BDS prefers the hungry to stay hungry rather than receive Israeli food

IsrAction Day – buycott and charitable donations organized by Sussex Friends of Israel

The Sussex Friends of Israel, a brilliant British grassroots anti-BDS organization, have come up with a brilliant initiative: IsrAction Day on 21st December, as posted on their facebook page:

The idea is similar to the Buycott campaign of 3 years ago – to encourage buying Israeli goods. This time, instead of simply buying for our own benefit, IsrAction Day encourages donating the bought Israeli goods to the homeless and to food banks, thus creating a double win: combating the anti-Israel boycott effort and giving to a good cause.

The Algemeiner explained in more detail:

Sussex Friends of Israel, a group based in Brighton on England’s south coast, is calling on consumers around the country to buy Israeli products and donate them to homeless charities to mark what it is calling “IsrAction Day” on December 21st, the fifth day of Chanukah and four days before the Christmas holiday, traditionally a time of charitable giving.

The idea for IsrAction Day crystallized over the summer, when Sussex Friends of Israel countered BDS demonstrators outside the Israeli-owned Ecostream store in Brighton. As part of their strategy of engaging passersby, the group handed out free snacks, donating the leftover food to a local homeless shelter.

Now, working with similar groups in Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham, Sussex Friends of Israel intends to implement a local strategy on a national level. Boosting this aim, the long-established Jewish Chronicle newspaper today announced that it was “proud to lend its support” to the initiative in a cover story.

Sussex Friends of Israel is encouraging pro-Israel groups in the US and elsewhere to follow their example.

The initiative is given an extra boost by the cheeky use of the BDS bigots’ own boycott list in order to create a “shopping list” for Israel’s supporters.

This would have – and should have – been the end of a nice heart-warming story with a giant kol hakavod to the organizers of IsrAction Day.

However the BDS, blinded by their own hate, tried to cut off other people’s noses to spite their own face (apologies for the mangled metaphor) by warning food banks to “watch out for Zionist donations”. Simon Cobbs of the Sussex Friends of Israel captured a screenshot of the now apparently deleted tweet by Brighton BDS:

BDS warn food banks to watch out for “Zionist contributions”

The BDS immediately went into backpedal mode by denying that they were calling for food banks to reject donations of Israeli food. Here’s another screenshot:

The BDS bigots condemn themselves by their very own words and actions, and show, as if proof were ever needed, that they don’t have the interests of Palestinians or their own local needy people at heart. They simply wish for the destruction of Israel.

Good luck to Sussex Friends of Israel and everyone who takes part in IsrAction Day. I hope Israel’s products sell like hot cakes and that the homeless and the food banks receive huge donations.

To my readers who live in the UK, please spread the word about this worthwhile campaign.

And let the BDS eat dirt.

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3 Responses to BDS prefers the hungry to stay hungry rather than receive Israeli food

  1. Reality says:

    What a fantastic group of people.Such a clever&brilliant idea too.I wish them the best of luck.
    Thank you Sussex friends of Israel.May you be blessed

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Further, as we found out when we went to a Sussex Friends of Israel pro-Israel demo in Brighton during Protective Edge, most of the Friends are not Jewish, but good, practising Christians.

    It’s amazing what you can do when you dig a little to establish the facts!

    • anneinpt says:

      That’s wonderful Brian! Though that won’t deter the BDS-niks. They’ll just accuse the Christian friends of being traitors to the cause or some such, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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