Senators Rubio, Cotton, slam Obama on his assault on Israel

At the end of my last post I promised to show how much support there is for Israel in Congress itself. Here are two fantastic videos of two senators staunchly defending Israel while slamming Obama for his disgraceful treatment of Israel.

First we have Florida Senator (R) Marco Rubio slamming Obama’s “historic mistake” on Israel:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Thursday night delivered a powerful speech against US President Barack Obama’s increasing hostility towards Israel after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s elections victory, as the White House threatened to pull support for Israel at the UN.

Rubio began by noting “Israel is everything we want that region of the world to be,” pointing out the Jewish state’s democracy, free enterprise economy, and status as a strong American ally.

Speaking about Israel’s “unique purpose” as “the homeland for the Jewish people in the aftermath of the Second World War and of the Holocaust,” he noted his pride that America has “stood behind the Jewish state for all of these years.”

However, that support is in danger he charged, pointing that as of the time of his speech Obama had yet to call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory – the call came later on Thursday night, a full two days after elections.

Rubio revealed the hypocrisy of the delay, given that in 2012 Obama was among the first to call and congratulate Russia’s Vladimir Putin, President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as Chinese Communist leaders, and in 2013 he likewise rushed to call Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.

The senator provided an overview of Obama’s noted slant in bashing Israel back from his campaigning days in 2008.

Watch the whole blistering speech. It’s outstanding.

Aleister at Legal Insurrection added:

on Gabriel of Ricochet was clearly impressed by Rubio’s speech as well:

Rubio Speech Drops Hammer on Anti-Israel President

If Marco Rubio keeps talking like this, he’ll be the GOP front runner before we know it.

Two days after Benjamin Netanyahu’s big victory in Israel, one day after Obama’s peevish reaction, and on the same day the White House stated that they foresee “terrible days” for Israel ahead, Rubio spoke up. In 15 minutes, Florida’s junior senator vivisects Obama’s Israel policy before dispatching it once and for all into the depths of hell.

Rubio should be commended, it was a speech for the ages.

Indeed, it was as historic a speech as anything we have heard in recent years.

Another excellent speech in defence of Israel was delivered by Arkansas Senator (R) Tom Cotton (h/t Israellycool) who stood up for Israel, slamming Obama for his vindictive anti-Israel position:

Since those two speeches were delivered, there have been several other statements and speeches in robust defence of Israel and Netanyahu in Washington. Kol hakavod to all of them for taking this courageous stance, putting their careers and reputations on the line but standing up for decency and loyalty.

It is as important for us in Israel as it is for the US representatives to hear these stout expressions of support for Israel. Were it not for senators such as Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio we might be tempted to just curl up and give in to Obama’s whims. But with the backing of these loyal supporters we know that we have someone at our back – NOT Barack Obama who would only want our back in order to plunge in a knife – who will not allow Israel to be thrown “under the bus”.

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7 Responses to Senators Rubio, Cotton, slam Obama on his assault on Israel

  1. JudyPt says:

    With such wonderful supportive people defending us I really dont worry so much that Obama is throwing a hissy fit.Sen Cotton says he wants to pass legislation to stop funding various anti Israel groups , but he left out the most important one that is the U. N itself. How can one have any respect or faith in an organisation that just voted that Israel has the worst record in the world in the treatment of arab women!! It would be laughable if it wasnt so disgusting.Go to any hospital here and see the arab doctors and nurses employed there ,besides all the arab patients getting the best treatment in the Middle East.No mention of stoning ,honour killings ,acid attacks etc.only Israel picked on again and again.Its time to close down the U N its outlived its remit and just become a rubber stamp to blame all the worlds problems on those pesky Israelis.

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re ahead of me here. I just found a clip of Sen. McCain suggesting just that: that the US stop funding the UN. Brilliant! I’ll post it separately.

  2. Martin says:

    Cotton has zero appeal to Democrats who have tired of Obama’s policy towards Netanyahu and Israel, but Rubio is far more pragmatic and likeable. He is also backed by billionaire Norman Braman, which doesn’t hurt his future political ambitions.

    • anneinpt says:

      I heard that Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president. i hope there won’t be too much infighting in the Republicans that will ruin their chances. Both men sound excellent to me – but I’m speaking as an Israeli, not an American.

  3. Reality says:

    It’s so fantastic to finally hear someone(s) support for Israel. & tell the Americans ,especially Obama what they think of the wonderful(not) job he’s doing. Maybe this way they can prevent him from doing too much further damage

  4. DavidinPT says:

    And please note that Senator Cotton represents Arkansas which can hardly be said to be a Jewish stronghold. So he’s calling it as he sees it, and not doing so for narrow political interests.

  5. anneinpt says:

    I just wish some Democrat Senators would speak out. I’m sure some will. Eventually. I hope it won’t be too late.

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