Good News Friday – Shushan Purim edition

You may have had received the impression from previous posts that the Purim festival has been and gone. You would be wrong. 🙂 Today is Shushan Purim, the “second” day of Purim which is celebrated in Jerusalem and in other cities which were walled in ancient times. Some cities are doubtful about their status, for example Lod near Tel Aviv, so they celebrate both days. Just to be sure, you understand. Not because they want another excuse to party and get drunk… 😀

Since Shushan Purim coincides with Friday this year, here is a special edition of Good News Friday.

Scene from the car-ramming terror attack in Jerusalem

The first piece of good news is that although there was yet another car-ramming terror attack in Jerusalem this morning, the terrorist was neutralized while there were no Israeli fatalities, although there were 5 pedestrians injured:

At least five people, including four female border police officers, were injured on Friday morning when a car rammed into a group of pedestrians standing at a light rail station in east Jerusalem.

Police are treating the incident as a suspected terror attack.

Two of the injured policewomen were in moderate condition and three were lightly wounded. They were evacuated to local hospitals in the city.

Police said the driver veered from the road onto the sidewalk, before getting out of the vehicle with a weapon, attempting to stab passersby. He was shot and wounded by a security guard.

The incident took place in an area that late last year was a flashpoint for violence between Israelis and Palestinians, when a series of vehicular attacks left three people dead and around a dozen wounded.

Thank G-d the security guard had the presence of mind to act instantly, and thank G-d too that a Purim miracle occurred today, and that the attack ended with “only” injuries. I send refuah shlema wishes to all those injured.

On to happier Purim news. Ynet has a great photo essay of the various colourful Purim parades and celebrations around the country yesterday:

British Ambassador Matthew Gould brings a taste of home to Purim

Window-cleaners dress up as Spiderman to entertain children at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikva

And to tickle your fancy before Shabbat, here is the entire Purim story told by .. gifs of cats! 😀  Here is just a sampling but you have to read the whole thing!

Ahasuerus began to miss Vashti. So he made a beauty pageant.

Meet Queen Esther

Enter wicked Haman. Boo!!!

Haman is outed as the evil murderer!

The Jews rejoice!

How to celebrate Purim

Read the whole thing. There are many more funny gifs there. 🙂

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Same’ach to those still celebrating!

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2 Responses to Good News Friday – Shushan Purim edition

  1. Reality says:

    Shabbat shalom.At least we have Shabbat to recover! I love Purim but it’s rather exhausting!Well done to whoever it was who shot the terrorist.

  2. Pete says:

    I thought the British ambassador did a good job … and the window cleaners were outstanding! HAHAHA ! Happy Purim to you!

    Pete, USA

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