The 5 victims of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack

Clockwise from top left:  Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg Hy’d, Rabbi Moshe Twersky Hy’d, Rabbi Kalman Levine Hy’d and Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky Hy’d

All four worshippers who were murdered in the Har Nof synagogue were foreign nationals: 3 Americans and one British:

The four victims were Rabbi Moshe Twersky, hy”d, ‘Rosh Kollel’ for the ‘Torat Moshe’ yeshiva; Rabbi Kalman Levine, hy”d; Aryeh Kupinsky, hy”d, and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, hy”d.

Police revealed that all four victims were dual citizens, with three holding American citizenship, and the fourth British citizenship.

Kupinsky (43) lost his 13-year-old daughter Chaya Hana two years ago. Goldberg (68) made aliyah (immigration) to Israel in 1991, and leaves behind a wife and six children. Rabbi Levine (50) leaves behind a wife and nine children, as well as five grandchildren.

Rabbi Twersky, a grandson of Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik and a direct descendant of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk, was born in the US and made aliyah in 1990 with his family. He leaves behind a wife, five children and ten grandchildren. Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, a prominent head of the Lithuanian hareidi community, eulogized the rabbi saying “he was a great and holy man. He was so close to G-d in his holy life and was murdered in the middle of his prayer, with the tefilin (phyllacteries) on his head.”

Shocking image from the scene of the terrorist attack in the Har Nof synagogue

Rabbi Twersky’s funeral was to be held at 2 p.m. at the Torat Moshe yeshiva in Sanhedria.

The funeral services for Rabbi Levine, Mr. Kupinsky, and Mr. Goldberg began at 3 p.m. at the synagogue in which they were murdered, the Kehillat Bnai Torah Yeshiva Synagogue in Har Nof.

Thousands attended the funeral of the three, including President Reuven Rivlin.

Here is an excerpt from article about Avrohom Goldberg from the Daily Telegraph (h/t David):

David Osborne, a friend of Goldberg, told Jewish News: “He was the most wonderful person you could meet, a pillar of the community.”

Mr Osborne said: “Avraham prayed there most days for the last ten years or so, he was a devout Jew with no political agenda. All he wanted was to live a peaceful life. His family are the nicest people you could meet.”

Palestinian terrorists don’t care about “nice” or about holy places – ours, theirs or anyone else’s. All are legitimate targets in their eyes if it enables them to kill Jews.

Real JStreets at Israellycool writes about her own knowledge of Rabbi Twersky HY’D and the other victims.

While I was never privileged to know any of the victims, there are not many degrees of separation between us. Rabbi Twersky taught my cousin’s sons at his famed yeshiva; Mr. Kupinsky studied at the same yeshiva as my husband; and Mr. Goldberg was an ex-Londoner from my own neighbourhood, whose wife is related to a good friend of ours.

המקום  ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

May their families and friends be comforted along with all the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may they know no more sorrow.

Zidan Saif is the 5th victim of the Jerusalem synagogue attack

It was just announced a short while ago that a 5th victim of the Palestinian terrorist attack on the shul in Har Nof has passed away, Zidan Saif, a Druze policeman who was critically injured during the attack:

Saif, 30, was shot in the head during a gunfight with the two terrorists. According to eyewitnesses, he was hit by a bullet when attempting to protect a fellow police officer.

He is the fifth victim of the attack.

Druze community leaders and residents of Saif’s village of Yanuh-Jat in the Galilee describe him as a hero, NRG reports.

“We are proud of our sons who act fearlessly on the front against terrorist attacks,” Muefek Tarif, a spiritual leader of the Druze community, says, according to the NRG news site.

“This is a dark day for the Israeli public and the State of Israel, a day when its citizens are murdered for their Jewish beliefs.”

“The Druze community strongly condemns the act of terrorism, where Palestinian terrorists massacred and slaughtered innocent civilians.”

I am moved almost beyond tears at the strong word of empathy and support from the Druze leadership.  The contrast between the Druze community and so much of the Muslim one could not be greater. Would that their Muslim compatriots feel the same way.

Saif is survived by his wife and four-month-old daughter, Channel 10 reports.

May they too be comforted along with all the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may they know no more sorrow.

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11 Responses to The 5 victims of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack

  1. Earl says:

    And, regrettably, a Canadian: Howie Rot(h)man (RIP).

    I just hope that Bibi (strengthened by Bennett, as required) exercises some real justice on these medievalist barbarians. Disengagement from and containment of the “Palestinians”; house razings; wholesale familial expulsions and stripping of citizenship.

    • anneinpt says:

      As you say, Mr. Rothman is still with us though severely injured.

      I’m with you all the way on Bibi’s response. It’s not only up to him though. His decisions have to go through the Knesset and sometimes the Supreme Court and I don’t’ trust any of those liberal lefties.

  2. Earl says:

    Erratum, my error: Fortunately, Mr. Rotman has lived, but gravely injured.

  3. cba says:

    When I went to bed last night, the hospital was still fighting for the life of Zidan Sayif. Sadly, they lost.

  4. Aridog says:

    I cannot even find the words to express how disturbing I find this attack. The world has gone mad.

    As a former soldier I cannot respect wanton killing … I just cannot. In my opinion, don’t just bull doze the houses, measure off a square mile and demolish it to rubble than even a worm cannot survive in, then do one more pass just to be sure. Do it every time a single Israeli is killed for no reason…just do it, the hell with world opinion. The population who sponsors and hides these murderers must learn the price of their treason. If you need help with this, hire the 2nd Division ROK Marines, aka the Blue Dragons. They know very well how to do it.

    Yes, I am losing my moral mind. Nothing makes any sense to me these days, least of all wanton murder of innocents. Even long ago we did NOT intentionally kill innocents. At times we laid our weapons down and played with the children. At times that cost us, but the ideal is still the right one.

    • anneinpt says:

      Aridog, you’re speaking as a civilized Westerner (no matter how uncivilized you think you are). Everything makes complete sense if you take into account that the Arab world, particularly the Muslim world, marches to a different tune and operate on a completely different level of values. For them, the dominance of Islam is supreme, and anything that gets in the way of this aim is to be eliminated, the more barbarically the better.

      So in fact you are not losing your moral mind. You are suggesting the most moral of solutions – to eliminate the threat from Islam as quickly and thoroughly as possible with the least number of victims. Destroying one square mile of buildings wouldn’t kill anyone and if it deters future terrorists, then what could be more moral than that?

      Our problem lies not with solutions but with determination to fight not only Islam but Western liberalism that sees everyone else’s demands and complaints as superior to our own. And of course our determination to fight the West’s antisemitism which will not allow Israel to defend itself to the bitter end.

      • Aridog says:

        Anne…Thank you for the compliment on my morality. It is still there but suppressed by the murderous events of today.

        However, I am suggesting the demolishing of a square mile, that is determined to be the locality from which the murderers come to attack then go back and hide, at a time without notification of the inhabitants. The inhabitants will die, of course….which may not be possible given the Jewish morality, hard earned and paid for also in blood. That may just be the real courage of the Israeli people…however it costs you. I am not so benign.

        It is a form of “Total War” as demonstrated in WWII and first, inside the USA, on a large scale, by General William Tecumseh Sherman with his march through Georgia to the sea. The ROK Marines of my acquaintance did this to literally any village they took fire from even if just in passing. We used to joke that when the Army took a village and torched it, the enemy would return within a couple of weeks. When the ROK’s did it, nothing returned, not even the worms, for years. War cannot be made civilized, in fact it is the total breakdown of any civility. Those who rise up and instigate murders need to be deprived of any space to hide.

        I regret this attitude has returned to my thinking, it is not how I have evolved to be peaceful per se. Funny how my strongest memories are about the children I encountered, and the adults who gave me a break. Had that not occurred, I’d be stark raving mad long ago.

        The morality of it all must be suspended because nothing else will work. The locals who harbor these killers must be forced to have some blood in the sport, so to speak. Germany and Japan were not defeated in WWII by being moral, they were defeated by plain as day demolition, by air power and by artillery at the least. My theory of warfare involves the destruction of more than merely the “will to fight”, it must also include destruction of all resources, which includes civilian of all genders and ages. Nothing proves the veracity of that theory than the middle east gangsters who retain the will regardless of consequence to themselves. Make the consequences harder on the purported innocent because they harbor the guilty.

        I do also realize that I am an old man, who likes dogs and horses better than most people I encounter, an old man who himself may be barking in the dark.

        • anneinpt says:

          Ah. I didn’t realise you were suggesting killing people along with the buildings. It might have worked in WWII and it might work here too – but it will NEVER be implemented by any Israeli government. Yes, we are too moral for our own good but I wouldn’t want to live in a country that would kill civilians in cold blood – not in a war situation – as collective punishment. I have come to be OK with destroying houses, but that’s about my limit.

          I do understand where your suggestion is coming from and I understand how it would work, and how it did work in WWII. But the world has changed since then and warfare has changed. Plus Israel is held to a totally different standard anyway.

          And Israel holds itself to a different standard too so the idea would be a non-starter no matter who is in power and what is happening around us. The only time something like this would occur is if Israel was under such threat that it would launch a nuke at Iran in a pre-emptive strike. And that would be a very last extreme resort. .

          But never fear, we will come up with a solution in the end. It probably won’t be perfect and won’t last forever, but that’s as good as it’s going to get for the foreseeable future. That’s how I see it anyway.

          • Aridog says:

            I have a hunch that Israel’s morality will be what saves her in the long haul. It is why I admire her as a nation of reason. Israel may be the only truly changed state in the western and middle eastern world…it takes real courage to not kill as much as it does to go out and fight.

            However, you imply that this new enemy type isn’t a war being fought. We make the same mistake here in our general political consensus about various insurgencies, the latest being ISIS. They have declared war on anyone unlike them, particularly the US of A and Israel. We become befuddled because ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al., are not formally recognized nation states in the old perspective…that is what has changed for the worse in the world. They do not really seek recognition, they demand it or kill anyone they can who objects. It is definitely a war, and I’d not suggest total war and killing “innocents” as merely collective punishment. Those “innocents” are a war making resource in every aspect of that term.

            Among my experiences long ago I witnessed collective punishment of innocent civilians, and by their own political people no less. “Terrorism” is a two edged sword, it cuts its own as well as the declared enemies. ISIS is a demonstrated proven example of this, rivaling Hitler and Stalin in fact if measured per capita. The term terror means exactly that…forced obedience by their own people by terrorizing them at large….then attacking those they hate from within the cocoon of terrorized people they’ve created….so that any response appears to be against innocents. It is the perfect conundrum. Indo-China and the Muslim Middle East today have a lot in common, albeit different languages and base philosophy.

            I’ve mentioned before a long conversation I had with a ROK Marine many years ago….we discussed the justification and means for killing. Using both Korean and English to make points not easily translated. He asserted that in his world the question is whether to kill or not. While in mine we presume the right to kill, and debate the means. In his world they don’t debate the means once the decision is reached to kill. It is what made the ROK’s such terrifying enemies when facing others, particularly communists. I think he was right. If you examine the homicide rates in most Asian nations today, it will reflect his point of view…far fewer homicides than in the west.

            Given all of the above, I noted earlier Israel’s morality. That was a compliment. Just as I admired that ROK Marine.

  5. Reality says:

    I jope Zidan Saif is awarded the Righteous amongst Nations award. May his memory together with all the other victims be for a blessing.The toll of orphans just from this attack has now reached 27. This madness has to stop.All our stupid media go on about having to ensure thete are no revenge attacks.-As if the Palestinians /Hamas don’t use any &every excuse calling every attack a revenge attack.Netanyahu better do something to bring security back to our country

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