Syrian TV claims Israeli jets bombed military sites near Damascus

Fireball from the site of the alleged Israeli airstrike near Damascus

Was it us or wasn’t it? According to Syrian TV, Israeli jets launched airstrikes on two military sites outside Damascus:

Israeli fighter jets launched airstrikes on two military sites outside Damascus, Syrian state media and local activists reported Sunday. Israel made no official comment on the reports. Israeli media speculated that missiles intended by Syria for delivery to Hezbollah were targeted.

The Israeli jets hit military sites at Damascus’s main airport and at the town of Dimas on a key road near the Syrian-Lebanese border, the reports stated.

The alleged attack was reported by Syria’s official SANA news agency and by Shiite terror group Hezbollah’s official television station al-Manar, as well as the the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict in Syria.

“The Israeli enemy attacked Syria by targeting two security areas in Damascus province, namely the Dimas area and the area of Damascus International Airport,” said SANA, adding that no casualties were reported.

SANA called the attack “an aggression against Syria.”

Syrian TV and Hezbollah media outlets said the attack was intended by Israel to “help the terrorists” against whom the Assad regime is engaged in a bitter war.

That statement takes the “pot calling the kettle black” to astronomical heights!

“This aggression demonstrates Israel’s direct involvement in supporting terrorism in Syria along with well-known regional and Western countries to raise the morale of terrorist groups, mainly the Nusra Front,” the military said in a statement carried by SANA.

There is no evidence Israel has provided any support to the Nusra Front, which is al-Qaida’s affiliate in Syria.

This tweet by “Judge Dan” mentions the Hezbollah connection:

Reuters has more details:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the conflict through a network of sources on both sides, said that 10 explosions were heard near Dimas. It said that one missile hit a warehouse for imports and exports at the Damascus international airport.

I would be willing to lay bets that those imports and exports were not innocent agricultural items, but rather missiles and other armaments for the various terrorist groups operating in and around Syria.

I hope it really was us who carried out those airstrikes. (In truth, who else could it be?). And I hope there will be more if necessary. As David Ha’ivri says:


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13 Responses to Syrian TV claims Israeli jets bombed military sites near Damascus

  1. I hope it was a good strike

  2. Dirk Diggler says:

    Of course it was Israel, and of course it was Russian made missiles that were going to Hezbollah that were blown up. Of course Assad will issue a public statement in a few days condemning the attack, and of course he will do nothing else. Of course the USA knew about it.

    What amazes me is how Israeli electronics render the Russian-made defense systems used by several Arab countries completely useless. Unit 8200 is better than the CIA.

  3. Aridog says:

    No offense taken here. However, as far as Israel neither admitting or denying the raid is no surprise to me. Israel has demonstrated in the past that it can keep secrets secret. They have a long history of it.

    • Aridog says:

      Figured you might have seen or heard of the mega-data-dump of CIA information by our fine folks in Congress at 1100 hours EST today (Bush bad!)….neatly planned to compete with the J. Gruber questioning by another body of Congress (truth about the administration & health care). Compare to the Mosad. No, don’t do that…we’d look silly. If all y’all have a secret, tell it to our Congress…they will tell the rest of the world for you.

      • anneinpt says:

        No! I hadn’t heard! Do you have a link? What can I say? Oy vey seems to sum it up… I hope America can hang on and hold it together for another 2 years. Every day things seem to be going more pear-shaped.

        • Aridog says:

          Try thisto the report. If that doesn’t work, holler and I’ll find one that isn’t a web pdf file.

          • Aridog says:

            And that is just the summary. Oy Vey is right.

            • Aridog says:

              A “law blog” I have read lately, not always in agreement, discusses the subject HERE

              I have noted there that the revelations in the report seem to ignore practices, some far more egregious, by our government dating back to at least the mid 1960’s. That makes me amused that we seem to think this is something new in the conduct of war against enemies. Previously, to my knowledge, we’ve not yakked it up much, perhaps with the exception of the Pentagon Papers in `1967.

              Manning and Snowden were both amateur players,( unlike the highly credentialed Daniel Ellsberg who had years on the job and in the field where the action was taking place) with very little time on their jobs and with “Roles & Permissions” they never should have had in the first place due to rank and/or time on the job…a fault of the Db administrators and violation of the “need to know” protocols…e.g., just because one has a Top Secret clearance does not mean one gets to view anything and everything classified Top Secret…that is where the “Roles” aspect comes in to play with the need to know. “Permissions” (part of the “Roles & Permissions” aspect of Db management) define what one could or could not see. I was a branch chief with a clearance and access to 4 global SIDDs, however that did not mean I got to “see” virtually everything…and that which I did see inadvertently, because of embedding, not pertinent to my access role, I had a responsibility to redact anything not appropriate to my role…which was under perpetual audit by good Db administrators by virtue of the “OSUser” field that identifies who accessed what and when.

              Apparently now we have a Senate who feels obligated to run off at the mouth without consideration of past similar issues….as if this phenomena is something new lately. Plus, sometimes secrets need to be just that, secret.

              • anneinpt says:

                Thanks for the links and the very interesting background that you provide. This whole “torture revelation” thing is terribly damaging, whether it’s true or not, and whether the US acted properly or not. Some things need to be dealt with “in-house” and not exposed for the whole world, and especially your enemies to see.

                It’s disgraceful how the Obama Administration is playing with people’s lives just to score political points.

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s funny but within Israel, in our domestic politics, there are no secrets. Everyone knows everything almost immediately. Maybe it’s because we’re such a small country and everyone knows everyone else. The grocery store owner knows the Knesset member’s mother from school or their kids go to the same after-school group. Or they remember each other from the army. It’s quite astonishing, hilarious and annoying at the same time. 🙂

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