which may or may not have been a good thing. On the one hand Israel could not be asked to contribute to the rebuilding of its enemy, but on the other hand Israel failed to link aid for reconstruction to the disarmament of Hamas.

An Israeli official was quoted by Channel 2 admitting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that Hamas give up its arms — endorsed in principle by the US, EU and others at the end of the 50-day conflict — had not prevailed as a condition for overseas funding to rehabilitate Gaza. The funding for reconstruction, the official said, would flow so long as the ceasefire was maintained. Further development of Gaza after such reconstruction, the official said, would be contingent on the demilitarization of the Strip.

Israeli officials noted that a mechanism had been agreed, with UN involvement, to ensure that international funding not be diverted to finance the rebuilding of Hamas’s military capabilities. But sources quoted by Channel 10 expressed concern that such a mechanism would not hold firm, and the same TV report quoted sources in Gaza as saying there was no practical way to control how such money would be spent. The head of the Israeli Air Force’s Air Defense Command told The Times of Israel last week that Hamas has resumed rocket manufacturing in Gaza.

Other officials in Jerusalem variously claimed that Israel was not invited because it was not donating any funds, and that Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi had opted to not extend an invitation because Israel’s presence could have prompted other states to stay away.

Ban Ki-Moon spouted his usual distorted view of the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

“We must not lose sight of the root causes of the recent hostilities: A restrictive occupation that has lasted almost half a century, the continued denial of Palestinian rights and the lack of tangible progress in peace negotiations,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who later announced in a news conference that he planned to visit Israel, Gaza and the West Bank on Tuesday.

Ban needs an urgent lesson in modern history; he should read up on Israel’s disengagement from Gaza – there is no occupation! – and on the multiple offers of peace and land withdrawals made by Israel, all of which were rejected by the Palestinians who then ignited huge waves of violence each time.  The man is a disgrace.

In that conference the US has pledged $212m in aid, while Hamas-supporting Qatar has pledged $1bn to reconstruct Gaza.  Altogether the donor countries have pledged between $4-5 billion in aid.

International envoys pledged about $5.4 billion in aid for the Gaza Strip at a meeting in Egypt on Sunday, Norway’s foreign minister said.

Half of the pledges will go for reconstruction and the rest as unspecified aid to the Palestinians, he said

Gas-rich Qatar led the way at the donors conference in Cairo with a promise of $1 billion in aid to the coastal enclave.

The Palestinians asked for up to $4 billion in international aid after Gaza suffered heavy damage in its 50-day summer war with Israel.

Note that no one has considered the damage suffered by Israel – through no fault of its own – from that same war.

The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait also pledged $200 million each.

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced immediate US assistance of $212 million as the conference began.

British International Development Minister Desmond Swayne pledged $32.1 million in early recovery assistance for Gazans affected by the war. The money will cover disposal of un-exploded ordnance, rubble clearing and reconstructive surgery, according to a statement released by the British government.

The statement said that the UK is ready to provide longer term support, but only if the situation changes in Gaza, and the conditions do not invite another conflict.

“Simply relying on international donors to continue to pick up the pieces is not an option,” warned Swayne. “The cycle of conflict and emergency aid is unsustainable. The need for bold political steps from all parties has never been more apparent.

It is mildly gratifying to note that the British are not simply throwing the money at Gaza but are looking for a political solution first and foremost.

Houses of Parliament

Sadly the British are cancelling out this small amount of common sense by the UK Parliament holding a debate tomorrow on whether to recognize “the State of Paletsine”Labour Party MPs are furious at the party leader Ed Milliband’s decision to “whip” the vote (forcing them all to vote in favour), and are threatening to boycott the vote. Even though the vote is only symbolic it will be interesting to see how the votes swing – and how Ed Milliband’s political fortunes swing too in the aftermath of this unnecessary altercation.

This could also be a case of wishing to distract from domestic woes. As Amotz Asa-El pointed out in the Jerusalem Post about a similar vote taken by Sweden:

“Unable to affect the domestic scene, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven fled to a foreign affair where talk is cheap and responsibility is everyone else’s except his.”

Getting back to the funding crisis, the world is only too keen to throw money at the undeserving Palestinian terrorists, whereas desperately needed funds to fight Ebola are still lacking. $1bn have been pledged – curiously an amount identical to that which Qatar has promised to help Gaza – but most of that money has not been actually forthcoming.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that nearly $1 billion will be required to fight Ebola, but less than one-fifth of that amount has actually been funded.

As of Wednesday, roughly $155 million has so far been delivered, with funds coming from countries, global agencies, private companies, individuals and other entities, according to data collected by the Financial Tracking Service (FTS), which records all reported international humanitarian aid.

According to FTS’s most recent data, another $183.5 million has been pledged — meaning the donations have been promised but not yet delivered — and on Tuesday, the Obama Administration committed an additional $500 million. If every dollar pledged so far is delivered, $838 million will have been donated to fight the ongoing Ebola crisis.

Just imagine if the world were to require the Palestinians, and primarily Hamas and its Arab supporters, to act like grown-ups and fund their own reconstruction, just like Israel does, thus freeing up those billions of dollars to fight the ever-growing plague of Ebola.

What? Palestinians helping themselves?? Perish the thought!

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22 Responses to Money aplenty for reconstructing Gaza but no money to fight Ebola

  1. JudyPT says:

    As long as the international donors keep on refunding Gaza every time they rev up their attacks on Israel there is no incentive to to act rationally.Their whole raison de etre is to destroy Israel , which left Gaza even digging up the bodies in the cemetry so no “contamination” remained.Hamas doesnt care for the population at all ,as long as the fat cats at the top have every thing they want.If the money rolls in they can start the next round of terror whenever they feel ready.

    • anneinpt says:

      Exactly. That is precisely what I was trying to say. And every time the world rushes in to help them “reconstruct” which in effect means rearm, replenish their weapons and rebuild their tunnels, civilians be damned.

      How the wrold cannot see this is beyond me. Or they can see it and either don’t care (definitely), or do care and approve because they are happy to see Israel suffer, both in its public image and physically.

      It’s interesting and an eye-opener to compare the money rolling into Gaza not only with the money being sent to fight Ebola but also for reconstruction of other disaster areas, including Haiti and other tsunami-hit areas.

  2. Anne, how can you possibly doubt Mahmoud Abbas’s transparancy?
    I, for one, can see right through him 😉

  3. peteca1 says:

    Anne: ISIS is still expanding its territory. And now ebola is making its rounds into the global community. The world is taking on a very rough edge!!

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes indeed. But the way the world goes on about Gaza you would think they are the greatest tragedy ever seen by mankind. In truth the Palestinians are the most spoilt of all the world’s causes, to the detriment of real refugees and real victims of human rights abuses.

  4. How anyone can describe Israel’s actions during the recent conflict is beyond me.

    The UN says at least 2,104 Palestinians died, including 1,462 civilians, of whom 495 were children and 253 women. 73 Israelis died.
    The destruction of the entire infrastructure, bombing of UN shelters, schools and hospitals and a kill ratio of almost 30 – 1 hardly represents defensive actions.

    I do not condone palestinian terrorism in any way shape or form. The firing of rockets at Israeli cities and the bombing of buses, market places and so on by terrorists is every bit as inexcusable. That said if anyone should understand the sense of hopelessness felt by the palestinians it is the Israeli’s.

    • peteca1 says:

      for me, it is hard to see how the Palestinians can be hopeless – when they were offered a piece of the Sinai that is five times bigger than Gaza. Alright, perhaps that stretch of new land is barren. But if you take all the funds earmarked for Gaza, I would think it would go a long way for building a lot of new infrasructure. The Palesinians are victims of the tyranny … of Hamas. Those are the daily despots who make their lives miserable.

      • Perhaps the Israeli’s should pack up and move to Sinai?

        • anneinpt says:

          Ha ha ha ha!

          Oh, sorry, you weren’t being funny?

          You are aware that Israel did conquer the Sinai in 1967? And that Israel gave back every last inch of it – including a profitable oil well that would have made Israel energy independent 30 years ago – at the insistence of the Egyptians?

          So now you want israel to go back? How precisely? And have us thrown out again?

          I get the strong impression that you would be happiest if there were no Israel at all.

          Well then, where do you suggest 7 million Israelis go? “Back where they came from” possibly? Back to a murderous Europe? Back to a murderous Middle east.? You ARE aware that more than half of Israelis are Middle Eastern extraction?

          You ARE also aware that more than half the Israelis are born in Israel?

          The Palestinians are more native to Sinai than the Israelis. Anyway, they can stay where they are. No one is throwing them out. They’ve just got to stop trying to throw us out. It’s a loser’s game for them.

          Meanwhile, you seem to have a large gap in education.

          • Anne, No I wasn’t trying to be funny with my 2nd comment. I was however being Ironic. I would no more expect the Israeli’s to pack up and move than I would expect the Palestinians to.

            Whilst I do not expect you to believe me for one moment the fact is I am far from Anti-Israeli. What I am anti is wholesale slaughter across the middle east, including in Gaza. I think I made it perfectly clear in my first post that I abhor anti Israeli terrorism.

            You make huge, totally unfair and frankly offensive assumptions that I would be happiest if there was no Israel. This suggests that I am anti semitic. I am not. You also accuse me of being ill educated with regards to the situation.

            Let me enlighten you.
            I 100% support Israel’s right to exist.
            I 100% abhor terrorist attacks against Israel
            I do not want Israeli’s to move anywhere (with a caveat).
            I 100% accept that the casualty figures contain inaccuracies

            That said, I have no doubt that those living in Gaza are living in the most extreme deprivation in horrendous conditions. Such conditions are a breeding ground for terrorism. I grew up in Northern Ireland, a country torn apart by 30 years of terrorism. One thing you can be assured of is that deploying overwhelming force against terrorists will not stop terrorism. Israel’s actions will only breed more terrorists.

            There are two ways to stop terrorism. You either reach a political solution or you wipe the breeding grounds from the face of the earth. Genocide! Something the Israeli’s know all too much about. I do understand that Israel’s policies are driven to some extent by Arab denial of the right of Israel to exist and by the stain left on the collective conscience by the Holocaust.

            If a political settlement is to be reached then Israel must be prepared to compromise. There must be an understanding that there is wrong on both sides and an attempt must be made to find common ground.

            I am a 100% impartial observer. You seem to identify yourself as an Israeli activist and probably take a more one-sided view than I. I simply want an end to the killing on both sides. Is that wrong of me?

            • anneinpt says:

              I’m sorry and I apologise if I wrongly accused you of hating Israel and I certainly did not intend to call you antisemitic.

              However I must counter some of your arguments.

              You said:

              That said, I have no doubt that those living in Gaza are living in the most extreme deprivation in horrendous conditions. Such conditions are a breeding ground for terrorism. I grew up in Northern Ireland, a country torn apart by 30 years of terrorism. One thing you can be assured of is that deploying overwhelming force against terrorists will not stop terrorism. Israel’s actions will only breed more terrorists.

              Once again you are labouring under a huge misapprehension due to very successful propaganda. The Gazans are most definitely not living under the most extreme deprivation. I can give you figures and numbers but they will not help because you will automatically discount them because they come from Israeli and therefore by definition Zionist sources.

              You say you are anti-terrorism and I believe you. How then do you expect Israel to protect its civilians? Just sit quietly by and act passively? Do you think the terrorists will whoop with joy and then pack away their weapons? Or will Israel’s passivity only encourage them? I would suggest looking at Al Qaeda and ISIS for an example of how well that works out.

              In truth EVERYTHING encourages terrorism. Countering them and not countering them. Violence and non-violence. Cowering or fighting. In fact Israel’s very existence is a provocation to the Jihadist terrorists of Hamas, Hezbollah and now ISIS and I would extend that to Iran.

              I sympathise with your experience in Northern Ireland. I have lived all my adult life in Israel and my children and grandchildren have been born and raised here, so we have first hand experience of the same terrorism. The difference is that the Irish terrorists were not out to exterminate every Englishman, and were not out to bring down England. They didn’t try to delegitimise England in every international forum. They didn’t try to kill English babies in their beds. They didn’t hunt Englishmen in foreign countries.

              I could go on but you get the picture. Palestinian, in fact Arab terrorism against Israel is in essence antisemitic. Why else target synagogues and not “just” Israeli national institutions? Why target Jews outside of Israel? Why break into Israeli houses – even of “evil” Israeli settlers – and kill babies in cold blood? I don’t believe the Irish ever descended to that level.

              You go on to say:

              There are two ways to stop terrorism. You either reach a political solution or you wipe the breeding grounds from the face of the earth. Genocide!

              Not quite right. Yes, we could reach a political solution, but not if that solution consists of Israel committing suicide. Please read the Hamas charter for details.

              Wiping out the breeding grounds equals “Genocide”? I don’t think so. Since, as most people claim, the Palestinians are not all terrorists, and I think I agree with that, then the terrorists can indeed be wiped out, while leaving the rest of the population intact.

              If you think Israel has been committing genocide, then we must be the worst genociders in the history of the world since the Palestinian population, even in Gaza, has grown exponentially since 1948 and 1967.

              It’s true that wiping out terrorists is a dirty messy ugly business which does not look good on TV. However if the option is national suicide – well, the Jews have been there, done that, and did not like the general effect. We prefer to be feared and alive rather than loved and dead. It is sad but true.

              You recommend:

              If a political settlement is to be reached then Israel must be prepared to compromise. There must be an understanding that there is wrong on both sides and an attempt must be made to find common ground.

              Here I fully agree with you. But Israel has made numerous attempts to make peace and compromise. What were the Oslo Accords after all? Israel has frozen settlement building, has withdrawn from territory, has armed the Palestinians and trained their police force, and for a short while it seemed to be working. And then the suicide bombs and second intifada started, triggered and planned by Yasser Arafat in advance – as admitted by his wife Suha only recently. Things have been stuck more or less ever since.

              Your final words:
              I simply want an end to the killing on both sides. Is that wrong of me?
              are perfectly in order.

              We Israelis too want an end to the killing. I hope you don’t think we relish getting out of beds on a summer morning and wonder how many Palestinians and in what gruesome way we can kill today. We simply want to live our own lives in peace, but the other side object to our very existence.

              Please also keep in mind the historical facts. The Palestinians started a war in 1948 which they lost, and lost land to Israel. They started another war in 1967. Ditto. They launched another war in 1973. Ditto. In 1982 Israel withdrew from the entire Sinai. In 2005 Israel withdrew from the entire Gaza Strip. What have the Palestinians ever given up? Have they ever compromised on one tiny principle?

      • anneinpt says:

        Very well said Pete.

    • anneinpt says:

      Sound of Summer, I welcome your comment but take great issue with it since it is obvious you are functioning under a severe miscomprehension of the issues and numbers. Allow me to set you straight.

      First the casualty figures. I will address the infrastructure figures later (I have to go out now).

      The UN’s numbers were provided by Hamas themselves and are thus severely compromised (to put it mildly!). The figures you quote would imply that not one single terrorist was killed by the IDF which is both ridiculous and inaccurate even by Hamas’s own statements themselves.

      The BBC themselves wrote a report stating that the casualty numbers need to be approached with caution:

      So there were 226 members of armed groups killed, and another 709 men who were civilians. Among civilians, three times as many men were killed as women, while three times as many civilian men were killed as fighters.

      The UN report carries a caveat with its figures: “Data on fatalities and destruction of property is consolidated by the Protection and Shelter clusters based on preliminary information, and is subject to change based on further verifications.”

      There has been some research suggesting that men in general are more likely to die in conflict than women, although no typical ratio is given.

      Nonetheless, the proportion of civilian men over 18 killed seems high and it is not immediately obvious why.


      A number of other news organisations have been considering the civilian-to-fighter ratio.

      An analysis by the New York Times looked at the names of 1,431 casualties and found that “the population most likely to be militants, men ages 20 to 29, is also the most overrepresented in the death toll. They are 9% of Gaza’s 1.7 million residents, but 34% of those killed whose ages were provided.”

      “At the same time, women and children under 15, the least likely to be legitimate targets, were the most underrepresented, making up 71% of the population and 33% of the known-age casualties.”

      The Elder of Ziyon has produced a graph of the age, gender etc. of the Palestinian casualties which deserves a thorough examination.

      He notes:

      Keep in mind that these statistics include many people who were killed by Hamas rockets that fell short or secondary explosions from booby trapped houses and the like. The victims of those are far more likely to reflect a distribution in line with the demographics, so a very high percentage of those killed by Hamas actions would be children.

      If anyone actually objectively researched the actual number of deaths that can be attributed to the IDF – a highly unlikely scenario in Gaza – then the difference between the demographics and actual dead in Gaza would be even more striking.

      Some more on the casualty figures:

      So here are the most accurate statistics as of Tuesday at noon:

      According to (initial) ITIC information, the distribution of those killed is as follows:
      1) 72 terrorist operatives:
      A. 35 Hamas operatives(most of them from its military-terrorist wing)
      B. 27 PIJ operatives
      C. Ten operatives from other terrorist organizations
      2) 80 non-involved Palestinians
      3) 41 Palestinians whose identity still cannot be ascertained.

      Of the victims that are known, nearly half are confirmed to be terrorists. This is roughly in line with what we saw during Cast Lead, a 1:1 ratio of terrorist to civilian, a ratio that is unknown in any other military operation in urban areas in history outside Israel.

      It is outrageous that NGOs trust the Gaza authorities, who have been proven liars time and time again, for their information.

      Here’s an example of “civilians”, as reported by Ma’an:

      When their next-door neighbors received a “warning call” from Israel to evacuate a home in Jabaliya refugee camp, Yousef Qandil and his son Anas fled their property, fearing that they could be killed or injured by shrapnel.

      Both men took refuge under a tree near the site, awaiting the imminent airstrike which they expected to hit the house, or neighboring properties.

      Yousef had already sent his wife and younger children to their parents’ house to protect them from harm.

      Moments later, both Yousef and Anas were killed in an airstrike that targeted a group of Gazans sheltering under a tree for protection.

      “Anas was a high school student and Yousef was a tailor. What threat or danger were they to Israel sitting under a tree?” Yousef’s brother told Ma’an.

      Yet Islamic Jihad says that Yousef was a leader in the Al Quds Brigades and that one of the others killed with him, Sweilem Mohammed, was also a mujahid. And so was his 17 yer old son Anas, who his father did not send to safety with his younger children but took with him to meet with other terrorists.

      This is proof that you cannot trust the information that comes from Palestinian Arab sources with a vested interest in inflating the number of civilians.

      • Your source is from a zionist website. Hardly impartial?

        • anneinpt says:

          My Zionist source is perfectly impartial when he translates, as he does regularly, from the Arabic press. In the excerpt above he quotes from the anti-Zionist anti-Israel Palestinian website Maan. You have a problem with that?

          You have a problem with Islamic Jihad’s website? You calling them Zionist? I agree that they are hardly impartial, but certainly not towards Israel!

          You are undermining your claim of not being anti-Israel by doubting the veracity of my sources and my sources’ sources.

    • anneinpt says:

      Sound of Summer, referring to your ridiculous claim about Israel having destroyed “the entire infrastructure”, that is of course absolute nonsense.

      For example, the Gaza power plant that was so grievously “destroyed” by the evil IDF was miraculously raised from the dead, as reported by the Palestinian Maan news:

      SOME – not all – UN shelters were bombed because Hamas launched rockets from them. You cannot expect Israel to hold its fire simply because terrorists shoot rockets from civilian institutions. According to all norms of international law Israel is well within its rights to retaliate, and Hamas’s actions make military targets of those civilian launch pads.

      It is well documented that Israel gave plenty of advance warning to all civilians to evacuate areas which were going to be targeted. If those civilians chose to stay, or were forced to stay at gunpoint by Hamas, that becomes Hamas’s war crime and not Israel’s.

      Conversely, every single one of Hamas’s rockets was a war crime since every single one was aimed randomly at civilian targets.

      The kill ratio of 1 civilian to 1 terrorist, as I mentioned in my above comment, is about the best ever in the civilised world. Please compare the IDF’s kill ratio to anything committed by NATO and the allies in bombing Iraq and Afghanistan, and now ISIS.

      The kill ratio is not how many Israelis to Palestinians, but how many civilians to terrorists (there were no official military personnel to target since the Hamas are by definition terrorists).

      “Only” 72 Israelis were killed, especially “only” 4 civilians, because Israel invests millions if not billions of dollars in civil defence: bomb shelters for the entire population; air raid warnings, Iron Dome anti-missile systems, and a disciplined population who listened and took heed of the Home Front’s warnings and behaved accordingly, taking shelters during rocket attacks.

      I’m SOOO sorry we didn’t oblige the world and allow ourselves to be killed in great enough numbers to satisfy their blood lust and allay their righteous outrage at our chutzpah in living.

    • anneinpt says:

      Why do you think Israel’s don’t understand the Palestinians’ sense of hopelessness? We understand all too well. Do the Palestinians understand ours? I doubt it.

      But the Palestinians are not passive players. They are adults with responsibilities and not only rights. They must vote out Hamas or force them out like the Egyptians did to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. They must bring in a leadership who seeks peace with Israel, who doesn’t seek to destroy it, who will stop shooting rockets and sending suicide bombers into Israel. The Palestinians have to internalize that Israel is here to stay, and that we mean them no harm. Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan and despite the nasty rhetoric emanating from both countries, the peace works for the benefit of both sides.

      If you can think back a mere 9 years, Israel withdrew FROM THE ENTIRE GAZA STRIP. We even uprooted our dead so that Jewish bodies shouldn’t “contaminate” “holy Palestinian ground”. (I’m only being mildly satirical here. Their antisemitic hatred cannot be underestimated). The settlers left behind structures and greenhouses and a working agricultural business. Within 24 hours Palestinian rioters, inflamed by blood-lust and antisemitic hatred, destroyed every last piece of Israeli infrastructure that was left behind for them.

      They then embarked on their missile onslaught which has never stopped since.

      So empathy? not so much. I’m waiting for them to show some empathy for us. And I’m waiting for them to take responsibility for their own crimes and their own misfortune.

      If the world keeps stepping in to help them out the cycle will never end.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        Sound of Summer plays with figures without (like so many) giving them a context. The UN nowhere gives any figures that could be construed as showing a 30:1 civilian/combatant death ratio. Indeed, analysis by organisations with access to sources other than Hamas’ (thus not having to rely on Hamas spin – there are even stories (possibly apocryphal) of Hamas adding in deaths from natural causes to the death toll to inflate the figures) shows not only nothing like this, but a hugely lower combatant/civilian death ratio.

        If Summer is actually interested in facts (rather than ideology) and non-Zionist sources, they should search out everything said and written by Lt. Col. (ret) Richard Kemp. This man served in the British Army in Afghanistan and has vast experience of combat in areas containing civilians (as most wars in the 20th and 21st centuries do). He is convinced, and has said/written on numerous occasions, that the combatant/civilian ratio, when Israel responds to terrorist attacks on Israel, is closer to 1:1 combatant:civilian deaths, when, from his experience, the “usual” ratio is closer to 1:3 combatant to civilian deaths.

        Thus, he argues, the IDF actually does strive to (and, equally importantly, succeeds in) keeping the civilian death toll as low as possible.

        Indeed, he says, if Hamas (and Hezbollah) didn’t use the available civilian population as human shields against Israeli responses to their unprovoked aggression, the civilian death toll would be less than 1:1.

        Sound of Summer should go and read Kemp’s words and listen to his pronouncements and then come back to us and tell us why he and we are wrong, instead of merely asserting ludicrous and wrong statistics.

        You could do worse than start with Anne’s link to him, the first in the Resources column, up there on the right, and follow that up by googling him.

        Go on, I dare you!

        • anneinpt says:

          Well said Brian, and thank you for backing up my figures. Thank you also for referring “summer” and everyone else to Col. Kemp whose strong and principled stance makes Israel’s case better than anyone else I know.

  5. Colin says:

    Thanks, Anne! The giving of this money is simply immoral. It is rewarding evil. It is telling Hamas “you can invest everything in trying to murder Jews, if you succeed, no backlash, if you fail, we guarantee to cover all losses you incur.” Why invest your own money in schools when we will build them for you if you choose rather to use your resources to attack others?! Utterly immoral!

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