Caroline Glick slams the Danish Ambassador on Europe’s “singular standard” on Israel

The Jerusalem Post is currently holding an international diplomatic conference and there are some very interesting discussions going on. The Post reported on Friday (h/t Elder of Ziyon) on an altercation between Post senior contributing editor Caroline Glick and the Danish Ambassador:

Europe should apply a double standard to Israel when judging its actions compared to other Middle Eastern nations, Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr said on Thursday, causing sparks to fly at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in the capital.

“Israel should insist that we discriminate, that we apply double standards, this is because you are one of us,” Vahr said during a panel discussion on relations between Israel and Europe.

Israelis sometimes ask why Europe applies a different standard to its neighboring countries, such as Syria, Vahr said. “Those are not the standards that you are being judged by. It is not the standards that Israel would want to be judged by,” he said.

Israel should want to be held to European standards, not Middle Eastern ones, he said.

The Jerusalem Post’s diplomatic correspondent, Herb Keinon, who moderated the panel, asked Vahr if his statement couldn’t be seen as “patronizing” to the Palestinians.

Vahr responded: “I am not sure it is,” particularly given that Israel is the stronger party in the conflict and the Palestinians are the weaker one.

It is “natural,” Vahr said, to engage differently with Israel, a country with whom Europe, including Denmark, has an extensive cooperative relationship with in trade and cultural affairs.

Vahr’s comments angered Caroline B. Glick, the Post’s senior contributing editor, who retorted that they were a “statement of contempt for our intelligence.”

“I consider Europe’s keen interest in the Middle East, specifically Israel, to be an obsession,” she said. “It is an obsession that Jews have seen from Europeans from the time of Jesus.”

But when it comes to Israel, Europe simply invents international law, Glick said. Europe acts as if it is required by law to sanction Israel for activity over the pre-1967 lines in West Bank settlements and Jerusalem, even though there is no such binding international legislation, she said.

“There is no such binding law. You guys are funding settlements in Western Sahara.

You are funding them directly,” she said. “This is not a double standard. This is a singular standard for Israel. This is not about international law. It is about an obsessive, compulsive need to constantly pick at the Jewish state,” she said.

Read the whole article to get a feel of Glick’s anger.

But to get the full measure of her righteous fury, just watch this video. You can applaud at the end:

Caroline Glick absolutely nails it. She is spot on about the European and Western double standards and obsession about Israel.  Sometimes I wish she would enter politics but then I realise her voice has a much wider reach via the media. If only more journalists were as honest and clear-headed as her.

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3 Responses to Caroline Glick slams the Danish Ambassador on Europe’s “singular standard” on Israel

  1. Joseph says:

    I want to give Caroline a big hug and a kiss!

  2. Reality says:

    she’s phenomenal. I wish the foreign office would employ her as an extra ambassador to the UN together with Ron Prosor.

  3. Earl says:

    Saw her speak at Beth Shalom in Toronto last month. She has a tenacious, ferocious intelligence, and fortunately does not pull her punches. That patronizing Scandi git won’t be so smug when his multi-culti-enabled “New Danes” commence flexing their demographic muscle…

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