Compare and contrast: Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees

As you read this Europe is being flooded with tens of thousands of refugees from Syria (and also from Africa and other places in the Middle East).  The Europeans seem at a loss to know what to do or how to handle the crisis, and I find myself in sympathy with both sides of this terrible humanitarian tragedy. There are both heart-rending and terrifying pictures and stories coming out of Europe.

Hungarian Police try to remove Syrian refugees from the train tracks

On the one hand Hungary has closed itself off to accepting any refugees but is prepared to allow them to transit through on the way to Germany, the UK and other points westwards. On the other hand, Germany has declared itself willing to take as many refugees as arrive, and provided a very friendly welcome; meanwhile Britain has agreed to accept a limited number of refugees, while it has also been coping with a huge influx entering illegally via Calais and the Channel Tunnel.

A Syrian migrant hands a girl to another migrant over the barbed wire barrier along the Hungarian-Serbian border

We have witnessed surreal scenes which are the mirror image of scenes from 70 years ago: thousands of refugees are fighting and trampling over each other in order to board trains to take them from the Middle East to Germany, whereas back in the 1930s millions of Jewish refugees were banging on the doors of every European country to escape the German trains which wanted to ship them east – and the one country with the keys to the Middle East, i.e. Britain – refused to unlock the gates of Palestine to allow the Jews refuge in their homeland.

Syrian migrants wait at Budapest station for trains to Germany

How the tables have turned!

Yet the crisis is nowhere near over. Refugees keep flooding out of the region as the war intensifies, and tragically many of them are still drowning on their desperate journey to Europe.

Blame for the crisis is being cast by everyone in all directions: from blaming the US for not bombing Assad when he crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons, to Russian for arming and sending military support to Assad,  to the oil-rich Arab countries for not taking in their Arab brethren, to those Arab countries like Jordan who will only take in Muslim, not Christian, refugees, and who keep them disenfranchised and in crowded refugee camps, to – inevitably – blaming Israel for not taking in Syrian refugees.

No matter that Israel has been treating wounded Syrian fighters (from all sides), Palestinian President-for-life Mahmoud Abbas has cynically demanded that Syrian refugees be allowed to settle in Judea and Samaria – something which would rapidly destabilize the already volatile area and further endanger Israel’s population centers.

No matter than a mere 2 years ago that very same Mahmoud Abbas rejected the Israeli offer to allow those same Syrian refugees to settle in those same territories of Judea and Samaria!

An excellent read on the refugee crisis and chemical warfare, by Hamish de Bretton Gordon, former commanding officer of NATO’s Rapid Reaction CBRN Battalion, can be found on “The What and the Why”, the blog of former Sky News foreign correspondent Tim Marshall. He explains the background to the refugee crisis and how it was generated through Assad’s use of chemical weapons, and how it is now apparent that ISIS too has gotten its hands on those chemical weapons – and used them to ghastly effect. De Bretton Gordon then brings some suggestions for the West to tackle these very urgent problems, though whether anyone takes them on board remains to be seen.

In stark contrast to the desperate scenes witnessed in Syria and Europe, the world’s most manufactured and unnecessary refugee “crisis” is constantly promoted and and broadcast as well as funded to the tune of billions of dollars, all in order to destabilize, delegitimize and eventually destroy Israel.

I have documented many times on this blog the anti-Israel, terror-supporting and outright Jew-hatred of UNRWA, the UN agency whose sole remit is to take care of the Palestinian refugees – not until they are all resettled, as any other refugee agency is tasked with doing, but until the end of generations. Also as noted previously, the Palestinians are the only “refugees” in the world who have one entire UN agency all to themselves while all the tens of millions of other refugees flooding the world are entitled to one measly agency between them all.

You would think that the Palestinians would make use of their UN agency wisely. Similarly one would think that with such a small remit, UNRWA would have resettled all the Palestinian refugees from 1948 long ago, and certainly with all the billions of dollars injected into the Palestinian project from all those generous European and NGO donors, there should be no shortage of funds.

You would be wrong.

Already back in January UNRWA had amazingly run out of money – for the simple reason that the cash is being used for terror activities instead of for building schools and housing:

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told President Reuven Rivlin in New York Monday night that the United Nations has sent a team to Gaza to investigate assertions by Israel that metal and cement shipped into Gaza are being used for tunnels as well as homes.

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness told The Jewish Press he is not aware of any money being used for the tunnels, some of which have been identified by the IDF as newly constructed.

The UNRWA program to help Gazans, whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Hamas rockets as well as Israeli fire in last summer’s war, is dependent on pledges of $5.4 billion, including $720 million for UNRWA, made by foreign donors at a conference in Cairo last October..

“The gap between expectations after the October Cairo conference and present reality is widening. There are genuine fears that if UNRWA halts this program, the consequences could be dramatic,” said Gunness.

He added, “All of the money that we can dispense has been spent. There is no more money.” He also stated that no money is missing.

…And what happened to all of the pledges?

Par for the course, most Arab countries have not lived up to their promises.

For example, Qatar pledged $1 billion.

With the price of oil having caved in since October, perhaps the richest country in the world, which has investments of more than $100 billion, cannot find the shekels for its poor brethren in Gaza.

But UNRWA isn’t the innocent babe-in-the-woods that Gunness makes them out to be. The Elder of Ziyon has been all over UNRWA’s misdeeds for a very long time, and recently he produced a series of articles. Below are just a couple but there is so much more at the previous link.

UNRWA school and teacher celebrate terrorists

On Facebook, there is a community page called UNRWA Schools International – Jordan.

It is probably not an official UNRWA page, although it uses the UNRWA logo and is meant for UNRWA school employees in Jordan.

And this page is run by one of those UNRWA employees, Moh Sarrar.

On this page, there are tributes to Hamas co-founders Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

And mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi (text autotranslated)

The Elder of Ziyon was interviewed by The Blaze magazine on UNRWA’s antisemitism. Here is an excerpt:

“I have discovered dozens of examples of jihadist, anti-Semitic and even pro-Hitler posts on Facebook by UNRWA employees. And I find more every day,” the author of the Elder of Ziyon blog told TheBlaze.

Since starting his probe in 2012, the blogger has found posts including Jews drinking the blood of Palestinian children, Palestinians running over Jews, Jews portrayed in stereotypically negative ways, anti-Jewish citations from Islamic texts, and incitement to terrorism.

The blogger said that nearly every time he has exposed the virulent posts and alerted the U.N. agency, they have been “silently removed” from the Internet without a public acknowledgement or apology from UNRWA.

The blogger in 2012 found an elementary school lesson posted online that appeared to glorify jihad “against the Jews and the Crusaders” and the beauty of becoming a “martyr.” He said that after his post, the link was “silently removed.”

He also found that in both 2013 and 2014, UNRWA schools in Gaza apparently claimed to cite an Islamic text to support a clean schools initiative by suggesting it was a way they differentiate themselves from unclean Jews.

As an aside, the blogger pointed out that some of the students were being taught Koran at the U.S.-funded U.N. schools, even though some of the students are Palestinian Christians. The Bible is not taught in American taxpayer-funded U.S. public schools, but at least some students at the Palestinian schools were studying with Koran teachers.

Just look at EoZ’s blog to see some of these ghastly antisemitic cartoons from UNRWA’s schools.

Meanwhile the redoubtable Hillel Neuer of UN Watch is not letting UNRWA off the hook either.

As the Elder points out:

Maybe the solution to the Syrian refugee crisis could be found davka via UNRWA. Take the funds which are earmarked for the Palestinians, and which have been so severely misused, and divert them to the Syrian refugees in order to house them and rehabilitate them elsewhere. This would be much more likely to bring peace tot he Middle East than all the money thrown at those undeserving never-ending “refugees” whose sole purpose is to be used as a thorn in the side of Israel.

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11 Responses to Compare and contrast: Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees

  1. Joseph says:

    I took a closer look at the picture “Syrian migrants wait at Budapest station for trains to Germany”. There are only young males of the fighting age, no women, or kids, or past middle age persons. I do not like conspiracy theories, but is this flood spontaneous or organized?

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re not the only one who has noticed this. In fact I mooted this same conspiracy theory to my family last night but they thought I was mad. But several bloggers and commentators have mentioned the same phenomenon.

  2. Reality says:

    I can’t help feeling”schadenfreude” at all those refugees pouring into Europe! The honorable Europeans who are so ever determined to bash Israel for not treating refugees/allowing them entry/holding them in detention centers/building fences or walls, take your pick, are suddenly in the same position!A few countries have even turned to Israel to ask for help on the type of fences we built! Let them deal with the madness they created by ignoring Syrias’ plight these past years. How come no Arab country is “forced”by th U.N. to take in these refugees,their own brethren, like Israel was?
    Yesterday,on Galei Zahal there was a discussion as to why Israel wouldn’t or should/n’t take in the Syrian refugees.Of course liberal leftists want to “be like the rest of the world community”.Thankfully,a spokeswoman with some sense,said that when we are discussing refugees from an enemy country,we will help with medical aid but not give them entry to our borders.She rightly ,for once explained that we are NOT like any other country,but a country for Jews,in order for us to have a safe haven, therefore flooding it with refugees from an enemy country will not be discussed.

    • anneinpt says:

      I share in your schadenfreude but I’m filled with alarm at the same time. These refugees might well change the character of Europe – and not for the better regarding Israel.

      I agree completely with your comment about Israel taking in the refugees. For us, they are from enemy countries. It’s not the same situation at all as with Europe.

  3. mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Greetings Anne in PT from Mahatmacoatmabag, Zionist troublemaker resident in Tel Aviv. You will find me on Tim Marshalls website under this ID & on the Jerusalem Post as ” Pudding on my Top Hat ” using the same Mad Hater avatar.

    I take this opportunity to wish you & family Shana Tova & well over the Yom Kippur fast

    • anneinpt says:

      Hello Mahatma, I LOVE your nic! 🙂 Ever since I first saw you on Tim Marhsall’s site I’ve smiled at your name. Good to meet you and welcome to my blog. I had no idea you were living here.

      I rarely if ever comment at the JPost by the way, or at the Times of Israel or Ynet etc. I might share on Facebook or Tweet an article but comments at these sites get lost in the pile or turn into a virtual shouting match. I prefer smaller forums. But if I do comment, I’m always under “anneinpt” except on Facebook where I’m Anne Klausner, or my page, Anne’s Opinions.

      Being multi-polar has its disadvantages… 🙂

      Shana tova and well over the fast to you too. 🙂

  4. Pete says:

    It is a humanitarian tragedy … Syria. And now that Russia is sending troops and airplanes to Syria – I don’t see how things get better. Just more killing.
    I agree, though. There appear to be many young men amongst the refugees. It seems to be disproportionate, or the women and children are going somewhere else? Perhaps many of these young men are just fleeing to a better place. But I cannot help wondering if jihadists are also using this exodus for their own purposes, and the security risk to Europe is real.

  5. Reblogged this on New Human New Earth and commented:

    The Refugee Shell Game…

  6. mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Hi Anne, I have set up a pro-Israel & world politics Disqus channel forum called ” Not the Jerusalem Post ”
    I invite you & like minded persons to check the forum out & if you wish to post you will need to open a Disqus account. Its a free website without adverts , run & moderated by me & 2 friends . We put up discussion pages on serious current topics but allow off topic posts, humour , greetings & video clips . I post there as Pudding on my Top Hat ( with the same avatar as the Mahatma )
    I rarely post on Tim Marshalls blog anymore ever since he appointed David Waywell a lefty know it all EU supporter as deputy editor who blocked most of my comments from passing moderation .

  7. mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Excellent I look forward to seeing you post on the forum & will allow you to put up a discussion page of your own on a subject of your choice in the near future if you so wish
    Laila Tov, I am off to bed soon

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