Melanie Phillips on Britain’s lunacies on Iran and Netanyahu

Continuing on the subject of Britain’s rush to warm up relations with Iran, Melanie Phillips was interviewed by veteran journalist Yaakov Ahimeir on “Ro’im Olam” (Seeing the World”), a news magazine on Israel TV channel 1, talking about the “UK’s lunacy on Iran and Netanyahu”.

She explains in her characteristically lucid and precise manner how the British government do not understand the Middle East, and also delves into the insane anti-Israel hatred expressed by the Lunatic Left.

Watch and learn. Warning: It’s depressing viewing. (Another caveat: don’t turn on closed caption subtitles for the short Hebrew introduction. The translation is beyond ridiculous).


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8 Responses to Melanie Phillips on Britain’s lunacies on Iran and Netanyahu

  1. cba says:

    After your warning I couldn’t resist turning on the closed captions… who the heck did they get to translate, that Ugandan sign language interpreter??!! I was LMAO! I can often understand how the wrong translation choices are made (מעבר לנכים mistranslated as “beyond disabled” for example), but in this case there was ZERO connection to the actual words.

    I wonder if it was a combination voice-recognition/automatic translation system. A hard-of-hearing voice-recognition system… SMH.

    OK, now to listen to the actual interview!

    • anneinpt says:

      LMAO indeed! 😀

      Seriously I was both shocked and hysterical. As you say, the translation bore no relation at all to the spoken words. I couldn’t make sense of it in any language at all.

      • cba says:

        And just for the helluvit, I’m going to watch/listen again 🙂

      • cba says:

        “Ashley hotels scam”

        “you don’t know the whole dish about sharia”

        “Watermelon Netanyahu”

        “shine mommy told David Cameron”

        I’m crying!!!

        • anneinpt says:

          I think there must have been a written transcript which was run through Google translate – or more likely, Bing translate. Otherwise there’s no logical explanation. (/snorts with laughter!)

          • cba says:

            And the written transcript must have been created automatically, not by a human.

            That’s the only possible explanation for “historiya ne’esta” getting translated as “historian a starship”

            But how on earth did they get to “FNB Mohammed SAW filter BTW”?????

  2. cba says:

    She is indeed clear and insightful. And yes, depressing.

    Oh well, …עברנו את פרעה (“we survived Pharaoh, we can survive this”)

  3. Reality says:

    How horribly depressing.Perhaps she should go with Netanyahu to talk to Cameron.I wish bbc would interview her

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