Incitement, blood libels, murder

The above words are more or less the sequence of events that have been taking place in recent weeks in Israel. In truth they have been taking place since the Jews began their return to Israel all the way back in the 19th century and even before.  Incitement and anti-Jewish provocation has been the way of the world in the Middle East on and off forever, despite periods of relative calm.

I’ve addressed the latest incidents incitement (though they are constant and ongoing),  demonization and/or delegitimization, in several recent posts.  It must be noted that incitement doesn’t only occur in raving speeches. It also comes in the shape of giving moral support of acts of terror, just like this:

It also comes in the form of outright barefaced lies, Mahmoud Abbas being a prime instigator. Honest Reporting reports on Abbas’ blood libel in claiming Israel “executed” Ahmed Manasra when in fact he was alive and (almost) well, being treated in an Israeli hospital:

1. In a televised speech last night, Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of carrying out “field executions,” and trying to change the status quo on the Temple Mount. And, notably, Abbas didn’t condemn the violence or make any appeals for calm.

But the Palestinian leader got egg on his face for claiming that a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, Ahmed Manasra, was “executed” by Israelis. The reality is that A) Manasra stabbed an Israeli boy riding a bicycle in Pisgat Zeev, and B) Manasra is alive and well in Hadassah En Kerem Hospital. The hospital released photos of the boy, while Dr. Asher Salmon said Manasra’s in light-to-moderate condition and should be discharged in a few days.

Although the transcript on the PLO’s English web site is billed as a “full translation,” the Jerusalem Post points out the key line was quietly amended to say Manasra and other kids are “shot at in cold blood.”

Meanwhile, not a word of sympathy for Naor Shalev ben Ruth who was critically injured and is still severely ill in hospital. (Update: Naor has regained consciousness thank G-d).

On a similar theme to Avi Issacharoff’s excellent article from last week (which I mentioned here) and his follow-up the next day, Yaacov Lozowick explains “this is what long-term education to hatred will do“:

Palestinain society sends itself into spasms of bloody and murderous irrationality from time to time; at the moment the present case doesn’t seem the worst of them. Yet what’s striking about this time is the age of the culprits. If in the second Intifada there were hundreds of suicide muderers and would-be-murderers, most of them were young adults, and they mostly had some sort of organization behind them. Someone had to give them an explosive belt and drive them to their target inside Israel. This time many of the attackers are teenagers, some even young teenagers; and since they’re using kitchen knives, all they need is access to their mothers’ kitchens.

The pundits will pontificate on their motivations. Israel’s critics will say it’s all about the occupation. Israel’s enemeis will say it’s about Israeli brutality and general evil. The historians wil probably not have unravelled it many decades from now, and they, like the pundits, will find comfortable pat explanations.

The part that impresses me is the public atmosphere forming the minds of Palestinian teenagers. In order for significant numbers of them to be willing to be killed for the chance to stab an Israeli, they must be steeped in hatred to a degree most Western pundits can’t even recognize. Many westerners don’t even accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of the concept “enemy”. These young Palestinians seem unable to accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of their common humanity with Israelis. For this, blame their parents and grandparents and society at large.

Spend decades telling yourself, your children and your grandchildren that Jews have no legitimate reason to be here, and that now they’re here they spend their days cooking up nasty ideas about how to be cruel to Palestinians and destructive towards Islam, and eventually this is the result you’ll end up with.

Dry Bones sums it up so well – and nothing has changed since 2007 at least:

The question remains, what are the implications – for Israel, the Palestinians and even the West at large?

Col. Richard Kemp (who served as Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan in 2003 amongst other important military positions) asserts that Palestinian and Western leaders have blood on their hands:

The reality is that this new wave of killings is a continuation of the aggression against Jews that has been going on in the territory of Palestine for many decades — since long before the re-establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 and pre-dating the first Israeli settlements in the West Bank that Secretary Kerry falsely brands as illegal. The violence is motivated by the same racist and sectarian zeal that drives the Islamic State and numerous Arab governments and jihadist groups that have sought to eradicate the presence of “infidels,” whether Jews, Christians or Yazidis, from land that they consider the exclusive preserve of Muslims.

For years, the Palestinian people have been betrayed by their weak, divided and jaundiced leadership who have consistently rejected every opportunity to make peace with their Israeli neighbours. Seeking to divert attention from their gross failures, the immediate trigger for the current murder campaign was the unfounded accusations of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmud Abbas and other rabble-rousers that the Israeli government was planning to change the status of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem — a holy place for both Jews and Muslims.

But what made it possible to conjure up widespread violence so rapidly and to such devastating effect were the years of incitement to hatred against Jews by the Palestinian leadership, including President Abbas. In propaganda that would have impressed Nazi Germany’s Dr. Josef Goebbels himself, Palestinian children are indoctrinated with hatred for Jews and the Jewish State from the very earliest stages of their learning. In schoolbooks, on the TV and in the mosques, they are taught that the whole of the land of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank is Arab territory, stolen from them by the Jews. They are taught that Jews are descended from apes and pigs and must be knifed, blasted and stoned to death before their “filthy feet” are allowed to desecrate the holy places of Islam — in the words of President Abbas.

Although the Palestinian leadership must bear the brunt of responsibility for their incitement to murder, Western leaders also have blood on their hands. Much of the material of hate that inspires Palestinian children is funded by the U.S., Europe and other Western as well as Arab nations.

This is the same moral failure that has encouraged three wars in Gaza since Israel withdrew in 2005. Western governments, international bodies such as the UN and the EU and human rights groups consistently refused to condemn salvo after salvo of Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Only when Israel has been forced to strike back in self-defence have they bestirred themselves. Then, more often than not, it has only been to justify Hamas’s terrorist aggression, as Secretary Kerry has justified Palestinian violence this week. Emboldened first by a lack of international interest and then by international condemnation of Israel’s defensive response, Hamas and their fellow Gaza terrorists continued, repeatedly, to attack Israel. There is little doubt that this will happen again in the future.

Neither will the UN nor the EU lift a finger to prevent the inevitable future conflict and death in southern Lebanon or in Gaza. Like Secretary Kerry, they and the international human rights industry will continue to justify and encourage anti-Israel aggression, reserving their efforts for the repudiation of the Jewish State and perpetuating current and future waves of violence and death.

Melanie Phillips, in her Jerusalem Post article, is of a similar opinion as she writes “Jewishblood stains many hands“:

With Israelis being steadily picked off for murder by knife, stone, bomb or bullet, many in the world have Jewish blood on their hands.

Beyond the attackers themselves, the bloody trail first leads to those inciting them to murder: Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and that terrorist group’s state backer Iran, whose supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has called for the “arming of the West Bank.”Abbas and his henchmen have repeatedly incited, sanitized and glorified the current attacks on Jews. They have been whipping up religious hysteria by promulgating the inflammatory lies that Israel will allow Jews to pray on Temple Mount and even that it intends to destroy al-Aksa Mosque.

But the trail of blood does not end at the Palestinian Arabs and the Muslim world. For complicit in this murderous incitement stand the Western media which recycles Arab falsehoods, blood libels and conspiracy theories, presents Israel not as the victim of psychotic violence but as the instigator of injustice and oppression, and thus acts as a lethal echo chamber for the derangement that drives mass murder.

Melanie goes on to list the most recent egregious examples of biased reporting in the BBC, NYT and others, as I mentioned in my own post on the subject, and continues:

Even more important than the malice of the media is the part played in Arab incitement by Israel’s supposed friends and allies.

The American, British and European governments give the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

A significant proportion of this money is used, through official media and education programs, to promulgate hatred of Jews and Israel and incite terrorist attacks. It is also used to reward mass murder by paying generous “salaries” to convicted terrorists.

American, British and European taxpayers are thus the unwitting accomplices to incitement to murder Jews.

Far from calling the Palestinians to account, Western politicians echo and amplify their mind-bending manipulation of reality. They parrot the lies that the Palestinians have a legitimate claim to the land, that Israel is in illegal occupation, that Jerusalem is not part of Israel at all.

The conclusion of Melanie Phillips’ article is bitter and depressing but sadly so true:

Worse horrors are happening elsewhere in the Middle East and developing world.

But over nowhere other than Israel does the Western liberal or government minister or official parade his conscience by sanitizing, excusing or supporting murderous bigotry and demonizing its victims.

In no other conflict does the West indulge aggression and hang its victims out to dry.

The blood of Israeli Jews spilled by religious fanatics is therefore on Western hands, too.

As Melanie Phillips wrote, the international media, in their anti-Israel bias, are particularly complicit in this incitement and demonization of Israel, which magnifies the incitement, giving it more coverage and inciting ever greater numbers of willing, hot-headed young Muslims to go out and attack more Jews.  Read BBC Watch, UK Media Watch, CAMERA and Honest Reporting for a litany of examples which seems never-ending.

Here is a disgraceful example from MSNBC which was excellently takedown by Fox News:


This Muslim incitement affects not only Israelis but of course rebounds onto their own society, for example – this shocking demonstration of  the inhumanity that results from such brainwashing:

We have to remain determined and strong, and retain our faith in the righteousness of our cause. Let us never descend to the inhumanity of our enemy, even if it seems to serve our aims temporarily.  That includes taking care not to take revenge on innocent Arabs or other foreigners who are in the vicinity of a terror attack. It also includes not taking revenge or lynching a terrorist once he is immobilized and no longer a danger.

Cases such as the one that occurred yesterday, in which an Eritrean asylum-seeker was beaten to death as he was mistaken for a terrorist, after 19 year old Omri Levy, an IDF soldier, was  killed in a terrorist attack in Beer Sheva, must not be allowed to happen again. If we lose our humanity, we will lose our right to our holy country.

We are better than our enemy in every way, and we must not stoop to their level.

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11 Responses to Incitement, blood libels, murder

  1. NormanF says:

    The death of the Eritrean man is deeply regrettable.

    On the hand, it should serve as a stark warning to would Arab attackers – try to kill Jews in cold blood and you will meet that’s man’s fate.

    Jews would rather not have to kill their Arab neighbors – or their kids – but if they’re coming with a deranged bloodlust to kill innocent people, they will surely die.

    Hopefully, this will serve to them as a warning and as a deterrent so something good may come out of an innocent man’s unfortunate death.

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree with your larger point – that killing the terrorists serves as a warning to other would-be terrorists what will happen to them. It is also a sign that Israel has taken the gloves off. I can hardly remember a time when soldiers, police and even citizens were allowed such a free hand to shoot to kill terrorists. Until recently, any time a terrorist was killed there was a judicial investigation which very much hampered the forces as well as gave a morale boost to the terrorists.

      However, lynching innocent people – or even a terrorist who has been “neutralized”, i.e. wounded or otherwise not a danger – is illegal and immoral, not to say against the Torah. There have been a couple of other attempted lynchings in the last couple of weeks in similar circumstances. While it is understandable, people have to keep a cool head and not take their anger out on innocent people. It’s not only asylum seekers who have been harmed. Israeli Jews too have been attacked in error. I’ve seen a “funny” T-shirt worn by a Mizrachi Jew saying “Don’t shoot! I’m a Yemenite!”. Not so funny in real life.

      • NormanF says:

        I can forgive them – there is the other side of the picture you overlooked. All those people’s quick action averted a potential massacre. Where they mistaken? At the time, no – it was not clear if there was a second terrorist. I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and I would have urged a potential perpetrator be swiftly neutralized.

        Its easy for Israeli politicians and moral armchair critics to condemn that crowd after the fact. They weren’t there and palpable fear and concern for lives over took people. At the time they did what they thought was right.

        And since it happened after nightfall, Torah law is lenient on the use of force under such circumstances. Its not easy to tell in darkness who intends to do you harm.

        That said, I’m more thankful a lot of lives were saved in that bus station because people didn’t care to think that if they erred on the side of caution, it could have been a bloodbath. Law enforcement officers face decisions like this on the job every day.

        Its true that you have to live with the rest of your life if it turns out the person you shot was innocent. But G-d also knows that on balance your actions probably saved a lot of other lives as well.

        In balance, they did more good than harm and many more people tonight are alive because of them.

        • anneinpt says:

          You’re confusing two issues here. One is taking action in the heat of battle, and that is entirely justified. As you say, even if an innocent person is killed or injure, that is what happens in war-time. And I am as pleased as you are that Israelis are taking matters into their own hands and defending themselves and others with whatever instruments they have to hand.

          However this is a far cry from lynching an innocent person – or even a terrorist once he is disabled. That is inexcusable.

  2. Earl says:

    Interesting- the kid is demonstrating the Islamic symbol of tawhid. Ie., the oneness of the Islamic god.
    Try denying that this is a religious war against the Jewish state…

    • anneinpt says:

      I hadn’t even noticed, and to be honest I wasn’t aware of the Tawhid symbol. And then I read the same opinion in an Israeli paper. As you said, it’s a religious war disguised as political just in order to get Western support.

  3. Reality says:

    People are so wound up,tense and angry.
    I understand them besting up the man they thought was a terrorist,but you are right,we must never descend to such a low moral level of behavior.
    I actually think that there is a bit of tide-turning going on in various news outlets.I have begun to see articles and clips of foreign reporters taking BBC ,CNN to task for their terrible reporting,as well as asking Israelis like Ron Dermer for the truth.Perhaps finally social media can force a change.

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes, there has been a little bit of a dent in the foreign coverage. Not enough but it’s a start. Maybe it’s because the BBC, NYT and CNN in particular went much too far in their ridiculous headlines that they couldn’t be ignored.

      I too have noticed that they are interviewing more Israelis. I don’t know if the numbers are balanced (probably not), but it’s an improvement on the past. Baby steps…

  4. Pete says:

    “We have to remain determined and strong, and retain our faith in the righteousness of our cause. Let us never descend to the inhumanity of our enemy, even if it seems to serve our aims temporarily. ”

    Admirable sentiments!!

    Pete, USA

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