Palestinian terrorists throw firebomb at Israeli car, severely injure 11 year old girl

A firebomb thrown this evening by Palestinian terrorists onto an Israeli car in the Shomron has severely injured an 11 year old girl, Ayala Shapira. Her father was also injured as he attempted to rescue his daughter:

An Israeli driver, Avner Shapiro and his 11 year old daughter Ayala were attacked by Arab terrorists who threw a firebomb at his vehicle Thursday night. The two suffered burns, but managed to escape from their burning vehicle. They were treated on the scene by Magen David Adom rescue workers and taken to the burn center at Tel Hashomer Hospital. The girl is on a respirator and said to be in serious condition by doctors.

The incident occurred on a service road between Maale Shomron and the new community of El-Matan. Ma’ale Shomron is located off Road 55, which stretches between Kfar Sava and Shechem. IDF troops were in pursuit of the terrorists.

Avi Na’im, chairman of the security council in the Local Authority and head of the Beit Aryeh local council, said that “the response to the throwing of a firebomb must be shooting the terrorists with intent to kill. An 11 year old girl on her way home with her father should not be a target.”

In recent months, there have been several rock and firebomb throwing incidents in the area of Road 55, which had been considered quiescent until recently. Several weeks ago, large numbers of IDF troops massed to successfully hold back a mob of Arabs from the neighboring village of Azzun who had attempted to march on Ma’ale Shomron.

This is how it looked when the firefighters arrived:

Via the Times of Israel we see this tweet from the IDF Spokesman:

President Ruby Rivlin also sent his personal wishes:

President Reuven Rivlin tweeted that he was “deeply saddened” and that “our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery are with her and her family.”

Avner, Ayala’s father, recounted the incident to Ynet:

Describing the attack, the young girl’s father Avner said from the hospital bed: “We saw him from the top of the road, lighting the firebomb and hurling it.”

The father described how his daughter escaped the vehicle by herself, but was severely wounded nonetheless: “I shouted to my daughter to get out and she was able to do so. We were able by the grace of God to get out of the car, but she was much more seriously wounded than I was. We hope that the hospital staff will be able to return her to her previous state.”

At around 6:30 pm IDF forces, MDA paramedics, firefighters and the police received a call about a burning car, which the report said was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Palestinians. The young girl, who suffers from third degree burns to 30 to 40% of her body, mostly to her face and upper torso, was evacuated to the hospital along with her father, who suffered burns to his limbs.

Avner said that the two were on their way home, and had been travelling on the road that connects Maale Shomron with the settlement of El-Matan, where they live. He noted that his wife underwent a similar attack on the same road last month, when a Molotov cocktail was hurled at her vehicle. Fortunately, she was not wounded, but damage was caused to her car.

The young girl’s mother, Ruth, said: “Ayala is a very special girl. She is an exceptionally smart child, who was on her way home from a program for youth gifted in mathematics at the Bar-Ilan University. They were hit by a Molotov cocktail at a spot where they already threw firebombs at us in the past – that time it was at me, and the only damage was to the car – this time the vehicle was burned to the ground.”

The mother said that she had been able to speak with her daughter after the attack, and that she had told her details of the incident: “The Molotov cocktail fell directly on her and caught fire. She managed to free herself from the car and roll to the floor. If she wasn’t such a resourceful girl, we wouldn’t have been able to have that conversation.”

Professor Eyal Winkler, Director of Plastic Surgery Department at the Sheba Medical Center, said that the medical staff had immediately carried out resuscitation procedures. “There is danger to her life, and teams of plastic surgeons and pediatric intensive care physicians are continuing to treat her. We will make every effort to safely return her in good condition to her family,” Winkler said

Head of the regional firefighters services, Yossi Dahri, told Ynet that “we arrived as quickly as we could and saw the burning car. We evacuated the girl, who had massive burns, as fast as we could.”


Avner described the terrorist as “an enemy soldier, an emissary from the Arab nation“:

האירוע הזה הוא לא אירוע פלילי”, הבהיר אבנר, שמאושפז במצב קל בבית החולים תל השומר. ”האיש שזרק עלינו את בקבוק התבערה הוא לא עבריין אלא חייל של האויב הערבי שנמצא עכשיו במלחמת חורמה נגדנו.

 “החייל המסוים הזה שזרק עלינו את בקבוק התבערה הוא לא פושע, הוא שליח של העם הערבי ששלח אותו ושולח כל הזמן חיילים שלהם כדי להשמיד את העם היהודי ולגרש אותו מארצו”.
Free translation:
This incident is not  criminal, explained Avner who is hospitalized in Tel Hashomer. The man who threw the firebomb on us is not a criminal but a soldier of the Arab enemy who is now in a war of extinction against us.
That particular soldier threw the firebomb at us is not a criminal. He is an emissary of the Arab nation who sent him, and constantly sends their soldier, in order to destroy the Jewish people and drive them out of their country.

Avner is certainly a lot more clear-headed than many of our politicians who seem to know nothing but appeasement. Just today Israel handed back the bodies of the terrorists who killed the 4 Rabbis in Har Nof. Why weren’t those bodies cremated? It would be measure for measure for what they try to do to us, and then we wouldn’t have the dilemna of what to do with terrorists’ bodies or be blackmailed into returning them to a heroes’ burial.

On a personal level, Ma’aleh Shomron is about a 2 minute drive or a short walk from Karnei Shomron where one of my children lives. Ayala Shapira is in the same school year as my granddaughter and they are good friends. They were planning to make their joint batmitzvah in the summer, so she has been a frequent guest at my daughter’s house.

My daughter has been doing her level best to keep her daughter away from the computer and news broadcasts, and thanks Heaven (and her own common sense) that her children don’t (yet) have smartphones, Whatssapp or Facebook. However my granddaughter does know that her friend has been injured in a “pigua” – a terror attack – and has been praying for her, and will sadly no doubt learn all the gory details from her friends in school tomorrow.

Let us pray that Ayala makes a speedy and full recovery so that her batmitzvah can take place as planned together with her friend, my granddaughter.

Please pray for a refuah shlema, a full and speedy recovery, for Ayala bat Ruth.

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15 Responses to Palestinian terrorists throw firebomb at Israeli car, severely injure 11 year old girl

  1. ealha3 says:

    Isn’t it about time that the calm and deliberate judicial process begin extracting the kind of justice that will have some significance to the perpetrators as well as the victims? Sue the savages! Connect the dots between the PA that continues to teach and advocate violence, create a “fast-track” procedure to expedite the legal process and sue them for the damages and find and sue the perpetrators themselves and any organization they belong to. Then go for punitive damages. Any terrorist act emanating from the territories or their inhabitants should have a presumption of having been initiated by the PA and the burden of proof would be for them to establish their non-involvement. Hard to do when it is shown they continue to teach and advocate violence and their charter advocates genocide against Jews and the destruction of Israel! Take the money from that given to them by the anti-Semitic nations supporting their terrorist acts and/or the taxes collected, and distribute the award to the people of Israel and the victims. Eventually, it will be realized that terrorist acts will be costly to the PA, their benefactors and their cause, and will used to reward those handsomely who have been their intended victims. There is a reason the rule of law has lasted this many centuries – even as ineffective as it may be – it remains a powerful deterrent to those with assets who now act with impunity

    • anneinpt says:

      Oy, Elliott, would that you were our Justice Minister, or more importantly, our Supreme Court Justice. Every single one of your suggestions has been proposed by various politicians and ministers over the years, even implemented for a while, and then they have been shot down by our very own Supreme(ly libera) Court as unconstitutional, illegal, or violating the poor terrorists’ (in)human rights to kill Jews wherever they find them.

      It is infuriating, outrageous and so incredibly frustrating. People who wonder why the Israeli population has swung to the right as far as it has should look to the failure of implementation of these policies as a prime reason. Israelis simply do not feel safe in their own country and have zero faith in the judicial system.

      Various politicians have tried reforming the judicial system, whereby the outgoing Supreme Court justice chooses his own successor, thereby creating a perpetual loop of liberal left ideology. But anyone who tries is called a fascist or worse. I honestly don’t know the way out of the system.

  2. Debby says:

    I am so sad for your family and all involved. Earlier today I was specifically praying for the health and safety of you and your family in the coming year, but your family has now already been touched closely by tremendous pain. I pray for this young friend of your granddaughter’s to heal and have strength. What kinds of cowards attack children like this. They must not trust in their god enough to go to war in an honorable fashion, army against army.

    • anneinpt says:

      Debby, they trust entirely in the god they have – which is no god but an idol. They believe their god has told them to kill Jews, Christians and other infidels, and then they’ll be rewarded in Heaven with 72 virgins. (What a degenerate ideology that is!). We would all be a lot better off if they didn’t trust in their god!

      Thank you for your prayers for the young girl. We heard this morning there has been a slight improvement thank G-d.

  3. Reality says:

    Our government like all those previously up until Begin was the prime minister, only think that if they “behave ” according to European & US ,UN diktats then all will be fine & sunny. Therefore there is no reaction. Or when there is , it’s like putting a plaster(band aid) on. It’s for show & won’t really deter anything. As the father of this poor little girl said, we are in a war for our survival & it’s time something was done about it.
    There was an”incident” this week when a man called Jeff Seidel managed not to be killed by rocks only by a miracle. He & several others were on their way to a funeral on Mount of Olives . They had gotten all the requested forms & permission to go. (How awful is it that in a Jewish country ,one needs permission from them police & army to go to a funeral. This “right”is only for Jews. Arabs can do what they want where& whenever they want. And they do). On the way their car was encircled by a band of 15-20 Arabs hurling cinder blocks which smashed the windows. He tried to pull into an Arab hospital but wasn’t allowed to enter the car park. -He stated that if Arabs have the right to be treated in Israeli hospitals, why isn’t that same right reversed when needed?(where are all those doctors without borders when you need them?)Eventually he managed to turn the car around & some elderly Arab told the youths to stop it. He managed to escape,went to the police staion down the road ,whereupon 2 other cars joined him with the same “complaints”. Why hadn’t they been given help when they called the police?Why hadn’t the police arrived to resue them? & why if they were allowed to go to the funeral was there no accompanying army vehicle with them? They haven’t been given any answers. Nothing was done except for them to make a statement. The cost to his cars damage alone is 4000 shekel . He’s lucky to be alive. (look up in the times of Israel Jeff Seidel). This pretty much sums up the pathetic caution our authorities take. The results are terrible attacks ,where everyone screams & wrings their hands, for a day or 2 & then it all starts over again. I really wish I knew who to vote for who would stand up & be a man(or woman)
    Refuah Shlema to Ayala but Ruth

    • anneinpt says:

      There are stories like the rock-throwing above every day. Seidel’s story made it into the papers but there are dozens that don’t. It’s not news any more. And the situation on the Mt. of Olives is a disgrace to the Israeli police and IDF.

      You’re 100% right about our leaders crawling to the liberal world hoping to be liked. We’re never going to be liked. And nations needn’t be liked. they need to be feared and respected. We’re wusses and wimps in that respect. It makes me want to scream.

  4. Elchanan Eric Sussman says:

    Does that bitchy tart Zippy know about this? Her late Dad must be doing somersaults in his grave.

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