Is this the theory that explains Obama’s Mideast strategy?

As we have all read in the daily headlines (and in my multiple blog posts) international events are picking up pace faster than ever, the Middle East is burning, alliances are being shed and re-formed in new constellations that would have been unthinkable just one or two short years ago, and it can reasonably be argued that one of the catalysts for this chaotic situation is one Barack Obama.

The US Selling off Israel in the Middle East bazaar (via Anshel Pfeffer on Twitter)

We have all puzzled over his logic in his rush to close a deal with Iran contrary to all the norms of the Mideast bazaar. We have struggled to understand his reasoning (or lack of it) in his insistence on “leading from behind” (whatever that means) and thus weakening the West both in the Middle East and dealing with closer-to-home despots like Russia’s Vladimir Putin; and we have wondered at his strategic vision (if he has such). And after all that head-scratching we are no closer to arriving at any reasonable conclusion.

Israel’s former Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, normally soft-spoken and very diplomatic in his expressions, uncharacteristically lashed out at the US and the world in their dealings with Iran, saying “the world has gone crazy” (via Joe Wouk at War Sclerotic):

Along comes this interview (h/t Zvi) in the New English Review with Prof. Richard L. Rubenstein, no intellectual lightweight, who rather shockingly (at least for some people) comes to the conclusion that Obama is a revolutionary, and that his ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. Since that is too much of a task to carry out by himself – and there is no way that the American people or Congress would agree to such a thing – he is enabling this at the hands of Iran and its proxies.

Not so long ago I would have recoiled from such a claim in disdain, thinking it to be a delusional conspiracy theory, along with all the other theories that claimed that Obama was a Muslim, not born in the US, a Communist, etc.  I used to ascribe to the adage “Do not ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to incompetence” and was of the opinion that Obama’s surreal politics stemmed from naivete and inexperience.

But after 6 years in office we can no longer allow Obama the excuse of inexperience, and with his coterie of advisors to explain the ramifications of his Administration’s decisions he can hardly claim naivete any longer.

In this light, and against the background of the almost-signed (or maybe verbal) nuclear deal in Lausanne, Prof. Rubenstein’s theory doesn’t seem so far-fetched at all. In fact it sounds sickeningly probable.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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39 Responses to Is this the theory that explains Obama’s Mideast strategy?

  1. Debby says:

    Anne, I agree that Obama is a revolutionary, but he doesn’t only want the destruction of Israel; he wants the destruction of the American constitution as well. Anne, many of us here believe he hates America. Actually, I live in the midwest and I will every once in a while see a bumper sticker with Obama on it, but it’s a pretty safe thing here to dislike Obama, because I don’t hardly know anyone who does like him as their president. He is highly unpopular. He has shown that he is willing to meddle in Israeli elections in an unsavory manner, and it appears to have backfired on him there. But I don’t think unsavory behavior in elections is foreign to him (and his followers) here either.

    • anneinpt says:

      Debby, I fully agree with you that Obama hates America and the West. I think in essence he’s an anarchist, just like your typical student activist. The problem, as we all well know, is that he’s no teenager, and is long past his student days. He should have grown up by now.

      In which case his anarchist leanings must be deeply ingrained in him and inform all his actions and decisions.

      I quite agree too that interfering in foreign elections is not alien to him. I think he and his coterie will not balk at anything which might bring in favourable results for them

  2. Anne,

    thank you for this blog. I find myself reading it more and more.

    You write that you were of the opinion that “Obama’s surreal politics stemmed from naivete and inexperience,” but you have ruled those out, for very good reasons, and therefore you are coming to suspect, following Professor Richard Rubenstein, that Obama actually wants to dismantle Israel as the Jewish State.

    I, ultimately, cannot know the truth, but we need to take into consideration a fourth possibility.

    Obama went to university, and studied with people like Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, that taught him post-colonial theory, within which Israel is cast as an imperial interloper that has unjustly subjugated the “indigenous” population.

    If this is the root of his hostility toward Israel, which I suspect it is, it may very well be that he honestly believes that if only Israel would “end the Occupation” – whatever exactly that means – and that the “Palestinian” people be allowed their freedom to pursue their national destiny, then the conflict would end and Israel could live in peace as the Jewish homeland.

    I do not know if this is what he believes, but something along these lines is entirely plausible.

    Like millions of other progressives, it’s not that he thinks Israel should be dissolved as the Jewish State, it’s just that he honestly believes that Israel is immoral and needs to reform.

    Think Peter Beinart, for example.

    {At least Obama has the excuse that he is not Jewish.}

    • anneinpt says:

      Michael, thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I’m honoured. 🙂

      I just replied to Debby above that I think that Obama is in essence an anarchist, and that chimes in more with your theory. In effect, Israel is “collateral damage” to his post-colonial theories.

      I actually think that your theory is slightly more probably than Prof. Rubenstein’s, though the end result would be the same – the dismantlement and destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, no matter what his intentions are.

      • Precisely.

        His intentions might be the highest, but that does not change the fact that he is acting in a manner toward the Jewish State that is highly unjust and more than a little dangerous.

        In fact, the man is a menace.

        He is entirely comfortable with the rise of political Islam, which is why he is comfy-cozy with Iran, which is why they will soon get the bomb and which is why we are in the apparent beginnings of a Middle Eastern arms race.

  3. anneinpt says:

    I should refer you all to this excellent piece by “the Diplomad”: Let’s hear a big “Yemen” for Obama’s foreign policy.

  4. diddle40 says:

    In my opinion, Prs Obama Is a muslim. No Christian would bow down to a Muslim, and for the president of the US, who called humself a Christian to have done so with such unhesitating ease, was a wake-up call. (Was the Saudi King, I think)

    All the current manipulations going on indicate such a swing to the Islamic world that it is entirely in keeping with this. Islam is not a ‘be friends with me’ religion. It is a dealth cult. It is not a ‘lover of man’, it is the exact opposite and demands from its followers that they subjugate everyone to Islam. It blinds them to the beauty of G-D in evidence everywhere.

    A nuclear Iran is the very worst happening EVER. Iran is militant, hostile and Islamic. IMO to give them the benefit of the doubt is to deceive yourself as to what they really are. Who else calls for the genocide of other nations? Iran chants ‘death to america’ ‘death to Israel’, and ‘death to the UK’. That chanting is typical delusional brain washing.

    President Obama held up the Crusades to show man’s willingness to kill. What he completely overlooked is that the main point of the Crusades was to rid Israel of Islamics.

    Islam honours allah and their prophet. Were it of the Almighty, it would honour HIM who IS, who WAS and who IS to come. (The CHRIST of the old Testament, who Christians believe was revealed at His birth in Bethlehem.).

    No doubt there are ‘apostate muslims’. They do well to remain like that.

    • anneinpt says:

      I think we’ll never know if Obama is really a Muslim. As Mike Lumish said above, Obama is certainly very (too) comfortable with political Islam, and he also had a Muslim upbringing which is what made it so easy for him to bow down to the Saudi King. I think what is really at play here, besides his religion or lack of it, is his belief that the West is evil. I call it anarchism, others have other names. Either way he and his policies are dangerous.

      I agree too with the absurdity of Obama’s holding up the Crusades as a symptom of the West’s evil, when the crusades were over 800 years ago, just as Islam was getting into full swing. meanwhile Christianity underwent an enlightenment and reformation, but Islam seems to be regressing if anything.

      • Aridog says:

        Vis a vis Obama…I’m one who doesn’t believe he is the son of Barack Obama Sr. (of Kenya), rather the illegitimate son of Frank Marshal Davis and actually born in Hawaii. Really…really. Good ole F M Davis is the guy who had all those nice porn photos of Obama’s mommy(did he also partake of her? Of course he did. ) ….never mind his subsequent tutelage of Barack Jr. in F M Davis’s communist theories. Barrack Sr is the student stooge they nominated to take the fall, who never ever lived with Stanley Ann, given she moved to the continental US shortly after baby Barrack’s birth. Anyone notice he bears nearly no resemblance to his alleged relatives? Any of them? Given he was raised with no father what-so-ever, and a mother who abandoned him to the grand parents before puberty, after her second marriage, I can’t help but feel somewhat sorry for him.

        Now add in his tutelage at Columbia by the adherents to the Cloward & Piven theory of disabling the USA by a thousand cuts economically, and you have what we have today. A man who doesn’t know who or what he really is, so he invents himself as he goes along. His antisemitism toward Israel is part of the package first introduced in his Islamic schooling in Indonesia. I doubt he’s known 3 Jews, close and personally, in his entire life. He couldn’t’ even survive in my neighborhood of Shiite Muslims…he just has no there there. They’d simply eliminate him due to his blunt opinions that are nonsense.

        The dude is not a Muslim, nor a Christian (Black Liberation Theology is hardly “Christian” per se), he is nothing but his own imaginary fellow bent upon changing a world he has no grasp of literally or virtually. Hence his obvious petulance.

        He is, therefore, dangerous to us all and I only pray we can survive his next 1.66 years of his time in office. Let us never ever do this again….left or right, just don’t elect another ghost. Another amateur idiot with virtually no experience in the real world.

        The man has no grasp of what Shiite or Sunni means, let alone how he cannot solve that division in the middle east, yet Israel must defend against it just to survive. Now the Sunni nations are attacking the Shiite insurgents…let the civil war begin, as it must, and hope that when done it can resolve the divisions we all face. Persians are Persians and nothing will change that…either the Arabs win or they lose, and that brings us back to Leonidas at the pass.

        • anneinpt says:

          Very interesting background Aridog! But who is Frank Marshal Davis? (apologies for my ignorance).

          Your description of Obama’s upbringing and education lead me to further cement my theory that he is an anarchist of sorts – but an ignorant one, and therefore all the more dangerous.

          I hope that not only America but the whole world survives another almost 2 years of his term. I’m scared that WWIII will break out at any moment, the situation is so volatile.

        • Debby says:

          Wow, Aridog… you write such interesting information! I do believe if pushed to choose to put his allegiance to any faith, it would be the Muslim faith, however I think your logic is outstanding.

  5. Prof Rubenstein is I think slightly off the mark when he says “Obama wants a nuclear free Mideast”. Clearly he wants a nuclear Iran and is not terrified of the prospect of a regional nuclear arms race. He simply wants to pick and choose who gets that right as he sees it. And this isn’t so far fetched. Obama’s two closest FP advisers are Drs Walt and Mearsheimer. Setting aside their paranoid seething hatred of Israel, they are both ‘anti-non-proliferationists’, that is, they learned at the feet of Dr Ken Waltz who posited the idea that non-proliferation is a bad idea. To their world view, the more the better. And the stability or rationality of a government shouldn’t have any bearing. They genuinely believe that no matter what, nuclear weapons littering the countryside have a stabilizing effect. So with Obama we have a confluence of two things – 1) he detests Israel and wants to be memorialized as the world leader who finally ‘corrected’ that mistake. And 2) a sincere belief that, atomic weapons should be available to anyone who wants them as long as Obama is the deciding vote.

    • anneinpt says:

      That’s a very interesting theory Stephen, and is fairly plausible too. Which makes it all the more terrifying.

    • Aridog says:

      Stephen…an interesting theory indeed. It is also terrifying as Anne said. But I think it is what we face now and in the future. I recall the “duck & cover” drills in grade school, and the fears of the Kennedy 60’s. It’s not whether we face it, but when. And how. The mushroom cloud will rise above us sooner than later. And our faces will be burned to a crisp. It’s not about why, that is about idiots who seek death, it is about why not? So tell me, “why not?”

      I am truly sorry to say that, given I have beautiful daughter in her 40’s who doesn’t deserve this crap. She works hard and provides ample tax revenues…those required of those who earn 6 figure + incomes…and she doesn’t’ complain, she just cuts the check. Will she survive the idiots? I doubt it.

      Now and then I just want to go out and off some folks … but I know that is no answer.
      but tell me, what is IS the answer?

      I think I am going nuts. Am I ?

      Of course I am… been there before, done that, and why the flip not?

      • anneinpt says:

        Despite my doom-mongering in my comments here, and my obvious fear of what is to come, we must not panic and we must not despair. First of all, we have Congress who seem to grown a spine in recent days and might come to the rescue at the last minute. Europe too, led by France (France!) is objecting to the deal and chances are will raise objections. I hope. And let’s not forget Israel. Maybe we will step in and act after all. Let’s see if Bibi is not just all talk.

        Besides that, I would recommend to build a good bomb shelter. My building is planning an upgrade, and we’re concentrating on bomb shelters for each apartment rather than one for the whole building.

        • Debby says:

          Anne, I have absolute faith that there will be a peace agreement with Israel first, and I utterly trust that the same G-d Who has preserved Israel for all these years is the same G-d Who will continue to keep His promises.

          • anneinpt says:

            Of course you’re absolutely right. I do believe that G-d will preserve Israel and her supporters, that is one of the bases of our faith. We must never forget the power of prayer, as well as charity and good deeds.

            Nevertheless we can’t rely on miracles and we still have to take as much action as we can ourselves.

        • Aridog says:

          I think I need to explain my droll depressed angry appraisal of what is happening in both of our worlds. I will cling to what “Debby” has proposed below, because she is right, there are millenniums of history of G-d’s protection and my ignoring it is stupid. Speak up on this now and then “Debby” if only to keep people like me sane. You bring light where it is needed today. For man who has been to war himself and seen devastation, vibrant hope is always a welcome concept. Thank you.

          That said, what drives me crazy and actually forms a layer of depression in my head is what is going on in the USA. Today is 31 March, and what do y’all think headlined most of the news channels this morning here? The P5+1 Iran talks? Heavens no….what ran as hedline on all major stations was the social unrest over an innocuous Religious Freedom law just signed in Indiana. Even Al Sharpton has chimed in with “it’s racist” although the focus otherwise has been on how it impacts gays…even though Indiana’s law mirrors that in 19 other states, plus another 11 states based upon court decisions, not to mention federal law signed by President Clinton in 1993, and subsequently voted on by then Senator Obama (one of the few votes he did not just say “present”) when renewed. But now….Indiana is the new scape goat over an issue that has a 90% record of courts ruling against those religious businesses who could not prove an excessive religious burden and only 10% (like the Hobby Lobby case) ruling favorably when evidence was sufficient to support it. The whole issue is innocuous unless it blows up to bigger things, like demanding Orthodox Jewish businesses open on the sabbath if gays or atheists demand it. Even the more orthodox Christian faiths can be targeted if this gets out of hand….not so long ago they too closed on their Sabbaths. One of the very best photographic equipment outlets in the world is in NYC and owned and operated by observant orthodox Jews….and we customers all respect their closures for sabbath and high holidays. So yes, it could go off the rails and I think that is the reason it suddenly commands the news media….some one & some group wants to use it as a new wedge.

          Meantime with the ME in flames and Iran playing its old deflect and deny tricks, with today a seminal day in the P5+1 talks, nobody says “boo” until all the social nonsense is aired with lengthy discourse. Never mind we’re talking about nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can blow up the world in the hands of a cult that advances the “end of ties” scenario…and clearly says so vis a vis Israel and the USA. Our government, and most of the media is already off the rails and I am uncertain we can recover it and what has always been “America” and our allies. We seem focused on the inane and not on the lethal. As an old soldier I can say that seldom turns out well.

          PS: One station did headline the P5+1 talks…and that was Al Jazeera-America….go figure….has the world gone nuts or what? They also gave good coverage to the elections in Nigeria, another locus of violent unrest. I have friends (they’re white ex-pats) who live in Zambia, Africa and I worry about them…at least until they make their next move which is to South Africa which may be less risky.

          Thanks for listening. This is among the best websites anywhere.

  6. Pete says:

    Anne said … “I’m scared we’re seeing the beginnings of WWIII. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak.”

    I’m not sure that we are at a genuine WW3. Not yet. However, we are MOST CERTAINLY entering a new period of history with increased wars, bloodshed, and civil strife.

    Please note my comment on your earlier article. The Roman Empire collapsed on the day that the barbarians BELIEVED they could storm its outer walls with impunity. When your enemies gain the real perception that you cannot defend ALL of your interests in ALL quadrants, they begin looting and pillaging. They will come looking for real blood, and real heads that they can hang on spits.

    You are seeing a pivotal point in world history – where America’s role transitions from a dominant superpower to an “equal player”. Enemies of the USA will become bold, friends will feel abandoned.

    This is simply history repeating itself.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Pete, my historical knowledge is sadly lacking so thank you for that historical insight. It is indeed very interesting and very pertinent to today.

      I definitely agree with your assessment in your last paragraph, only I would change the futrue tense to the past. America’s enemies have already become emboldened and her friends are already feeling abandoned.

  7. Chaya Kauffman says:

    והיא שעמדה לאבותנו ולנו…

    • Aridog says:

      Our ancestors gave us much more than strife, they gave us principles to live by, both in America and in Israel.

      • Aridog says:

        The challenge for us is simple: can we sustain it?

        • anneinpt says:

          I think we – Israelis and the American people in general – can certainly find the stamina and the faith to withstand the challenges facing us as long as we don’t forget that at some point we must put our trust in G-d to get us through the hard times, especially when the hard times make no sense, like nowadays.

          • Aridog says:

            3 years ago or so I would have disagreed with the idea that G-d impacts our destiny. Then I realized how wrong I was and was baptized for the first time ever at age 69. Among the items that came back to me was that, yes, indeed, I did pray now and then when huddling in a hole under fire, and more recently in 2006 when my better half’s life was on the line and in the hands of skilled surgeons and great people in the neuro-surgical ICU. It was her cheer and obvious faith that relieved my fears. Being a stubborn person it took me an awful long time to recognize the obvious. I am quite pleased we can agree today…I missed a lot over those 69 years.

            • anneinpt says:

              Better late than never Aridog. And it takes a man of great character to change his belief system to one of faith. I truly admire you for that.

              And never mind about the last 69 years. Just look forward to the next 69! 🙂

    • anneinpt says:

      Excellent point. We must not forget our trust in Hashem.

  8. Anne, do me a small favor, if you would.

    Please contact me at


  9. Rob says:

    Anne, like you I have resisted the conspiratorial mind-space for as long as I could. I’ve thought Obama was naive, incompetent, foolish, ignorant, and all that. But I’m finding it harder and harder. There were two things that I couldn’t reconcile. One was the Bergdahl swap. Five Taliban king-pins for a man who was almost certainly a deserter and most probably a traitor as well. And the Taliban warlords were released just in time for them to get back to Afghanistan by the time the US had completed its pullout (now possibly delayed somewhat). The second, of course, was the Iran deal. Here is Iran, America’s No. 1 enemy in the world since 1979, where ‘Death to America’ rings out on the streets and in the mosques and out of the mouths of its leaders everyday – and Obama is dead set on ensuring that they get nuclear weapons. It’s not just (just!) that it sets a sword of Damocles over Israel’s head, but it trashes the whole non-proliferation programme that’s been going on for 50 years now as an international gold standard.

    That’s the position Obama has put the US in. And you don’t get there by accident, or mistake or sheer folly. You can only get there if that’s where you want to be. And Obama wants to be there. Why? Well, I’ve resisted it, and thought the likes of Pamela Geller were way too shrill, but I’m seriously entertaining it: Barack Obama is a traitor, conscious and willing, with devilment in his heart and black evil in his soul. The Judas Iscariot of the West.

    • Pete says:

      “but it trashes the whole non-proliferation programme that’s been going on for 50 years now as an international gold standard.”

      If Iran gets nuclear weapons in the next 5 years, then it’s a pretty good bet you’ll see another dozen countries with them by 2030.

      Pete, USA

    • Aridog says:

      Anne…Frank Marshall Davis was a well known Communist in Hawaii who was close to the family of Stanley Ann…and In my opinion took advantage of her.

    • Aridog says:

      Rob…the “Sword of Damocles” hangs over us all, because once the nuclear exchanges begin, they will not end. Maybe I’m paranoid…but it is not really paranoia is someone is actually trying to kill you. The cult in Iran is of the kind that wants Armageddon. To think otherwise is folly.

    • anneinpt says:

      Rob, I understand your anger at the Bergdahl swap, only I feel we Israelis can’t complain when we think of the hugely unbalanced swap for Gilad Shalit. Of course Gilad was not a traitor, but we have a bad record when it comes to releasing terrorists, so who are we to complain about the Americans? Israel also released some terrorists in exchange for an Israeli ex-colonel, who was dealing in drugs and got kidnapped by Hezbollah.

      As for the nuclear deal, I agree with you completely. As to Obama’s character, I can’t argue with you. It’s a mystery how he’s been allowed to get away with it all for so long.

  10. Pete says:

    What is AT STAKE here … is the future of the world. That is probably not an over-exaggeration.

    IF the Iranians succeed in getting atomic weapons, and defeating this new agreement by a process of cunning and deception. then the era of Nuclear Nonproliferation is dead. It will be completely dead.

    If the Iranians get nuclear weapons, then a number of other regimes around the globe will begin actively pursuing them. Hence the deal in Switzerland, which today is being called “The Iran Nuclear Talks”, is in reality, a FORK IN THE ROAD. If this deal fails to achieve its real goals, then the world is headed towards a future where many countries, with a range of political systems, will all be armed with nuclear weapons. This incudes the Middle East, and elsewhere.

    From there, it is just a matter of time before 250,000 people are incinerated in the blink of an eye … somewhere in the world. We don’t know where. And whether things will stop after that first explosion … is anyone’s guess.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      I think that era is over already. The Gulf States and Saudis are actively seeking nukes now, from Russia, China or Pakistan or whoever will provide them, simply because of the fear of Iran becoming a nuclear state. Even if Iran really does concede in these talks – and they won’t but let’s pretend for a moment – the damage is done. No one trusts the Iranians and so it’s every man, or country, for himself.

      And I should note that the Arab countries are not scared of Israel and her nukes, it’s Iran they’re terrified of.

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