Stabbing attack on Tel Aviv bus – several injured

The Palestinian terrorists are determined to make no place safe for Israelis. This morning during rush hour a Palestinian, who entered Israel illegally, boarded a Tel Aviv bus during rush hour and proceeded to stab the driver and several passengers. He was shot and wounded by Prisons Service officers who were travelling in a car behind the bus, and is now under arrest.

From the Times of Israel’s report:

A Palestinian man stabbed commuters on a Tel Aviv bus during rush hour in Tel Aviv Wednesday morning, injuring some 15 people, several seriously, police said.

Six of the victims were hospitalized in serious condition, another five were left in a moderate condition, and the remaining four were lightly injured according to initial media reports.

The attacker was identified as a Palestinian from the West Bank city of Tulkarem, 23.  He was shot after a short chase and taken into police custody.

The attack occurred at about 7:30 a.m. on a No. 40 bus heading north through the city from Bat Yam.

The attacker first stabbed the bus driver, who attempted to fight back, before attacking others as passengers attempted to escape the scene.

Officers from a prison service who happened to be nearby and saw the bus swerving out of control and a man running away, gave chase, shot the man in the leg, wounding him lightly and subsequently arrested him.

The incident happened at the Maariv Bridge that spans a main artery in the city that was packed with rush hour traffic at the time.

Initial reports said prison service officers who were driving past the scene during the attack saw the assailant making his escape on foot and gave pursuit before shooting him in the leg.

Photographs from the scene that were posted to the Internet showed the attacker lying on the ground in handcuffs.

From The Times of Israel live-blog of the event:

Dan Bus Company praises the heroic bus driver:

“The Dan company wishes and prays for the speedy recovery of all those injured in the stabbing attack this morning in Tel Aviv.

“The driver who operated according to the instructions of the company’s security officer and security officials displayed resourcefulness, bravery, and heroism to protect the passengers, while he was seriously wounded with a deep stab wound in his chest. Dan bus drivers stand at the front every day, this is their job and they will continue to do it.”

A colleague of the bus driver seriously hurt in the attack tells Channel 2 that the driver called him after being stabbed, and told him, “If anything happens to me, look out for my children.”

The driver fought with the attacker, and managed to hit him with pepper spray.

Binyamin Netanyahu rightly placed the blame squarely at the feet of Palestinian “President-for-Life” Mahmoud Abbas for his incitement and encouragement of terror:

“The attack in Tel Aviv is the direct result of the poisonous incitement spread by the Palestinian Authority toward the Jews and their state. The same terror tries to harm us in Paris, Brussels, and everywhere.”

“The ones who rushed to praise this attack are Hamas, Abu Mazen’s partners in the unity government,” he continued, referring to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. “This is the same Hamas that announced they would sue Israel in the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“For the incitement, and for the dangerous move in the Hague court, Abu Mazen is responsible.”

Certainly the attack is already being praised in the Arab world, with another hateful cartoon already being circulated in the Arab media:

and another:

The world’s reaction will probably a yawn, or something along the lines of the following, as some wit cynically remarked:

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10 Responses to Stabbing attack on Tel Aviv bus – several injured

  1. ealha3 says:

    Regarding world reaction: the “world” according to the Europeam community considers Israel/Jews as oppressors because they are Jewish and assaults upon them are understandably justified and largely irrelevant. Self defense by Jews is an oxymoron. Jews in Europe are now considered in the same way by Europeans as Jews in Israel are considered by Arabs. We are Jews. We are unwelcomed – because we are Jewish, and merely because we are Jewish, the European community sympathesises with our murderes in their historical effort to have us exterminated. This is not the “new normal,” this is the “old normal,” surfacing unashamed only this time there is an Israel to confront unlike the defenseless Jews of the past. This is an Israel of Jews capable of resisting it’s murderes and surviving shameful anti-Semitism, and proving its superior moral value to that of its adversaries now engaged in their own well deserved struggle of survival against the savages of Islam. As has been said, “it’s time for European Jews to leave home to go home to Israel.”

    • anneinpt says:

      Indeed. The world’s attitude can be seen clearly in microcosm in France. Until non-Jews were murdered (Charlie Hebdo) the murder of Jews was given a few minutes of sympathy and lip-service outrage and then it was back to normal programming. The huge reaction now was more to do with Charlie Hebdo than the supermarket.

  2. Reality says:

    2points here I’d like to clarify.Why did it say in every article that he entered ISRAEL illegally?Tulkarm is part of the disputed territories.He came over the green line like every other Arab in this country.
    The 2nd point is that how come there is no outrage at the disgusting cartoons in the Arab press?Is that right only reserved for insulted Muslims who use that excuse to go on murderous rampages?
    As for waiting for a world reaction?!!!! If only Jews had been murdered in France there would’ve been a bit of talk about anti semitism/intolerance/Jews/Israels fault.It’s only due to the fact that cartoonists &police were killed that there was the reaction that we saw.

    • anneinpt says:

      To answer your questions;

      1. I think the Israeli press have to be much more careful with their wording (and I’m as much at fault). We talk about the West Bank, and entering Israel illegally when we mean over the Green Line, and entering Israeli-CONTROLLED territory.
      2. As for the cartoons, it’s like the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The world only gets upset when its not Jews who are the target. It’s kind of “normal” as Elliott above says, that Jews are the target and it’s become ho hum.

      And yes, as I said to Elliott, the talk of antisemitism only arose because it was hard to ignore together with Charlie Hebdo. And then the survey on antisemitism in the UK came out at the same moment.

  3. Hmmmm….so I ask myself are cartoons depicting terrorist acts ok??? I guess Palestinians don’t have to follow the same rules they apparently want to impose on the rest of the free world! I was shocked and appalled at this mornings news.

    • anneinpt says:

      To answer your rhetorical question Edith, of course pro-terrorism cartoons are not OK. Nor are racist cartoons or those that incite. Except if they’re drawn by Muslims and target Jews. Not just Israelis, but Jews.

      It is indeed outrageous that there’s hardly a peep from the world about this incitement and these outrageous cartoons. But it makes no difference how many times Bibi talks about incitement. He’s the one called a hard-liner and Abbas is the “moderate”.

      And night is day and water is dry.

      And we’ve become so used to it that we hardly notice it any more, certainly not anyone unconnected to Israel. Whatever happened to all those liberals and progressives and anti-racists?

  4. Reality says:

    After all the discussions here about the cartoons,I want to add something.After interrogating the terrorist ,it’s been discovered that he wasn’t on any “watch”list.He decided after being incited about the Palestinians poor plight to go buy a knife&do the deed.He wasn’t at the demonstrations on the Temple mount or in contact with Hamas(thats what was repoerted yesterday,&all this might change).So Abbass Abu Mazen should take full responsibility.I wish all our ministers would say this loud &clear in every world forum including the ICC

  5. Pete says:

    I agree with Reality. The cartoons in the Arab world are sick and cold blooded. There is nothing “heroic” about a knife attack – especially against innocent civilians sitting on a bus. It is vicious and barbaric – nothing more or less. The cartoon writers, and the newspapers who publish such cartoons – are saying a LOT about their own lack of moral standards.

    Pete, USA

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