They will not drive us out because we have nowhere else to go

Professor William Jacobson, (a law professor at Cornell University, an avowed conservative, Zionist and staunch defender of Israel, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times in Israel) who runs the law-blog Legal Insurrection kindly invited me to write a guest post on how we Israelis are feeling during this onslaught of terror. You can read my post at LI and if you have a registered account there you can leave comments. Otherwise I welcome your comments here! Following is a slightly different version, taking into account the events of the past couple of days.

The words in my headline express what I and most of my family, friends and acquaintances are feeling at the moment. And yet, being obedient citizens and not generally of a murderous nature even when faced with an onslaught of terror, these feelings are not expressed in anything more violent than a noisy demonstration (which was cancelled last night precisely because of the security situation) and angry talkbacks or letters to the editor.

Even so, when Professor Jacobson asked if I wanted to wrote a post describing how we Israelis are feeling under the current onslaught of terror and vicious incitement, I thought to myself “How do I expand “furious, angry, frightened and frustrated” into a few hundred words? It is rather hard to put these harsh emotions into words and explain how they affect our lives, but I shall try.

Having taken not one single survey, (so my apologies for generalizing and extrapolating from my own emotions) I think the dominant feeling amongst the Israeli populace is not fear or terror (though there is that too) but anger, accompanied by a good deal of frustration.

We are angry at the government, particularly at Binyamin Netanyahu who urges us not to let the terror affect our lives. Mr. Netanyahu, it IS affecting our lives! How could it not? And yet, we are also frustrated because we know that Bibi is right. We were more frustrated a few days ago because we felt the government wasn’t being forceful enough in confronting the wave of terror, and concentrating on defensive rather than offensive steps. But they seem to be on the right path now, with the piling on of extra security in Jerusalem, on public transport and on the roads, plus easing the rules of engagement for the police and IDF and easing the way to obtaining a gun licence.

We are furious at the Arab members of the Knesset who incite their constituents to murder, who defy the government’s orders not to cause provocations by going up to the Temple Mount, who claim the Jews have no rights on the Temple Mount, and who then claim victimization and accuse the government of incitement.

For example, here is the (Arab) Joint List MK Zahalka screaming at Israelis;

“Why are you letting them in? It’s a disgrace, only to hurt Muslims’ feelings. This is not yours, get out of here, go home, you’re not wanted,”

Watch the video:

They are arsonists in a bone-dry forest, and they are as responsible for the terror as those miserable kids who are going around stabbing Israelis. The one piece of good news about which Israelis were very happy today (if that’s the right word) is that Bibi called for a criminal investigation against Hanin Zoabi for calling for a popular intifada. But knowing our soft-left Attorney General, I’m not holding my breath for an indictment to emerge.

It is not only the average Israeli who is angry at the Arab MKs. In a very unusual scenario, the Arab mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, hurled a furious tirade against MK Ayman Odeh, the head of the United Arab List, accusing him and the rest of his party of “ruining” the city.

The unrest throughout Israel, in which dozens of stabbings and rock attacks have taken place in recent weeks, has caused a dearth of traffic in public places throughout the country, and has badly hurt the economy of Israeli Arab-owned businesses in Nazareth, Jaffa, Ramle, and other areas with large Arab populations.

Salam, frustrated with the situation, spotted Odeh speaking to the Channel Two reporter – and in the midst of the interview, began screaming at the MK in Arabic, telling him how he had “ruined this city, ruined everything. We did not have even one Jew here today, not one.

“What are giving interviews for? You have done nothing! You have destroyed the world! Get Out of here!,” screamed Salam, venting his frustration.

Watch the video:

We are upset, and more than a bit mystified, at the President – Rivlin, not Obama (though him too, but that’s another story) for asserting that we are not at war with Islam.  Those are pretty words meant to tamp down the fire that threatens to engulf us, especially in Jerusalem, and they may be true in theory, but in practice, Islam is at war with us. How does one square that circle? Not facing up to reality has been the cause of most of our woes.

We are both furious and frustrated with Mahmoud Abbas who incites to murder out of one side of his mouth with dreadful libels about the Jews desecrating Al-Aqsa with “their filthy feet“:

Yet calls for calm from his own chieftains, and then again pronounces his solidarity with the Temple Mount rioters from the other side of his mouth. He cannot have it both ways. He cannot be arsonist and firefighter, though the world seems to have no problem accepting him as such.

We are angry, frustrated and terrified of our own hotheads who take the law into their own hands and who could ignite a civil war with the throw of a stone or the touch of a match.

We are spitting mad at the international media who distort, lie, slander and generally lie about Israel, and in particular about our efforts at self-defence. No matter what we do or how we go about it, you can be sure that the BBC, CNN, the NYT et al will distort the news into “all the news that we see fit to print, and if it’s not to our liking, we’ll edit it or invent it accordingly”.

I mentioned some examples of this media bias in my previous post. In another example, David Harris, director of the AJC, talks about the world’s deafening silence when Israelis are under attack:

And I’ve been wondering, not for the first time, what it would take for the world to wake up and acknowledge — without equivocation, resort to moral equivalence, or diplomatic gobbledygook — that Israel, the lone liberal democracy in the Middle East, is facing violence that must be condemned unequivocally, and that it, like any other nation, has the obligation to defend itself.

It’s striking how, when it comes to these issues, some otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people in government, media, or think tanks, just shut down their critical faculties. Instead, they resort to a Pavlovian response mechanism that essentially rejects any possible legitimacy for the Israeli position and blindly defends whatever Palestinian narrative comes along.

In this mindset, if Israelis are being shot or stabbed, they must have done something to “deserve” it.

If Israeli authorities mobilize the army and police to stop the terrorism, then, by definition, Israel is using “excessive force.”

No matter how inflammatory President Abbas’s speeches at the UN may be, he is a man of “peace.”

No matter how many times Israeli leaders call for face-to-face negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel is always branded as the “obstacle” to peace.

Isn’t it long overdue to get real, see things as they actually are, and stop living in a world of self-imposed illusions and falsehoods?

While they do not hesitate to push, prod, and criticize Israel when they believe, rightly or wrongly, that Israel isn’t acting in the spirit of a two-state vision, they’re too often deafeningly silent when it comes to Palestinian behavior — including right now.

This double standard is the height of condescension or, indeed, infantilization.

And Brett Stephens in a very hard-hitting article in the Wall Street Journal decries the Palestinians’ psychotic stage and the way the world’s media reports on it:

Regarding the causes of this Palestinian blood fetish, Western news organizations have resorted to familiar tropes. Palestinians have despaired at the results of the peace process—never mind that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas just declared the Oslo Accords null and void. Israeli politicians want to allow Jews to pray atop the Temple Mount—never mind that Benjamin Netanyahu denies it and has barred Israeli politicians from visiting the site. There’s always the hoary “cycle of violence” formula that holds nobody and everybody accountable at one and the same time.

And would this be supplemented by the usual fake math of moral opprobrium, which is the stock-in-trade of reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? In the Middle East version, a higher Palestinian death toll suggests greater Israeli culpability. (Perhaps Israeli paramedics should stop treating stabbing victims to help even the score.) In a U.S. version, should the higher incidence of black-on-white crime be cited to “balance” stories about white supremacists?

Didn’t think so.

Treatises have been written about the media’s mind-set when it comes to telling the story of Israel. We’ll leave that aside for now. The significant question is why so many Palestinians have been seized by their present blood lust—by a communal psychosis in which plunging knives into the necks of Jewish women, children, soldiers and civilians is seen as a religious and patriotic duty, a moral fulfillment. Despair at the state of the peace process, or the economy? Please. It’s time to stop furnishing Palestinians with the excuses they barely bother making for themselves.

We are angry at the Administration who “urge us to be calm” but don’t urge the Arabs to turn off the terror. And we’re both highly amused yet really furious at the inane John Kerry who appears dangerously clueless or menacingly malevolent when it comes to understanding the Middle East. Click on the links within the following tweets to read the relevant stories:

The Elder of Ziyon has produced a great debunking of Kerry’s lies. proving that the conflict is not about the settlements at all:

The truth is that there has been next to no expansion. No land is being “gobbled up” by the supposedly voracious Jews. No Arab houses are being demolished so that Jews could move in.

The only reason these lies are so accepted is because people like John Kerry want to believe them.

More sickening is the idea that Kerry is justifying Arab violence by ascribing a bogus reason to it.

We are frustrated and depressed at the thought of this violence sparking up every few years for the smallest of reasons.

I find it profoundly depressing, almost nauseating, to realize that with the anti-Israel indoctrination by UNRWA-run schools with their extremist teachers, the anti-Jewish incitement from the rest of the Palestinian education system, and the malign influence of the Palestinian media, yet another generation of Palestinian children is brainwashed into vicious and unreasonable Jew-hatred, and there is not a chance in hell of us ever reaching any kind of workable way for the two nations to live at least in an armed truce if not peace in our little country.

It is terrifying to understand that the Palestinian masses can be “switched on” into an almost zombie-like mass hysteria by a few words – false words, vicious words, words that can, and do, light a conflagration; those words being “the Jews are attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque!”.

Palestinian cartoons of incitement against Jews


It is even worse to bear when we all know that those words are utterly false. How many times does Bibi have to swear that Israel has no designs on the Mosque, that the Jews are not interested in entering the Mosque, that we have not changed that unholy status quo one iota; in fact it is the Muslims themselves who have changed the status quo by turning the holy site into a battlefield, complete with rocks, firecrackers and even weapons, ready to be turned on the Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall below the Mosque and on the Israeli police and troops who are there to protect those worshippers.

On these two subjects, the indoctrination of Palestinian children, and the Temple Mount libels, I would recommend two excellent articles from the Times of Israel, both of which describe the profoundly depressing nature of the conflict and its insolubility:

Armed with rocks and stones, the children of Oslo come of age by Avi Issacharoff:

This generation of Palestinian youth has been named the “children of Oslo” by Palestinian society. They were born after the Oslo agreements of 1993, and after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. They have heard about the old model of the Israeli occupation, but don’t really know what it means. The Palestinian Authority, from their perspective, has been the government since before they were born, yet they view it with open contempt and suspicion.

They’re addicted to the Internet and, of course, to Facebook. The official media outlets of the Authority, such as Palestinian television and radio stations, are so 1990s. They pass around videos and messages in WhatsApp and other apps — like the video of the terrorist from Nazareth who was shot in Afula by cops after they surrounded her on all sides — and in that way create a communication and news network all their own. Even al-Jazeera seems to them “news for old people.”

Yet more incitement from the Palestinian Authority

And the second article: A stabbing war born of hysterical intolerance by the always incisive editor David Horovitz:

There is an almost surreal aspect to this particular eruption of conflict: Israel has been plunged into a terror war because of a false assertion that it intends to allow Jewish prayer at the holiest place in Judaism. This rather begs the question of why Israel would not allow Jewish prayer at the holiest place in Judaism, which it captured and liberated, to a great outpouring of Jewish emotion in the 1967 war.

The answer? Utilizing the rabbinical halachic consensus that forbids Jews from setting foot on the Temple Mount for fear of desecrating the site of the Holy of Holies, Israel’s defense minister 48 years ago, Moshe Dayan, took the pragmatic decision not to fully realize renewed Jewish sovereignty at the Temple Mount, and therefore not to risk a religious confrontation with the Muslim world. Instead, Israel opted to bar Jewish prayer there and to permit the Jordanian-run Waqf authority to continue to administer the Muslim holy places. That Israeli forbearance has all too evidently been misunderstood and misrepresented among many Palestinians as evidence that the Jewish state has no genuine attachment to the Mount. That Israeli forbearance is now rewarded with violence.

As to the fear that we are experiencing, yes, we are scared of the terrorist acts that are popping up all around us, not only on the dangerous roads of Samaria, but in the middle of Jerusalem, in our major cities like Tel Aviv and Hadera (and even my quiet little hometown of Petach Tikva!), and on our major highways.

But we Israelis have known a lot worse. The deadly days of the Second Intifada are not easily forgotten, when we thought twice about going to the mall or riding a bus into town.  Yet we did go to the mall and ride those buses and eat in those pizzerias; we just did it all with our eyes darting around and our ears sharpened for strange noises.  My own method for dealing with the terror in those days was: no mooching in the mall if it was for no particular reason  (that applied mainly to my teenage children), but if you need to go there to buy something, then go. Ditto for driving in Judea and Samaria, for eating out etc. In other words, the terror did affect our way of life, but we tried to minimize the impact as much as possible. We simply hunkered down and just got on with it.

That is the attitude that is starting to take effect now as well, at least for myself and my circle of family and friends. We are trying to carry on as normally as possible: my husband still drove on Route 443 from Jerusalem the other day although it is regularly stoned along the way because it was the quickest way home; my son drives in and out of his settlement because he has to work near Tel Aviv even though an IED was discovered on the approach road a couple of days ago. But – I admit I’m having second and third thoughts about visiting both him and our daughter in her settlement because there have been several stoning attacks and even, allegedly, a shooting the other day.  For the moment I can wait a while to see my grandchildren. But for how long? At some point, if this situation continues, I will take the risk to drive out there. I can’t stay away forever. And the settlement’s residents too have to drive in and out in their daily lives.

For that is the one thing that the Arab world has not internalized about us – they will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they pour on us, no matter how much delegitimization they activate against us in the international sphere, no matter what weapons they launch at us.

For we have nowhere else to go.

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25 Responses to They will not drive us out because we have nowhere else to go

  1. Reality says:

    Very well written blog.I saw a video clip today of Menachem Begin z”l stating extremely firmly that when there were NO settlements pre 1967 there were intifadas,pogroms,massacres.What was the excuse then?And today I saw a lecture given by Dr.Kedar of Bar Ilan explaining the theological “answer to Muslim violence”.i.e. that Islam wants to rule the world and we Jews keep on living!!!
    You are right.We have nowhere else to go

    • anneinpt says:

      The Palestinians promote the idea that Israel’s “original sin” was born with the “occupation” in 1967, when in fact it began, it that is the right term, in 1948 and even before, back in the 19th century when Jews began the return to Zion.

      But that would be politically incorrect to admit to the world, so they concentrate on 1967 and the lie is eagerly lapped up by a slavish media who loves a good underdog and hates the Jews.

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Nevertheless, I am always reminded in situations like these, when the democrats stand up and say “no more” (as the Israelis are doing) of a wonderful passage in Shakespeare’s Henry V. In Kenneth Branagh’s film version, he sends his uncle, the Duke of Exeter, to the French Court. Exeter, played by Brian Blessed, enters the French Court in full armour, lacking only his helmet, but wearing his sword (a no-no and diplomat faux pas of the highest order in that situation, but a very potent symbol). In brief, he clanks into the room: truly, the medium is the message.

    The exchange is as follows: Act 2, Scene 4:

    Exeter: Unless the Dauphin be in presence here, To whom expressly I bring greeting too. (The Dauphin makes himself known: What to (the Dauphin) from (Henry)?
    Exeter: Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt,
    And anything that may not misbecome the mighty sender, doth he prize you at.

    I felt that the common Londoner responded this way after 7/7, when 3 tube trains and a bus were blown up by suicide bombers: damn you, we’re not going anywhere (as Anne says in her heading).

    I always argue that the other side should be very afraid of rousing the democracies: of course we love life – and our way of life – and we’ll fight to the death – your death – to protect it. It is no accident that the lovers of life most often have lighter casualties than the lovers of death – we want to stay alive to carry on protecting our way of life. A suicide bomber can only, by definition, strike once, whatever mayhem they cause in the process of dying. An Israeli soldier, artilleryman, pilot, drone pilot, can repeat their actions many times over.

    The real problem is that the others just don’t learn the lesson. And underlying it all is not “merely” antisemitism, but the refusal to recognise the Jews as a people, and thus entitled to self-determination. Everyone else in the world, not the Jews.

    As you say Anne, the Israelis aren’t going anywhere, but if the Palestinians, they are.

  3. anneinpt says:

    And underlying it all is not “merely” antisemitism, but the refusal to recognise the Jews as a people, and thus entitled to self-determination. Everyone else in the world, not the Jews.

    And there is the nub of the whole Middle East conflict, summed up in one small nutshell.

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  5. YJ Draiman says:

    “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”

    How many Jewish lives have to be lost before the Israeli government takes a decisive action, no holds barred and zero tolerance? Death to the terrorists and no restraint to terror and violence. A terrorist is a terrorist; the age of the terrorist does not mitigate an act of terrorism, or the consequences thereof. Israel must execute mandatory eviction and demolition of homes, confiscation of property to compensate for the damage and barring Arabs in those areas. Let the Arabs know that if this terror and violence continues, the price will be high and non-negotiable. Stop talking; let’s see some serious action on the ground. This situation is spiraling out of control and the government and its security forces are deliberating and hesitating to take forceful and uncompromising actions. The Israeli government must consider first and foremost the safety and security of its people and not the biased world nations, who throughout history stood idle while Jews were killed, tortured, terrorized and persecuted. Israeli people are trained soldiers; they know how to defend themselves. If the government is not able to stop this wave of terror, it is the Job of the Israelis to defend themselves. This is not Nazi Germany; this is Israel, our own historical land with our own government and a strong defense force, use it and stop the ghetto mentality. Death to the terrorists, nothing less will suffice. May the lord support you in defending yourselves, but G-d helps those who help themselves. Israel must take a strong initiative once and for all.
    YJ Draiman

    Israel should give a 90 day notice the UN and the world at large that it intends to exercise its historical and international rights under the international law and treaties post WWI which are still in effect and have not been superseded. Under those treaties all of Palestine is in effect belongs to Israel. Israel will no longer tolerate the deceptive term of occupation by Israel; it is internationally guaranteed Jewish land liberated by Israel. It is the Arabs who are the occupiers.
    YJ Draiman

    According to International law and treaties of post WWI, which allocated over 5 million square miles of territory to the Arabs and the 75,000 square miles of Palestine to the Jewish people, Jordan and Gaza is part of Israel, since they were part of Palestine. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Egypt stated that he would give land in the Sinai with ocean front for the Arab Palestinians. Whether Jordan likes it or not over 70% of its population is Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

    (The UN has violated the law and the Charter of the UN by allocating Jewish territory under international law and treaties to Jordan. The UN Partition of Israel was also a violation of the UN Charter. Israel accepted, but the Arabs rejected the partition, that makes the UN partition recommendation of 1947 mute and meaningless.
    Israel was reconstituted in 1920 by International law and treaties, including the 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement. Israel took over sovereign control on May 14, 1947 after the British abandoned their obligation and the Jewish people became a majority in the land).

    People must remember that the Arab countries have terrorized, persecuted and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets, including over 120,000 square km. of land valued in the trillions of dollars, and most of those expelled Jewish families were resettled in Greater Israel. The Arabs expelled the million Jewish families from their Arab countries (after living there for over 2400 years, a thousand years before Islam was created), the million expelled Jewish families from Arab countries were resettled in Israel and now they want to expel them again from their own historical ancestral land. Let the Arabs from Israel relocate to the Jewish homes and land confiscated by the Arab countries.
    YJ Draiman

  6. YJ Draiman says:

    The truth – not the fantasy – is that there was never an independent, sovereign Arab state called Palestine.
    Israel is “the only nation in the world that is governing itself in the same territory, under the same name, and with the same religion and same language as it did 3,000 years ago.”
    Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab polity in all of recorded history. Only one people has ever made Jerusalem its capital and only one people ever established their indigenous ancestral and biblical homeland between East of the River Jordan and West to the Mediterranean Sea: the Jews.
    Israel was reconstituted in 1920 by the 1920 San Remo Treaty which was confirmed by the 1920 Treaty of Sevres and Lausanne, also by the 1919 Faisal Weitzmann Agreement. The Arabs received at the same time over 5 million sq. miles of territory and the Jewish State was to receive 75,000 sq. miles. In the years before Israel was formally reconstituted and declared sovereign in 1948, the world referred to its Jewish residents as Palestinians. Indeed, the Palestinian military units fighting with the British Army in World War Two were Jewish to the man and woman. Few, if any, Arabs or Muslims fought against the Axis powers during that war and indeed many Arabs served in SS units; often willing collaborators with the Germans in murdering Jewish communities in the Balkans and elsewhere.
    Remember, the word Palestine was the name the Romans renamed Israel. The Mandate for Palestine over the territory was granted under international law and treaty by the League of Nations in 1920 to Great Britain with the express duty and obligation of re-establishing within it a Jewish homeland as agreed to in international treaties executed after WWI.
    At that time, the Palestine Mandate covered all of what is Israel – including Judea and Samaria, or what is erroneously called the West Bank – and present day Jordan.
    What so many in the media forget, if they ever knew, is that after the Ottoman Empire was dismantled by the victorious Allies, France and Britain, at the end of World War One, many new Arab states were created with Palestine reserved exclusively for a Jewish homeland under international law and treaty.
    But Britain violated international treaties, thus, it reneged on its duty and obligation to the Jews and tore away four fifths of the Mandate territory in 1922 – that is all the land east of the Jordan River – and arbitrarily gave it away as a new Arab State to the Hashemite Bedouin tribe. Immediately Jews were forbidden to live in what became Trans-Jordan and eventually the Kingdom of Jordan: An early example of ethnic cleansing and Arab apartheid. All Jewish property East of the Jordan River was confiscated and any Jews expelled.
    The borders of the Mandate for Palestine as eventually determined; Jordan East of the Jordan River and Israel everything West of the Jordan River including Jerusalem.
    Interestingly, Arabs and their leaders had rejected any notion of a separate Palestinian identity. For them, Palestine was merely a part of Greater Syria and the Arabs were indistinct from their neighbors. Indeed, the Syrian dictator, Assad, still plots for the return of Jordan, Israel and the disputed territories.
    As far as Palestine was concerned to those Arab absentee landlords of the early years of the 20th century, living in the fleshpots of Cairo, Damascus and Beirut, the land was worthless: desolate, barren and malarial infested.
    Then the Jewish pioneers returning in the late 19th century began to purchase the wasted and barren land at exorbitant prices – much higher than fertile land in Iowa and Idaho – drained the swamps and redeem again the ancestral ancient beloved Jewish homeland.
    Jewish development of the centuries old desolate and neglected land, restored in familial love through blood, sweat and tears, ironically these brought into the territory hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab aliens who found livelihoods that were unavailable in the stagnant and corrupt neighboring Arab societies.
    The British authorities invariably turned a blind eye to the flood of Arab illegal’s seeing in them a stick to beat the Jewish residents. Herein lays the false genesis of the present day Arab claim to all the land and their descendant’s stated threat to extirpate any and all Jewish life within its borders.
    So many well-meaning people in the West, as well as latent anti-Semites, have fallen hook, line and sinker for the fabrication, delusion and myth of an Arab homeland called Palestine. So many people now believe the false and deceptive claim by the well-funded Arab deceptive propaganda machine that the Jews came and stole it, which is blatantly false.
    But though it sounds affecting and no doubt to the liberal mind particularly emotional with all the tugging of the heart strings that it implies, it is still an absolute lie just like the weed that can never be fully uprooted.
    For so many people who are either ignorant or hard hearted towards the Jewish state, they are unaware that the Jews were the aboriginal and remaining indigenous inhabitants for two millennia before the Muslim religion was created and Muslim armies swarmed out of Arabia with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other to occupy vast territories in the name of Allah, while beheading some of the males, raping the women and taking them as slaves. The pity is that the bible as history is there for all to read. Sadly, so many ignore what is written.
    The Arabs have spread over 12 million square kilometers in the Middle East and into North Africa (the Maghreb). Israel’s territory is barely 21,000 square kilometers (it was suppose to be 120,000 sq. km.) and may soon be reduced further in violation of international law and treaties and the Faisal-Weizmann agreement of January 3, 1919, which agreed that all of Palestine is allocated to the Jewish people; if the Jewish biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria is torn from it to create in its midst a terror state called Arab-Palestine: the 23rd Arab state.
    When the world extends to the million Jewish refugees who were terrorized, persecuted and expelled from Arab lands and all their assets including 120,000 sq. km/ of real property confiscated nearly 70 years ago the same sympathetic obsession that they extend to the Arabs who needlessly left Israel at the urging’s of the corrupt Arab League, then there maybe hope for a better international community than exists at the present time.
    Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can not be treated just where it is visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed completely with no traces left.
    When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely. That is the way the terrorist organizations should be treated.
    YJ Draiman

  7. YJ Draiman says:

    Worldwide alert: the real Muslim mission

    Israel has no choice but to continue to fight for its survival. Thus, it is time for a Clarion Call unifying all Israelis on a national scale, as well as all Jews worldwide.
    I have long stated the real Arab Muslim mission in Israel is NOT about alleged “occupied” land. Rather, the real Arab Muslim mission is the extermination of Israel as a nation; the extermination of Judaism as a religion; and the genocide of Israelis and their culture. The reason for such an Arab Muslim mission has been repeatedly stated by their leaders: their belief they “have the right to kill all non believers”.
    Posit the following, what if there was no “Holy Land” as part of modern day Israel? Would the Arab Muslims still demand land which they have no legal right to claim? Would they still use terroristic tactics to kill innocent Israeli Jews wishing for a peaceful co-existence? The irrefutable answer, as proven by their unfounded rhetoric and actions is an emphatic YES. The reality is, the Arab Muslims use of “contested land rights” is a thinly disguised façade to hide their true mission: the genocide of Jews and extermination of Israel at any cost.
    History proves the Arab countries terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and their children. In so doing the Arab countries confiscated all Jewish assets, businesses, homes and real estate totaling over 120,000 sq. km. or 75,000 sq. miles, (which is 6 times the size of Israel), and valued in the trillions of dollars. The reason they were expelled, hatred and greed. Those expelled Jewish families were resettled in Israel and account for over half the population of Israel today.
    Those in power in the Arab-Palestinian leadership have rejected again and again any and all attempts to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Although sometimes occupied, there has been a Jewish Nation in the land of Israel for the past 4000 years. In fact, the Jews are the ONLY surviving indigenous people to Israel. Yet, even though history proves there has never been an Arab-Palestinian Nation, the Arab Muslims falsely claim they have a right to Israel. Said false claim exposes the true mission of the Arab Muslims: extermination of Israel and the genocide of Jews.
    An examination of what Arab Muslims teach their children further exposes their true mission. They continue to teach their children to hate, enslave, terrorize and kill Jews, and all non-believers by any means possible. Ironically, the world idly sits by allowing such hatred and violence to exist and expand thinking it is only an Israeli problem (Déjà vu Hitler and Nazism).
    The Muslim mission in the world is not only Israel but the rest of the world, and all “infidel non-believers”. Though there are constant instances of terroristic acts throughout the world which support the above statement, we need not consider any other than September 11, 2001. On 9/11 Arab Muslim terrorists killed close to 3,000 innocent people, including children in America. It is time for the world to accept the fact the Arab Muslim mission of worldwide genocide of ALL non-Muslims, and even some Muslims, will continue until education and humanity replaces such hatred, or eliminates it altogether.
    History proves Arab Muslims have killed over 500 million people since its inception 1500 years ago. Moreover, the number of deaths by Arab Muslims continues to grow every day. They have colonized the Middle East over the years. Now they are slowly but surely taking over Europe. Rest assured if we are not careful to protect ourselves, they will attempt to take over the United States and all other countries. Then we the non-believers and our children will be forced to kneel before a sword wielding Arab Muslim, having committed no other crime than having a different religious belief.
    It is time for the world to wake up and face stark reality: wherever there are Arab Muslims there is hatred fueled conflict and terrorism in an ongoing mission of genocide.
    I hope Israel understands it cannot concede to any of the Arab Muslim demands, or give up any more land. To do so will only weaken Israel, making it more vulnerable and endangering the safety and security of its citizens. Israel must retract all previous concessions since the Arab Muslims have not abided by any of the agreements. It is time to expose the real mission of the Arab Muslims: worldwide genocide.

    YJ Draiman

  8. Reality says:

    Wow .I wish YJ Draiman would work with our govt in the UN.Seriously go for it

  9. YJ Draiman says:

    Sovereignty with no safety and security is hollow

    The State of Israel must always keep in mind its own sovereign obligations and be careful not to risk its capacity to perform the vital task of defending itself, its people, and its interests. Israel even under the most adverse conditions, it shall not capitulate to world pressure whereby its citizens safety and security is compromised.

    Israel has faced over 21,980 terror attacks since September 2000, when a wave of terror started against Israeli citizens right after Arafat was offered an independent Palestinian state.

    To date Israel’s concessions and appeasement to the Arabs has decreased the safety and security of Israel’s population. It is time to change direction and not worry about world opinion. Do not wait for the world at large to condemn these terrorist attacks, they did not care in the past when Jewish blood was spilled and they do not care now. The security and safety of the people of Israel must be first and foremost above any other consideration. That is the duty and obligation of a responsible government. Deliberating at time of National crisis without a previous set plan borders on dereliction of duty, based on Israel’s experience with terror, they should know better. Meanwhile, Israelis are being killed and injured on a daily basis throughout Israel, the people in Israel feel unsafe and the economy is suffering. Get your act together, act immediately and forcefully with no compromise, now the only way, it has to be Israel’s way or the highway. Any delay in implementation will increase terror and violence and escalate the death and injury of Jewish lives in Israel. Israel must face the bold facts. The Arabs do not want peace, they never did, they only want the destruction of Israel, Israel must act accordingly with no illusion and fantasy or false promises that the Arabs are partners for peace, it is perfectly clear that they are not.
    The Arabs educate and train their children to commit terror and violence, celebrate and glorify suicide bombers, Need I say anymore. Stop bickering among yourselves, unify, and face the enemy with vigor and determination and do not stop until the enemy is totally vanquished and peace and tranquility returns to Israel.
    YJ Draiman

  10. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Fortunately, the Israeli government (any Israeli government) does not take the position YJ Dralman does. Tracking back to his/her (sadly, more likely to be a man, with that violent rhetoric) website, we find a hard right attitude to the world, and a view of the Mandate/Balfour Declaration that is no longer on the table.

    I have noted in a number of articles in different places that the Palestinians always want the peace treaty offer before the current one on the table: they rejected the ’47 Partition Plan; then they called for it after being hammered in 1948/49; they called for the old “Green Line” settlement, having been soundly beaten in 1967, and so-on.

    Zionists should avoid playing that game: this only justifies (in their tiny minds) the Palestinian claims.

    Rather, we should note the continued, relatively calm, rhetoric of Netanyahu (of whom regular readers here will know I am no fan) avoiding calls for massive reprisals on the Palestinians, rather promising that calm will be restored, the perpetrators caught, tried and punished accordingly (the most important word there is “tried” – the rule of law).

    The Palestinians cannot win – although Israel can lose if the response is as Dralman demands – the logic of the situation is against them.

    This is no consolation to the injured and the families of the dead, of course, but it is the reality for Israel: when the Gulf States are looking to buy Iron Dome to fend off Iran (as reported in the Times of London and The Times of Israel), what chance do the Palestinians have? The crazy reality of the situation in the Middle East is that it is in the interests of so many of the surrounding states that Israel survives: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan, Lebanon (if only the actual Lebanese could take control of their own country)…

    Even Putin is reported to have agreed that should Israel attack convoys seeking to transfer war materials to Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Russians will take no action.

    What more evidence is needed of Israel’s strategic position in the region?

    • anneinpt says:

      You make a valid point Brian but I actually tend to agree with Mr. Draiman (I’m sure you’re not surprised).

      Although ratcheting up the rhetoric and our actions sounds and is politically incorrect, the truth is that Draiman is right. Every time Israel has made concessions, whether out of goodwill or under pressure from the US or the Quartet, terrorism has gone UP. It’s counter-intuitive, but those are the verifiable facts.

      Yes, when Israel tries to calm down tensions it might work for a while. But only for a while. There is never a permanent end to this fighting, and Israel is certainly never allowed to win, by finishing the job once and for all. So Draiman’s idea – finishing the job and finishing off the terrorists and their enablers properly, no matter what the world says – is the only thing that’s going to bring a permanent calm (I won’t call it peace) to our area. At least it’s worth a try: it’s never been tried before.

      Eventually we will have to stop being insane, as Einstein would define it – doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time. It’s not going to happen.

      Yes, as you say, Israel is a strategic asset both to the West and to the Gulf countries, and we can be useful to Russia too. But Israel is more than just an asset to others. Israel is a sovereign country in its own right and has a responsibility first and foremost to protect its own population. The Arab countries don’t really love us or even like us. We’re useful to them for the time being because of our technology. The minute they don’t need it any more they won’t need Israel any more.

      Meanwhile those same ostensible allies, e.g. Jordan and Egypt do not encourage normalization with Israel and the two of them with Russia lead the diplomatic onslaught to isolate Israel at the UN. So how much use are we really? How are THEY working to calm down tensions??

      No one is going to protect Israel when the going gets tough besides Israel itself and it’s about time we took suitable measurer.

      But it’s never going to happen. Not under Bibi and I can’t see it happening under anyone else, at least not in the foreseeable future. So just expect more rounds of fighting and more intifadas and more civilians getting killed and maimed in our streets. And expect more concessions from Israel and in spite of that, expect more condemnations and villification of Israel – because nothing we do is good enough for teh world besides our committing suicide.

  11. Aridog says:

    Do yourselves a favor and tell Kerry he is not welcome to plant his “filthy feet” on Israeli soil.

    Won’t happen, but I can dream…right?

    • anneinpt says:

      Well, he HAS been told the time “isn’t right” at the moment, or at least he drew that conclusion himself. That’s the closest to a “don’t darken my doorstep” that Israel has ever dared tell him. We told the same to the Europeans.

      • Aridog says:

        Ever notice that Kerry appears to have no lips…like a snake or lizard. Any minute I expect to see a forked tongue stick out and swish back and forth. The guy is the definition of “piece of work.”

        • anneinpt says:

          Yes, I have definitely noticed that. He resembles one of those odd characters in the Addams Family or the Munsters, and really he would give me the creeps if I met him in real life.

        • Aridog says:

          I’ll be very interested in what Kerry proposes when he interferes in Israeli matters, again, shortly….will it be the alleged Palestinians should stop stabbing folks, stop inciting violence with lies about Temple Mount and un-dead kids (who also stabbed), or will it be that Israelis should stop shooting the stabbers? I’d bet on the later…tolerance you know 🙂

          I’d throw a party just for fun if Israel refused Kerry entry to Israel….and told Obama to send someone sane. I can dream, right?

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  13. Aridog says:

    Seems like Kerry has said what was expected…those damn Jews just keeping on keeping on! Said by a man who’s never faced a knife in his life. How does this guy sleep at night? Never mind – he doesn’t, he just slithers under a rock and goes dormant for a while. Then awakes with his mouth still running.

  14. YJ Draiman says:

    The Consequences of Appeasement
    The decisions made by the government of Israel since The six day war of 1967 leading up to Gaza war with Hamas July 2014, as well as those of the first ten months or so after the turnover of Gaza in 2004 began, have dumbfounded historians ever since.
    The PA leader makes a speech in front of the UN and announces that the Oslo Accord is no longer applicable and that he is not going to abide by its terms. Thereafter, Arab terror and violence, car ramming, knifing, stone throwing and every conceivable method of disturbance and destabilization is being applied.
    The current Arab terror and violence facing the people of Israel, and the Arab claim to forbid Jews from Temple Mount, is a product of restraint to Arab violence and the concern what world reaction would be, while sacrificing Jewish lives, and diminishing the safety and security of Israel and its people.
    The appeasement of Israel to the Arabs-Palestinians, in particular, has been so often held up as an example of how not to deal with a rising terrorism and violence that it has become a stereotype.
    Had Israel stood its ground and responded to terrorism or any violence with utmost force. Israel would not be facing today’s crisis.
    As many have said – appeasement, concessions and lack of proper response to terrorism is detrimental to Israel its people and the Jewish people worldwide.
    Israel under International Law has the right to build and live in Judea and Samaria and any other territory formerly within the boundary of Palestine. As decried by the San Remo agreement, confirmed by the treaty of Sevres and Lausanne; of which terms are survived in perpetuity. Any deviation or prohibition is outright discrimination against Israel and the Jewish people. As past history has proven, concessions by Israel have only increased violence and terrorism.
    Israel is an independent democratic sovereign country and it must operate and run the country without being dictated how to run the country and outside interference, just like the U.S. and other countries.
    It is time for Israel to respond with extreme force to quell terrorism, violence and rioting – no holds barred, zero tolerance.
    Israel should inform all Arab leaders in greater Israel that if terror and violence continues they will hold them responsible and they will bear the consequences.
    What the Arabs could not win in loosing four major wars against Israel, they won in playing the peace game. The Arabs all the while are building up arsenals and educating their children to hate, commit terror and violence and to destroy Israel. While enriching; their own personal pockets with the billions contributed by the world to help the impoverished Arab-Palestinian. The G7 and other nations want Arab Oil and for that, they will do anything! The end result ignoring reality will destroy them also.
    What a scheme – and the gullible delusional world is buying it hook line and sinker.
    When will the World at large learn that the Arab-Muslims cannot be trusted; they consider all non-believers as their enemies. I hope the world takes of the blinders, before the Arab-Muslims take over Europe and than the United States and Canada, etc.
    I wonder, how come the nations of the world; No one is questioning the 21 Arab States established after WWI with over 5 million square miles of territory, including Jordan’s sovereignty, a country that never existed in history before WWI and which was established in violation of international law and treaties, on land originally allocated to the Jewish people in 1920, which included all of Palestine’s 75,000 square miles of which 80% was illegally reallocated to Arab Jordan. If you question Israel’s rights and territory you might as well question the sovereignty and territory of the other 21 Arab States set up at the same time by the same Supreme Allied Powers that set up the Jewish State.
    YJ Draiman

  15. Aridog says:

    YJ Draiman … I’m pleased that you cite the 1920 San Remo Accords, as amended in 1922 (when Jordan was created out of thin air) and you are correct that all of the states surround Israel have tried to adhere to it. Odd that they deny the same right to Israelis. A two state solution? Hell, that was established in 1922 by the British under their misuse of their mandate.

    Today I am not certain Iraq and Syria can continue to retain the 1920 mandate lines with all the meddling forces on those lands. It increases the existential risks to Israel. Worse, with the mob-migration of Syrians et al., to western Europe, it may be the beginning of the invasion of Europe, given all the military age men within the horde who don’t seem to want to fight for their homelands, but just may fight to create clones in Europe. We live in scary times.

  16. YJ Draiman says:

    Islamic disinformation, deception and intentional lies are permitted and in fact promoted under the Muslim Qur’an and Sharia law.
    Therefore, we should be suspect of any and all information coming out of any Arab-Muslim sources. All statements by Arab-Muslims must be held suspect until thoroughly verified.
    Deception, fraud and gross exaggeration are a way of life for the Muslims. Promises are not kept. Terror and violence is a fundamental premise. Their leaders subjugate the masses by inciting them against non-Muslims, and even against their own Muslim people.
    In the past 1500 years the Muslims have eliminated over a half a billion people and the death toll is increasing daily. Muslim promoting, financing and supporting terrorism is endangering the safety and security of the entire world. Muslims at large bring instability and insecurity to the non-Muslim people in the world. Over 90% of world conflicts today involve Muslims.
    The Muslims promote death and destruction and destroy any remnants of previous history which factually disproves their false teachings, and which contradicts their beliefs and agenda.
    When will the world-at-large wake-up and realize that all non-Muslims are in danger of losing life and liberty if we do not take immediate, proactive action to stem, and eliminate the growing terror and violence?
    A unified world with allied forces implementing full intelligence gathering and sharing, and security cooperation must be set-up to confront and end the unbridled Muslim terror and violent, genocidal Muslim activities.
    If the silent Muslim majority does not act to curb the extreme, radical Muslim agenda, they must be considered as complicit in all of the extreme Muslim activities; and thus, be held accountable. Fundamental “Common Law” dictates such “complicity” as guilt.
    The Media, which is always looking for sensationalism is only adding fuel to the fire, and is in fact accelerating the increase of terror and violence. Any media found guilty of such incitement should be held accountable.
    Muslim extremism has constantly made known its’ intent to kill, and subjugate all “non-believers”. World domination is the goal of Muslim extremism. As such, it is time for the world to unite, and finally put an end to this insidious nemesis once and for all. To do otherwise is to simply kneel and wait for the Muslim sword to fall and to behead us all.
    YJ Draiman

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