Outrages and double standards of the week

Yes, I know the week has barely started but a whole bunch of items caught my attention, and the common thread running through them all is the outrage they stirred up in me, whether for their hypocrisy, their falsehoods or their plain old chutzpah.

Palestinians’ “third holiest site” – so holy that it mustn’t be “desecrated” by Jews – but they play soccer there

I’ll start with Palestinian President-for-life Mahmoud Abbas who, in a self-serving pseudo-conciliatory speech after the synagogue massacre, urged Israel “Let’s not make this into a religious war“.  This from the man who has been falsely accusing Israel of desecrating the Al Aqsa mosque, thus stirring up the very religious war he is urging us to avoid!

The PA chief, blamed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for inciting recent acts of terror with anti-Israel speeches and propaganda, went on to urge: “You mustn’t come close to our mosques, to our churches. And we mustn’t come close to your synagogues.”

One could almost laugh at his utter gall though in truth I would rather slap him around his smug face.

UNRWA – UN rocket warehouse agency

As if UNRWA aren’t in enough trouble with missiles and weapons being discovered in their schools in Gaza, a new scandal emerged this week when some of their employees praised the Jerusalem synagogue atrocity:

Popular Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyonhas amassed evidence of UNRWA employees lauding the Jerusalem attack, among them Maha al Mosa, an UNRWA teacher in Syria who prayed for the two terrorists to be accepted in “paradise” as “martyrs,” Ibrahim Hajjar, another teacher based in Hebron, who published a poem praising the terrorists, and another Syrian-based teacher who, using a pseudonym, posted a celebratory picture of Adolf Hitler on his Facebook page.

The latest outrage centers on Naief al-Hattab, school director of UNRWA’s Zaitoun Elementary School Boys “B” and former school headmaster of Shijia Elementary School Boys “A” for Refugees. Writing on his Facebook page, al-Hattab congratulated the terrorists on their “wonderful revenge.”

I can’t say I’m surprised, yet that does not diminish the outrage that we all should feel at this disgusting display of hatred and antisemitism. I eagerly await a condemnation from the UN authorities….

Talking of Gaza, guess who’s been blowing up houses along the border? Hint: It wasn’t Israel. Following the discovery of the longest Hamas terror tunnel yet, Egypt has been creating a huge buffer zone along its border with Gaza by destroying hundreds of houses – and not a peep from the rest of the world:

After discovering last week, a tunnel from Gaza into the Sinai that extended 1850 meters, Egypt has decide to extend it sterile zone along its 14 kilometer Gazan border from 500 meters to 1000 meters it was announced on Thursday.

So far Egypt has destroyed 500 Rafah homes, affecting 25,000 people, and that number will now increase.

Egypt has paid out close to 8 million dollars to Rafah residents who homes were destroyed.The town of Rafah is located on the southern end of Gaza and is split in two by the border, half on the Gazan side, and half on the Egyptian/Sinai side.

In addition, Egypt is digging a trench along the 50 kilometer border that goes down to a depth of 50 meters to help stop the infiltrations from Gaza into the Sinai.

Compare and contrast the world’s non-reaction to Egypt’s house demolitions to the hysterical reactions Israel received during Operation Protective Edge, as Khaled Abu Toameh writes:

Egypt’s crackdown in Sinai once again exposes the double standards of the international community toward the war on terrorism. While it is fine for Egypt to demolish hundreds of houses and forcibly transfer thousands of people in the name of the war on terrorism, Israel is not allowed to fire back at those who launch rockets and missiles at its civilians.

The Egyptians have finally realized that the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has become one of the region’s main exporters of terrorism.

What is perhaps more worrying is the fear that the security clampdown in Egypt will drive Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip to resume their attacks on Israel.

Needless to say, the international community will continue to ignore Egypt’s bulldozing hundreds of houses and the forcible eviction of hundreds of people in Sinai.

This is besides the world’s anger at Israel’s latest decision to destroy the homes of terrorists involved in the latest terror attacks:

Israel has rejected an appeal by the five biggest members of the European Union not to raze the homes of Palestinians who carried out lethal attacks in Jerusalem, saying on Friday that the tactic was designed to deter further violence.

Haaretz reported the Foreign Ministry heard arguments from the German, French, British, Italian and Spanish ambassadors that the demolitions, carried out against one East Jerusalem dwelling this week and planned against four more, were liable to inflame tensions and were therefore counterproductive.

Its revival in Jerusalem has also drawn criticism from the United States.

“We believe that punitive home demolitions are counterproductive in an already tense situation. This is a practice I would remind that the Israeli government itself discontinued in the past, recognizing its effects,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said on Wednesday.


However the British at least have no cause to complain. Where do they think Israel got the idea from in the first place? The British used the punishment of home demolitions against Arab terrorists in Jenin during the Arab Revolt back in 1938 (h/t OP). From a similar Arutz Sheva link:

Demolishing the homes of Arab civilians?? ?Shooting handcuffed prisoners?? ?Forcing local Arabs to test areas where mines may have been planted?? These sound like the sort of accusations made by British and other European officials concerning Israel’s recent actions in Jenin. In fact, they are descriptions from official British documents concerning the methods used by the British authorities to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in Jenin and elsewhere in 1938.

The documents were declassified by London in 1989. They provide details of the British Mandatory government’s response to the assassination of a British district commissioner by a Palestinian Arab terrorist in Jenin in the summer of 1938. Even after the suspected assassin was captured (and then shot dead while allegedly trying to escape), the British authorities decided that ?a large portion of the town should be blown up? as punishment. On August 25 of that year, a British convoy brought 4,200 kilos of explosives to Jenin for that purpose. In the Jenin operation and on other occasions, local Arabs were forced to drive ?mine-sweeping taxis? ahead of British vehicles in areas where Palestinian Arab terrorists were believed to have planted mines, in order ?to reduce [British] land mine casualties.? The British authorities frequently used these and similar methods to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in the late 1930s.

Read it all for an eye-opening history lesson. I would recommend you forward this on to every British politician and journalist who has a strong opinion about Israel’s own house demolitions.

Caution: Wild Zionist pigs

I will conclude my little rant with a slightly amusing story: once again the Zionist Zoo™ has found itself embroiled in the Palestinian conflict as Palestinian President-for-life Abbas accuses Israel of unleashing wild pigs on poor unsuspecting Palestinian farmers:

Several Palestinian media outlets on Saturday quoted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as accusing Israel of using “wild pigs” against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Abbas’s allegation was made during a speech he delivered at a pro-Palestinian conference in Ramallah on Friday night.

The charge was omitted from reports published by official PA media.

This was not the first time the PA accused Israel of releasing pigs to destroy agricultural fields in the West Bank.

In the past, the PA has claimed the IDF and settlers released wild pigs in Palestinian- owned lands to damage crops and intimidate farmers.

“Every night, they [Israelis] release wild pigs against us,” Abbas was quoted as saying in his speech. “Why are they doing this to us?” He also accused Israel of using false pretexts to prevent Palestinians from entering their lands in the West Bank.

Well, if you will go around accusing Jews of being sons of apes and pigs, can you blame them for calling in the mishpocho?


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8 Responses to Outrages and double standards of the week

  1. Reality says:

    Iam so angry I could spit! Israel has to tell these bleeding hearts of Europe who for some reason think they can tell us what to do(why is that?) that just as Egypt fears for its safety so do we.When they have dismantled UNRWA too they should let us know.What is wrong with our leaders?Why do we always sound like a whiny slightly apologetic kid?We used to stand strong &say it like it is ,take it or leave it.Where are the Begins or Golda Meir of yesteryear?

    • anneinpt says:

      They died and we got the next generation.

      You’re right about us sounding whiny and defensive. We HAVE to go on the offensive diplomatically. Actually Ron Prosor is excellent as is Ron Dermer in the USA. Must be something to do with the name Ron…

  2. peteca1 says:

    ANNE: I am glad that you posted this article.

    Because I wanted to add something about Har Nof.

    Is Har Nof just ONE more incident – just another in a long line of terrible things? In some ways yes. Pres. Abbas would seek to minimize the whole thing – just some sort of collateral damage.

    But is this true?

    I do not think so. Har Nof is an incident. But it exists as part of a series of “stepping stones” that extend into the future. Those stepping stones lead to a bleak and serious outcome. Har Nof has established some sought of “moral tone” that cannot be ignored.

    A descent into Deeper Darkness.

    I do not know who planned Har Nof, I do not know who conceived of this horrendous piece of murder. But it cannot be ignored, and it does cast a long dark shadow. Things have changed because of Har Nof. The brutal murder of holy men.
    Things have changed.

    In the future, when people look back, it will be seen that Ha Nof made an impact on events. It is not forgotten, the blood cannot simply be wiped away. A path to Deeper Darkness has been opened.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Pete, you’re 100% right that the Har Nof massacre is just one step along a dark and dangerous path. It seems quite clear to all of us, but the world seems eager to let the Palestinians off without punishment.

      However the Har Nof killing itself did generate a lot of negative feedback for the Palestinians. Even the UN Security Council condemned it. Such a display of outright antisemitism seemed too much even for them.

      Whether it will be a turning point in the way people react to the Middle East is doubtful however. It will be forgotten by everyone except those of us who were affected by it – Israelis and Jews, and our foreign friends – and will be regarded by others as “just another incident in the cycle of violence”, despite that it is no cycle, just an ever-climbing (or descending) series of steps as you described.

      I wish you were right that the blood cannot be ignored but I fear this won’t be the case.

  3. peteca1 says:

    OINK !!!!

    BTW, wild pigs are all over the world. Yes, they do damage crops.
    But the meat is also excellent – if you can catch them.
    That meat is off-limits to you, and also to Muslims.
    But you can still feed it to your dogs 🙂 So can Mr Abbas … if he runs quickly 🙂

    Pete, USA

  4. Earl says:

    There’s a certain irony overlying my reading about the benighted, poor, unstable Egyptian regime implementing Earl’s Tactics (TM) along its border with Hamastan, whilst the Izzies (with their D9s and putative intelligence, capital, military capability, etc.) refuse to create the necessary cordon sanitaire alongside medieval genocidaires… Recall, the Dead Sea desperately requires recharging- and, as I recall geography around Erez and Sderot, the direct line for the requisite supply channel would run where?

    • anneinpt says:

      Ah yes, the Med-Dead-Red. The idea is still mooted every so often and it is such a tempting thought. But long abandoned now for economic and security reasons.

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