Senator John McCain tells Obama: “Get over your temper tantrum”

Following on from Senators Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio, Republican Senator and former Presidential hopeful John McCain joined in in the Senatorial onslaught on President Obama’s petty vindictiveness against Binyamin Netanyahu in the wake of his win in the Israeli elections:

John McCain slammed President Obama on Israel on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, telling the president to “get over your temper tantrum” with Benjamin Netanyahu because “the least of your problems is what Bibi Netanyahu said during an electioncampaign.”

In an interview released yesterday, Obama said that some of Netanyahu’s pre-election rhetoric was unhelpful and contrary to Israel’s ideals, referring to Netanyahu’s pre-election opposition to a two-state solution and his comments about Arab voters turning out “in droves.”

Gloria Borger asked McCain if Obama has good reason to be annoyed with Netanyahu for rejecting what the U.S. has been working for. McCain responded, “Bibi’s rhetoric concerning an election campaign pales in comparison as to the threat, the direct threat to the United States of America of ISIS.”

Regarding Netanyahu’s statements themselves, McCain simply rolled his eyes and said “politicians make statements.” He suggested that Obama is either letting his personal feelings get in the way of sound policy or he’s “delusional.”

Who’ll be next to pile on?

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11 Responses to Senator John McCain tells Obama: “Get over your temper tantrum”

  1. Reality says:

    As much as I agree with Senator Cain, he didn’t really answer the questions properly. He comes over as a bit bumbling. The other 2 -Marc Rubio & Tom Cotton were much more forceful. But I’ll take any support wherever it comes from! I wish they’d talk to some Arab leaders who want Obama to listen to Bibi.

  2. Pete says:

    It’s just my opinion – but I don’t see any “last-minute save” for US-Israel relations. At best, they are in the doldrums for the next two years. At worst, they have fallen off a cliff. The remarks from a few Republican senators will not change this.

    I suspect that PM Netanyahu is pretty sharp and will see this. I doubt that Israel can wait for two years – relying upon hope that things will improve. We don’t live in that kind of world any more. It is more pragmatic that Israel will become increasingly independent in its policies, especially with regards to security. How this will really play out – is anyone’s guess.

    Pete, USA

    • Earl says:

      I’m inclined to agree. IL took delivery of some quantity of GBUs a year or so back (that we know of), and KSA will certainly give tacit approval to IAF overflights. The IAF cannot hope to destroy the mullah/IRG’s nuclear program, but it could set it back those grim, critical two end-of-term Obama years.

      and, if fortunate and in the interim, scupper the O/Kerry/Rice/Powers patty-cake deal with the mullahs and (ideally) drag the USAF in to finish the job properly.

    • The problem is not so much US-Israel relations as Obama-Israel relations.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Dr Einat Wilf, former MK for Labor (2010-13) and now an academic, explained what Bibi meant when he stated that he didn’t see a two-state solution in his lifetime (or words to that effect). She explained that she had had talks with Pal. “moderates” a decade or so ago. However, while they acknowledged that the Israelis were here to stay, they were not prepared to see the Jews as a people, and thus entitled to self-determination. Her stance was (and still is) that there are (forget the rhetoric) there are two people with claims on the land – thus two states – but that each has to recognise that the other has claims too.

    Until that happens – essentially, until the Pals accept that the Jews are a people too, and not just a religion (and many are not religious, anyway) – this ain’t gonna happen. And this is what Bibi meant and what she reluctantly accepts.

    This was at the “We believe in Israel” conference yesterday (Sunday) in London, about which I hope to write very soon and also hope that Anne will look on kindly when written. So more soon.

    • Earl says:

      A pity Wilf could not spend a moment to review the Hamas “Charter”, and then read over a translated copy of Abbas’ “Ph.D.” “dissertation”. Bibi was quite correct- an invented people focused on destroying its neighbour state and its people has no legitimate or deserving claim to its own reichlet. Absent funding from the Wahhabists/salafists and the mahdaviats, the issue of a “two State solution” would be a non-issue…

      • anneinpt says:

        I woudl also add that it’s not only the assorted Islamists who are keeping the two-state solution alive. Probably of equal weight, possibly more, is the funding, moral support and diplomatic cover provided by the Europeans, liberals of all stripes, the US Administration, human “rights” activists, NGOs and every similar institution you can think of.

        In fact they’re more responsible for the quagmire than the Muslims IMHO.

        • Earl says:

          Point taken- I innately include all of those reflexively anti-Israel and anti-Western useful idiots whenever I post 😉

    • anneinpt says:

      Earl, I agree with you, but at the same time we ought to take our victories where we can find them. In this case, Einat Wilf is a leftist and yet has begun to see the light. She’s actually an excellent spokesman for Israel for this very reason. She’s accepted in all the PC forums since she’s a leftist, but then she confounds them with her very clear-eyed realistic view of the Middle East.

      I’m also pretty sure she’s read both the Hamas charter and knows about, if she hasn’t already read, Abbas’ dissertation.

      Baby steps….

      Brian, I’m looking forward to your post!

  4. Pete says:

    If you read this article, you will realize that the current policy from the US Administration is supported by key individuals within the administration. It’s not a just an “Obama policy”.

    Pete, USA

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