Bizarro World at the UN

UN Resolutions against Israel and the rest of the world

Yesterday was the thrice-yearly Hate Israel Day at the UN, (what? only 3 times a year? I thought it was an everyday occurrence) as Hillel Neuer of UN Watch explains:

Today is Hate Israel Day at the U.N., a feature of every regular session, held in September, March and June, of the 47-nation Human Rights Council.

While all 193 countries of the world are addressed under Agenda Item 4, “Human rights situations requiring the world’s attention,” only Israel gets its own special treatment, under Agenda Item 7, “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories .”

There will be 0 reports on gross and systematic human rights abuses by countries (many of them members of the UNHRC) like China, Cuba, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey and Venezuela.

Yet tomorrow’s debate will see the presentation of seven reports targeting Israel:

And, in addition, at the end of this week, the Council will adopt four resolutions targeting Israel:

  1. Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan
  2. “Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination”
  3. “Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan”
  4. “Human rights situation in Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”

There will be 0 resolutions on gross and systematic human rights abuses by China, Cuba, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey and Venezuela.

This in itself is hardly newsworthy any more. When the UN praises Israel for its humanity, liberalism and progressiveness – THEN it will be a milestone day which will achieve headlines worldwide. Or maybe not, given how the world seems to delight in Israel’s alleged “misdeeds” while ignoring any good news about us.

Another example, if ever one were needed, was the outlandish UN resolution last week condemning Israel for being the world’s worst violator of women’s rights  !!! Yes, that Israel, the one with the highest number of women members of the Knesset, the Israel who had a female Supreme Court President, the Israel who had a female Prime Minister, the Israel where women’s rights are protected under law…

The human rights lawyer and activist Anne Bayefsky writes in the Algemeiner (emphases are mine):

Guess who is the number one violator of women’s rights in the world today? Israel. Violating the rights of Palestinian women.

At least that is the view of the UN’s top women’s rights body, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). CSW ends its annual meeting on Friday, March 20 by condemning only one of the 193 UN member states for violating women’s rights – Israel.

Not Syria. Where government forces routinely employ rape and other sexual violence and torture against women as a tactic of war. …

Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing, are almost entirely excluded from political life, cannot drive, …

Not Sudan. Where domestic violence is not prohibited. There is no minimum age for “consensual” sex. The legal age of marriage for girls is ten. 88% of women under 50 have undergone female genital mutilation….

Not Iran. Where every woman who registered as a presidential candidate in the last election was disqualified. “Adultery” is punishable by death by stoning. Women who fight back against rapists and kill their attackers are executed. …

The 2015 CSW resolution on Israel will repeat, as it does every year, that “the Israeli occupation remains the major obstacle for Palestinian women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society…”

Not Palestinian men. Not religious edicts and traditions. Not a culture of violence. Not an educational system steeped in rejection of peaceful coexistence and of tolerance.

Instead, the fault for a UN statistic like this one – an average of 17% of Palestinian women are in the labor force as compared to 70% of Palestinian men – lies with the Jewish scapegoat.

By comparison, there was no report on Chinese women and girls, half a billion people without elementary civil and political rights, who still face the prospect of forced abortion and sterilization.

There was no report on women in Somalia, where female genital mutilation is ubiquitous,…

There was no report on women in Yemen, where the penal code goes easy on the killers of women for “immodest” or “defiant” behavior, t…

And the women’s rights scene is not the only liberal sham at the UN.

The UN’s top human rights body, the Human Rights Council (HRC), will wrap up a major session next week by adopting a minimum of four times as many resolutions slamming Israel than any other country on earth.

Condemnations of Israel will include a resolution demanding Israel immediately give back the Golan Heights to Syria – the place where Syrians run from their own government for life-saving Israeli medical care.

Tallying all the resolutions and decisions condemning a specific state over the history of the Human Rights Council, one-third has been directed at Israel alone.

Remember Ukraine? In the past year, there have been at least 5,500 confirmed killed – … But the score is 67 Council resolutions and decisions attacking Israel and zero on Russia.

It is impossible to add this all up and conclude that the UN’s treatment of Israel is anything but wildly discriminatory. In the twisted language of UN rights, the means is the verbiage of equality, while the end game is prejudice.

The Obama Administration has an answer to this dilemma. Vote against the resolutions, while paying the fees to run the bodies that adopt them. Join and legitimize the institution, while consoling the delegitimized that it feels their pain.

As Secretary Kerry told the Council on March 2, 2015: “President Obama and I support the HRC…” and “the HRC’s obsession with Israel actually risks undermining the credibility of the entire organization.” “Risks undermining” – as opposed to “has grossly undermined already.”

This attitude towards the UN’s demonization of Israel foreshadows the administration’s Israel policy in the days ahead – a policy unaffected by Israeli election results.

The Palestinians will continue to use the UN and the International Criminal Court to attempt to accomplish with lethal politics what they have never been able to do with lethal force. And President Obama will hold open the door.

The sole piece of relatively good news coming out of this whole fandango is that – contrary to expectations and all the dire warnings – the US stood by Israel and refused to take part in this show-trial:

Today the United States, in support of Israel, made no statement at the United Nations Human Rights Council debate on alleged Israeli violations of human rights in the Palestinian territories, otherwise known as Item 7.  Our non-participation in this debate underscores our position that Item 7 lacks legitimacy, as it did last year when we also refrained from speaking.  The United States strongly and unequivocally opposes the very existence of Agenda Item 7 and any HRC resolutions that come from it.

The United States’ approach to the Human Rights Council’s Item 7 has not changed.

We remain deeply troubled, by this Council’s stand-alone agenda item directed against Israel, and by the many repetitive and one-sided resolutions under that agenda item[1].

No other nation has an entire agenda item set aside to deal with it[2].

As was the case last year, the United States will not engage in the debate.  Neither will Israel.

Instead, we will call a vote, and vote no on Item 7 resolutions.

After which, the United States will make a statement explaining our consistent approach in opposition to Item 7.

Israel praised the US for their strong stand:

The source said that “Israel praises the United States for its decision. This is a continuation of Kerry’s speech from two weeks ago, which condemned the council for singling Israel out and reiterating American support for Israel.”

None of this prevented Reuters from getting the wrong end of the stick, leading to Hillel Neuer to fact-check them. Giving credit where it’s due, Reuters did amend their report accordingly:

A Twitter reply to Neuer encapsulates the whole sorry mess:

I’m sure more “interesting times” lie ahead for Israel in its rocky relations with the Obama Administration.

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8 Responses to Bizarro World at the UN

  1. Earl says:

    As a Canadian, I only wish Ms. Bayefsky would turn her withering contempt and icy focus on fellow “Canadian” Louise al-Bour- the UNHRC is her toxic legacy. It was al-Bour that permitted this farcical body to metastasize into the OIC’s satrap of Judenhass and general anti-Western vitriol.

    • anneinpt says:

      And the irony is that the UNHR-C-for-Commission was formed to replace the original UNHR-C-for-Council – or is it vice versa? The original version was disbanded because of its outright antisemitism.

      I can’t understand why they thought this version would be any different if you don’t change the components.

  2. Pete says:

    Agreement on nuclear deal with Iran … apparently very close.
    Based on the Iranian press releases.

    Noticeably, the “clincher” for this deal is the shift in negotiation policy from the Western governments, not from Iran. Or at least, that’s what the Iranians are saying. Iran will keep 6,000 centrifuges, and they will keep their nuclear plant at Tatanz operating.

    According to recent news reports, Iran already has about 8,000 kg of uranium that has been enriched to a low grade (3-4%). This type of fuel is suitable for nuclear reactors, and it does not pose a problem – PROVIDED Iran does not convert some of this stockpile to 80% uranium.

    If the deal does go ahead, as reported, then Iran essentially becomes a country “with nuclear technology”. The question is … WHO is really verifying Iran’s compliance, and how?

    Pete, USA

  3. Reality says:

    Why don’t all “normal western countries” including Israel rescind their membership from the UN?That in turn would mean the UN losing out financially.This would create a snowball effect &might actually do some good.

  4. Joe in Australia says:

    Not to take away from your other points, but Israel doesn’t actually have a high proportion of female legislators: according to a recent report it’s something like 70th internationally, which is pretty weak IMO.

    • anneinpt says:

      Since it’s the highest number ever in Israeli history, Israel can hardly be accused of trampling women’s rights. Sure we’re not perfect. But:
      a) we’re about a zillion times better than anyone else in our region; and
      b) since it’s an improvement on previous Knessets’ that’s surely a good thing. Hopefully it’s a sign of even better things to come.

      Not to mention of course all the other good stuff like no FGM, domestic violence is illegal, rape is illegal, underage sex and marriage is illegal, women have property rights, freedom of occupation, freedom of religion, birth control…

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