Terrorism news that you might have missed

The reason you might have missed these terrorism updates is because the mainstream media outside of Israel doesn’t bother to report these attacks unless Israel hits back – and then you can be sure tat the headline will leads with Israel’s response, with the original terror attack being mentioned only further on in the article.

Besides the firebombing of the Shapira family’s car near Maale Shomron last week in which 11 year old Ayala was severely injured and is still fighting for her life, which was mentioned in most news outlets, although notably not in the Independent, there has been a series of “low-intensity” terror attacks  (i.e. without severe injuries) against Israelis which barely merit a mention in the Israeli press, let alone the foreign media.  When Israel’s response finally comes, you can be sure that it will be cast as an “onslaught”, “Israel assaults”, “Israel attacks” etc., with no context whatsoever. The average reader will be left with the impression that Israel is a capricious and aggressive enemy who attacks its innocent neighbors at whim and with overwhelming force.  What other conclusion could they possibly reach if they haven’t been provided with the initial cause?

Here is just a partial list of some recent terror attacks in Israel:

Jewish woman escapes car-jacking

In the same area as the near-lethal car firebombing, an Israeli woman had a miraculous escape from an attempted car-jacking by Palestinian terrorists:

On Saturday night, a car tried to block another car driven by a Jewish woman on Road 55 between Nebi Elias and Tachsin, which is in the area of Maaleh Shomron, according to a Tazpit report.

A man got out of the blocking car’s passenger side and tried to get into the woman’s vehicle – but she locked the doors in time.

The man then smashed the windows of the woman’s car.

The Jewish woman managed to drive off and reached safety at the town of Karnei Shomron.

Also on Saturday night, the home of an Israeli Jewish family in Jerusalem was firebombed:

An initial investigation found that a Molotov cocktail was hurled into the balcony of an apartment in the Jewish East Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv, setting it on fire.

There were no initial reports of injuries.

Police suspect the attack was nationalistically motivated and were searching the area for the perpetrators.

A resident of the same apartment bloc, Marcel Kurnitzer, told the Ynet news site that the building had been stoned before, but that it had never been targeted by petrol bombs. “It was quite a shock,” he said.

I can’t believe the resident is so sanguine about stones being thrown at his building. As we have seen on the roads, what begins with stones often ends up with firebombs. Indeed today (Monday) firebombs were thrown on the road near Beitar and firebombs were thrown on route 443, one of the main routes from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem:

It was just a few short years ago that the Left were scoffing at the rest of Israel following the court’s decision to override the army and allow PA traffic on Road 443. Normal Israelis said that PA Arabs would once again use their access to this main highway for terror attacks.

The highway had been closed to PA traffic after several Jewish drivers had been shot at by PA Arabs.

And of course, soon after the highway was reopened, the stones once again began to fall.

On Monday afternoon, multiple firebombs were thrown at vehicles on Road 443 near Ofer Prison, according to a Tazpit report.

On Friday two Israeli Border Police officers were stabbed in the Old City of Jerusalem:

Two Border Police officers were lightly wounded Friday morning when an unidentified Arab man stabbed them in Jerusalem’s Old City. The unprovoked attack came as thousands of Muslims exited the area upon concluding prayers at al-Aksa Mosque.

According to Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the attack took place near the Lion’s Gate at approximately 6:30 a.m., when the assailant used a knife to stab the first officer, 19, in the neck, and the second officer, 35, in the arm.

Last week a 4 year old boy was hurt in a stoning attack on a car in Gush Etzion, while the day before, a Palestinian terrorist was thwarted in his attempt to stab a soldier at a security checkpoint near Netanya.

Rocks thrown at Jeff Seidel’s car on the way to a funeral on the Mt. of Olives

Another serious assault on Israeli civilians was carried out by Palestinian terrorists against a group of Jews going to a funeral on the mount of Olives:

A vehicle carrying three Jewish passengers en route to Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives was attacked last week by over a dozen Arab youths who shattered its windows with rocks and cinder blocks, the driver said Thursday.

According to the car’s owner, Jeff Seidel, 57, of the Old City, the attack took place at 1:30 p.m. when the vehicle was forced to a standstill in the Arab neighborhood, which has become notorious for numerous unprovoked attacks against Jewish drivers attending funerals.

The majority of the attacks have taken place on the congested, narrow roads leading to the cemetery, and have been so pronounced over the years that many visitors have been forced to retain security escorts provided by the Construction Ministry.

Knowing the dangers of driving to the cemetery – where four prophets, former prime minister Menachem Begin, Hebrew revivalist Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, and leaders of revered rabbinical dynasties are buried – Jeff Daube, co-chairman of the Israel Steering Committee for the Mount of Olives preservation NGO, said he alerted police in advance of the funeral procession.

“I spent over two hours in a back and forth phone and SMS conversation with the police in order to get them to station someone there,” said Daube.

Despite having notified police, however, who are stationed in a makeshift substation a few meters from the cemetery, Seidel said no officers were in sight when his car was besieged by the Arab mob.

“All of a sudden this kid between 12 and 13-years old kicked in the rear passenger door and we were right by Al-Makassed Hospital…

I said we gotta get out of here, but there was nowhere to go because of the traffic.”

Within seconds, Seidel said, the car was surrounded by over a dozen boys who threw a barrage of rocks and cinder blocks, shattering the rear window and three other passenger windows, lightly wounding one of the passengers, whose eye was pierced by shattered glass.

“I called the cops in the car using my cell phone, but they didn’t show up, and the police station was right around the block,” Seidel continued. “So, when there was an opening in the other lane I tried to make a u-turn to get out of there but the kids were still throwing rocks.”

At this point Seidel said he beseeched an adult Arab passerby to tell the youths to stop and help him escape into the nearby hospital parking lot for safety, but no cars would make way.

“So I put my foot on the gas a little and drove ahead when the traffic cleared up a bit, but they continued to throw rocks,” he continued.

Seidel said he was eventually able to drive the car to the nearby police station, where officers took pictures of the damaged vehicle and escorted him to the Damascus Gate police station to file a criminal complaint.

A vehicle behind him carrying two IDF soldiers also pulled into the substation with a shattered rear windshield, he added.

“This really brought home how bad the situation is,” said Seidel. “It’s starting to wear on me. Why can’t a person go to the funeral of a friend? Arabs can go to the Old City to pray without any problems, but I’m not allowed to go to a funeral, or even a hospital, without being attacked?”

How is it that an IDF vehicle can sustain damage from rock-throwers without any action being taken by the soldiers int he vehicle? This abandonment of responsibility by the IDF is among the chief reasons for the escalation in this “low-intensity” terrorism which is making life unbearable for Israeli civilians.

Those stones, boulders in fact, were big enough to kill, as indeed was the intention of the attackers.

And keeping in the spirit of the holiday season, here is a stone-throwing Santa – gas-mask and all, via the Facebook page of IDF spokesman Peter Lerner (h/t Israellycool):

Is there anything that can be done to counteract this new kind of intifada? “Not much” is the depressing answer from Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu in the Jewish Press report about the checkpoint attack:

It is more than decade too late to deal with the phenomenon because 20 years of Palestinian Authority incitement and brainwashing has produced results.

The Abbas regime in Ramallah for years has been systematically inciting children and youth to hate and murder Jews, using textbooks, media and official praise of “martyrs” to excite the Arab population. Those children and youth now are teenagers and young adults who believe with all their hearts and all their souls that all of Israel belongs to Arab “Palestine” and that killing Jews is the Islamic version of a mitzvah.

The Palestinian Authority has become a serial murderer. It killed the ”peace process,” which it still uses as a camouflage for its plan to do away with Israel as  a Jewish country.

It has encouraged an entire generation to kill Israelis, especially soldiers. It will continue and will even get worse if the Palestinian Authority ever becomes a country because the concept of ”two-states” is not a solution.

It is the problem.

But the PA is aided and abetted by Israel’s ever-so-politically-correct establishment which is terrified of being accused of war-crimes – no matter that however morally our army acts, we are in any case accused of the worst human rights abuses. Two simple examples from recent days demonstrate this problem.

El Matan

The first is in the back-story of the firebombing in which Ayala Shapira was so terribly injured. Residents of her community, El-Matan, have demanded that a safer road to the village be reopened:

In a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, residents said that the the attack last Thursday was to be expected, given that the community had been the victim of dozens of attacks in recent months. Arab terrorists had thrown rocks and firebombs at them numerous times at the same spot on the road where Avner Shapira and his 11 year old daughter Ayala were attacked. Avner escaped with light injuries, but Ayala was badly hurt, and was still fighting for her life Sunday. Doctors over the weekend reported a slight improvement in her condition.

El-Matan is a part of the municipal lands of the Ma’ale Shomron local authority, and in fact a road of about one kilometer extends from the new community to the established town. However, that road was closed by the IDF after local Arabs filed a petition with the High Court, claiming that the road crosses on land they own. The Court is still considering that case, and the Arabs have not yet produced any proof of ownership.

Instead of keeping the road closed indefinitely until the Arabs come up with proof of ownership – which after over ten years they have failed to do – residents are demanding that the road be reopened until the case is settled. In addition, they pointed out, the road itself does not cross any cultivated land and would not interfere with the Arabs’ agricultural activities.

Instead of traveling just a few hundred meters on a safe and stable road, the residents wrote, “we are forced to travel on a narrow 4.5 kilometer road that hangs over a cliff, without shoulders. Only one vehicle can travel in a single direction at one time, and there is no room to make a U-turn – and that was the reason Avner Shapira did not turn around when he saw the terrorists. IDF soldiers also cannot see most of the road from their lookout.”

Regarding the Arabs’ claim to ownership of the land through which the shorter road crosses, residents said that the court had decided to close it down without hearing from “the parties most injured by the decision, the residents of El-Matan. In addition, the Arabs’ claim has never been proven and the case has never been resolved.”

In this surreal Chelm-like situation, precedence is given to the Arabs’ claim to the land, and the Israelis’ claim is automatically dismissed. There seems to be an automatic presumption of guilt of the Israelis and an automatic presumption of ownership by the Arabs, despite their failure to bring proof. One would think that the Israeli court was still run by the British Mandate.

The second incident occurred today. IDF soldiers shot at Palestinian terrorists throwing rocks at cars, and one of the Palestinians was killed.

IDF forces who were deployed to prevent Arab terrorists from hurling potentially lethal rocks at Israeli cars located Arab terrorists attacking cars near the Tapuach Junction in Samaria, and in the ensuing confrontation shot one of the terrorists to death.

A message from the IDF Spokesperson unit clarified that the soldiers conducted the standard procedure to apprehend terrorists, including shouting a warning in Arabic, firing into the air, and finally firing at the lower extremities of the terrorist.

Following the incident:

Army sources indicated that as a result of the death of the rock-throwing terrorist, IDF soldiers will likely be put under investigation for their actions defending Israeli motorists by the army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

If IDF soldiers have to fear a criminal investigation every time they act as a soldier ought to act in defence of his country, then it is no wonder that we see cases of soldiers not reacting when they come under fire, whether from guns or from rocks as we saw at the Mount of Olives.

It’s bad enough that the PA is inciting to violence against Israel, but knowing the character of our enemies, no one is really surprised.

But having to contend with a hostile judicial system and a ridiculously politically-correct military judiciary who assume criminal intent on the part of the soldiers – not malpractice or negligence in duty but criminality – it is no wonder  Israelis feel abandoned and left to their fate.

Will anyone be surprised if G-d forbid Israelis start to take the law into their own hands?

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8 Responses to Terrorism news that you might have missed

  1. Betty says:

    You have not mentioned that the Israeli education system has failed a generation of young citizens by not imbuing them sufficiently with a sense of national pride and a knowledge of the historical and legal justification of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland . Rather it seems that too many have been imbued with a sense of needing to make amends for being “settlers” In their own home.

    • anneinpt says:

      You have a point up to a point Betty. It may be true of the state educational system, though I cannot say for certain because I don’t have children or grandchildren there, but the religious education sector (also state-supported) do indeed teach their pupils about Jewish history, Israeli history and our right to all of Israel,

      But in general, you are right. The Israeli public at large needs to be educated, or re-educated, about the Jewish rights to our ancient homeland. If we don’t stand up for ourselves no one else will.

  2. ealha3 says:

    In the US the solution to crime in a particular area has been sophisticated sting operations over a fairly lengthened time period. The results not only yield significant arrests, but more importantly intelligence that leads to the organizers. This is not rocket science.

    • anneinpt says:

      The Israeli security forces, particularly Shin Bet, the domestic security agency, are very good at these kind of undercover ops where they catch organizers and perpetrators. However there are two problems:

      Not all the terrorists have organizers. There are many “lone wolf” operators, e.g. the firebomb throwers, who act because of incitement and opportunity. Knowing that they will receive a hero’s welcome on release from jail, and that the Palestinian Authority will support their families while they’re in jail, and knowing that they will receive a free education in Israeli jail, are all motivators. The least Israel should do is completely cut out all privileges to ALL Palestinian terrorist prisoners. They should get the very basic of human rights – food, water and shelter and nothing more.

      The second snag is that even if we catch the organizers and/or the perps, there is an almost endless pool of willing volunteers, because of the above-mentioned “bonuses”.

      And on top of it all, the Israeli authorities need political will, and that is sorely lacking, as I wrote.

  3. Pete says:

    Anne – you are correct. The world media is NOT covering any of these incidents. If I had not read your page today .. I would not know that any of these things has happened. Also, every one of these incidents is very serious. Knife attacks … fire bombs … attempted carjackings … assailants throwing large rocks and cinder blocks. These are all very serious types of assaults – with the intention of murder or serious bodily harm. I wonder how your fellow citizens are coping with this. Are they drifting into some sort of “siege mentality”? Please don’t tell me that these attacks are normal – even for Israel this cannot be normal.

    It is also abundantly clear that Hamas has switched strategies and is engaging in a type of low-level warfare. It is a kind of “threshold warfare”. It is a particularly ingenious strategy, because the incidents are NOT getting media attention. But just as you say – when Israel does respond then the big offensive will get lots of media attention. Clearly Hamas is aware of this.

    I am not sure how normal Israelis can continue to live life and be unarmed. In the face of these kinds of serious provocations on the streets, I don’t see any alternative except for people to carry weapons.

    I wish you the best in these “days of difficult circumstances”. If these incidents were happening in America, there would be an enormous uproar. Really.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Pete, you wonder how we are coping with this low-intensity warfare. In truth we just carry on as before because we don’t really have any other choice. The only difference maybe is that we’re all being a bit more careful and not quite as blase and carefree as we were before. I’ll give you one small example. I’m babysitting tomorrow night for my grandkids in a town over the Green Line, aka a “settlement”. My daughter said they’d be home around midnight. Once upon a time I’d have driven back to my home near Tel Aviv, about a 30-40 minute drive, but now I’ll stay overnight at my daughter and go home only in the daytime.

      The fact that my daughter herself said she prefers not to leave the settlement at night if she can avoid it brought it home to me even more. She’s been living there for years and knows the roads and the dangers by heart, and beforehand wouldn’t have thought twice about driving at night. That was the deciding factor for me to stay overnight.

      I can’t say for certain how many Israelis are arming themselves but I think a lot more people who have gun licences are now carrying them around with them rather than leaving their guns at home.

      As you say, the terrorists are being very clever in their tactics, keeping the attacks low key enough not to warrant a big Israeli response but high enough to terrorize Israelis.

      But we don’t scare so easily, and anyway, we’re not leaving here or going anywhere. There’s nowhere else for us to go. Israel is our home. The Arabs have yet to internalize that small fact.

  4. Reality says:

    our biggest problem here in Israel is our overly cautious government who were voted in by Israeli citizens and not Palestinian terrorists. Another terrible problem which varoius mk ‘s are trying to stop,is that our leftist courts and judges ALWAYS favour the “poor Palestinians”.Not only is this immoral,there is no legality being practiced here and eventually it causes more damage,including loss of life and limb.If I was G-d forbid the parent of such a terribly injured child like Ayala bat Ruth (may she have a speedy recovery)I would try to sue the courts or judges if thats possible.Because of their decision based on non legally binding false documents,this tragedy occured.The courts have to be reigned in.

    • anneinpt says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, but how do we rein the courts in when they are the ones who get to decide? They’ve made themselves into judge, jury and executioner, and the Knesset are too scared of them, too scared of being labelled fascist or some such slur, to act.

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