Karma – when a Palestinian terrorist meets his death 30 years too late

Ziad Abu Ain in confrontation with the border police moments before he collapsed and died

Yesterday Karma paid a visit to a deserving character. During a protest by Palestinians near the Jewish town of Shilo, Ziad Abu Ain, a Palestinian Minister, died during an altercation with the Israeli border police.

This incident has been jumped upon with great glee by Israel’s enemies, with the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN filing an inflammatory letter of complaint accusing Israel of murder:

The Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Riyad Mansour, used explosive language, accusing Israel of the “murder” of PA official Ziad Abu Ein, and alleging that the Israeli government was “fully responsible for this atrocious crime.”

The Palestinian envoy intimated that the UN was enabling a “culture of impunity” and called on the Security Council to publicly condemn the incident.

However, despite the Palestinians’ best efforts at casting blame, the autopsy, which it is important to note was carried out in the presence of Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian officials, found that the cause of death was a heart attack, although of course the Palestinians are trying to spin this as murder nevertheless:

Israeli and Palestinian medical officials seemed to agree on the results of the autopsy of the Palestinian minister who died after being shoved and grabbed by the neck by an Israeli policeman at a West Bank protest, but issued conflicting interpretations Thursday.

The report, being led by Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli pathologists, said the death was caused by blockage in the coronary artery, and said there were signs of light internal bleeding and localized pressure on the neck, at least according to the Israeli version of the report published by the Health Minixtry

The deceased suffered from heart disease, and there was evidence that plaque buildup were clogging more than 80% of his blood vessels, as well as signs that he had suffered heart attacks in the past.

The Palestinian government issued a statement after its meeting, blaming Israel for the “murder” of Abu Ein. “After publication of the results, we can say that Israel is responsible for the murder of Abu Ein,” the government said.

However, Dr. Hen Kugel, the Israeli doctor who took part in the autopsy, told Ynet that the report was not final and that they were awaiting on the return of some tests, however “we know what happended there – he died from a heart attack. He had significant blockage of the arteries and his heart was in bad shape. When they grabbed his neck it caused massive stress which led to bleeding and then full blockage which is what killed him.”

“There is no disagreement with the Palestinians about this, the only thing we still need to find out about is wounding to his front teeth, tongue and windpipe. These could be a result of resuscitation attempts or an attack as the Palestinians claim, but it doesn’t matter, he died because of his heart and stress,” Dr. Kugel said.

The full wording of the Health Ministry’s autopsy report can be found at IMRA (h/t Honest Reporting).

The Elder of Ziyon has an extensive analysis of the Palestinian lies about Abu Ain’s death, including videos disproving the accusations of murder against Israel:

PCHR, a “human rights” organization that the media and the UN rely upon heavily, pretended to “investigate” the death of Ziad Abu Ain, and states without any qualification that Israeli forces killed him:

According to investigations conducted by PCHR and the testimony of Ansa Hosheih, the media official in the Commission against the Annexation Wall and Settlement Activity, at approximately 10:30, Ziad Abu ‘Ain (55), Director of the Commission against the Annexation Wall and Settlement Activity arrived at al-Dhohour area, east of Termis’ia village, north of Ramallah…. Upon their arrival, Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters and then a clash erupted between the protestors and the Israeli soldiers. Abu ‘Ain approached one of the soldiers and a serious discussion started between them. The soldier wearing [a helmet] rammed Abu Ain’s chest. He then held Abu Ain’s neck who fell on the floor and lost consciousness.

There is video that shows no such thing, except for perhaps a border policeman shoving him in the neck and shoulder area for less than half a second. Moreover, PCHR implies that Abu Zaid fell to the ground immediately after the altercation but it happened some time later; he was seen talking to reporters between the shove and his sitting down.

Israellycool too has produced an examination of the incident at the protest which led to Abu Ain’s collapse and death.

But the most surprising, and most compelling report on the incident comes from Sky News of all places who have an extremely factual and balanced report (again via Honest Reporting):

Reporter Tom Rayner walked viewers through the footage, clearly explaining what’s known and what’s not. Judge for yourself.

. . . even when cameras are around an incident like this, it’s not necessarily clear exactly what happened, and that is why an investigation is going to be so important to determine exactly what happened in this incident. But in the meantime, one thing is one percent sure. Both sides will find their narrative and find footage that supports that.

Watch the video below:

Note that Rayner pointedly questions whether Abu Ain would still have been alive had the Palestinians allowed the Israeli medic to treat him. I also wonder if he might have survived had he been taken to an Israeli hospital. Well, the Palestinians are experts at cutting off their nose to spite their face as long as Israel can get the blame.

I take my hat off to Tom Rayner and Sky News for their factual report.

Let us not cry too many tears, or any at all in fact, for the death of Ziad Abu Ain. This was no ordinary politician or even an “activist”. He was a terrorist who murdered two Israeli youngsters and received a life sentence for it until he was released in the mother of all terrorist releases by Israel.

Israel Matzav tells us who Abu Ain’s victims were and what was his crime:

These are the two kids who were murdered by Zeid Abu Ein in a Tiberias marketplace in 1979. On your right is 16-year old Boaz Lahav HY”D (May God Avenge his blood), and on your left is 14-year old David Lankry.

David Lankry Hy’d (l) and Boaz Lahav Hy’d (r), killed by Ziad Abu Ain

The terrorist who murdered them – Zeid Abu Ein – was the ‘senior Palestinian official’ who gave himself a heart attack and died while fighting Israeli troops today.

The full story of the bombing carried out by Abu Ein is here (in Hebrew)

Israel Matzav also links to a tweet giving more background on Abu Ein’s cowardice:

As you can see from the blurb above (more here), Ziad Abu Ein was not exactly an admirable character. In fact, he was a terrorist murderer who murdered two boys in a bombing in a Tiberias market place and then tried to escape to the United States via Jordan.

Now you will understand my opening sentence about Ziad Abu Ain’s death. It was Karma, or “min Hashamayim” (from the Heavens), and certainly mida keneged mida – measure for measure: a deserving death only 30 years too late.

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7 Responses to Karma – when a Palestinian terrorist meets his death 30 years too late

  1. 18mitzvot says:

    So damn complicated. Is Israel to blame for heart attacks?
    What is interesting to me is that an autopsy is a serious disrespect to a person’s body as it requires cutting across the chest from shoulder to shoulder and again to mid-torso. By both Jewish law and Islamic law, autopsies are not to be done frivolously. It seems to me that his family was eager to mutilate his body, hoping that they could implicate Israel in his unexpected death. That is just sick.

    • anneinpt says:

      That’s a very accurate comment about the disrespect of an autopsy. In general, as you probably know, autopsies are not standard procedure in Israel as they are in other countries. Sometimes, an “external” autopsy is carried out, i.e. blood tests, and thorough examination of the body but no cutting.

      But in cases where a possible crime is involved and it is necessary either to catch a murderer or to clear a suspect, permission is given to carry out an autopsy.

      Just a couple of weeks ago another autopsy was carried out on the body of the Palestinian bus driver who committed suicide by hanging. It was obvious to all that it was suicide but the Palestinians were so convinced in their blind hatred that “settlers” had murdered him that the family was persuaded to have the autopsy. And of course it exonerated the Israelis.

      But I don’t believe that most Palestinians are such fervent Muslims as they like to make out. For them it serves more of a political than a religious purpose. You would never find religious Jewish families agreeing so eagerly to an autopsy to reveal what is obvious by simple forensic examination of the “crime” scene.

  2. Reality says:

    Its so frustrating ,and disgusting of all these “do-good”alphavet soup of UN agencies to”demand”an autopsy.Whats the point?Israel will be blamed just like they were blamed for the suicude hanging of the Arab bys driver a few weeks ago.Where are the UN’s sentiments for this terrorists victims?Were autopsies “demanded”then?Was there an outcry of “criminality”then?
    All around the world there are demonstrations &sometimes when they get violent as most Arab demonstrations do, injuries including death occur.Has no one asked why they demonstrate so violently?I remember countless demonstrations for various causes but as they weren’t violent ,no injuries occured.
    The UN should spare some thought fir this terrorists victims &brush off the Palestinian rants with a “who cares?”Good riddance to bad rubbish

    • anneinpt says:

      It wasn’t the UN who demanded an autopsy. It was the Palestinians, and the Israelis were happy to comply because it would exonerate the police.

      But you’re right that violent demos take place everywhere around the world, and the police behave a whole lot more violently than they do here, and no one bats an eyelid. You know the reason why: around the world Jews aren’t involved. Simple innit?

  3. ealha3 says:

    As if it’s of no consequence, we see an Israeli medic attempting to render medical assistance to the provocateur and assailant – a graphic expression of selfless compassion and humanitarian action. Above all else, this is Israel. This is why Israel remains as the singular example to the world of how humans are meant to be and of their compliance to the teachings of Judaism. It is what makes Jews everywhere so proud of our heritage.

    • anneinpt says:


      And conversely we see the Palestinians reject the Israeli medic’s assistance even though that might have saved Abu Ain. Which is what should make Arabs everywhere ashamed.

  4. Reality says:

    if this would ‘ve been a demonstration taking place somewhere in Europe, &the person who collapsed would’ve been a now released ex ISIS murderer,would all these pc questions ,autopsies, wringing of hands &pointing accusatory fingers still occur? No,didn’t think so either

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