More terror and incitement, but also support and relief with a little help from our friends

I apologize for not posting constant updates on the multiple terror attacks, whether by stabbing, stoning, or car-ramming, not to mention attempted infiltrations that have continued unrelentingly these last few days.  I simply cannot keep up. You can stay updated via websites like Arutz Sheva, Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post for you English-speakers,  or via 0404 or Hebrew-language Arutz Sheva for the Hebrew speakers amongst you. All these sites have mobile apps to give you rolling updates too.

Avraham Asher Hasno HY’D

To give just a short recap (and I’m sure I have omitted more than one attack), yesterday Avraham Hasno, a 54 year-old father of 7, resident of Kiryat Arba, was stoned and then run over by a Palestinian truck, killing him.  His wife said this was no accident: the truck driver had tried to run them off the road just the day before. Arutz Sheva provides us with an analysis, including some shocking and graphic photos, of the moment that Hasno was run over, and it certainly appears to be a sadistically deliberate murder.

Today an Israeli policeman was injured in a car-ramming; a female soldier was stabbed and severely injured – her comrade-in-arms shot the terrorist, saving her life; and 4 soldiers were injured in a further car-ramming in Gush Etzion.

Israeli religious Jews “aggressing” on the Temple Mount by visiting the site. Police prevent them from praying

Meanwhile the vicious incitement against Israel continues, with the Temple Mount at the focus of it all. Despite the UNESCO chief’s condemnation of the Palestinian move to designate the Kotel as a Muslim site and the subsequent Palestinian withdrawal of the resolution, UNESCO still saw fit to “condemn Israeli aggression on the Temple Mount” – the said aggression consisting of archeological excavations – as if the Waqf has never dug up and trashed priceless First and Second Temple artefacts from the Mount.

In my humble opinion Binyamin Netanyahu made a big mistake in offering to limit non-Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount in order to appease the terrorists Muslims.  This would simply be a reward for terror and leave us open to further unending blackmail. (The PM’s office later denied giving the offer, but I’m not sure I believe the denial). Thankfully Jordan and the Palestinians came to our aid by rejecting the offer. It didn’t go far enough for their liking. In Hebrew there’s a saying: תפסת מרובה, לא תפסת – if you try to take too much you get nothing. That’s the story here and that’s the entire history of the Palestinians.

One of the lead instigators in this story surprisingly is King Abdullah of Jordan, who is usually a voice for reason. Either he has gone over to the dark side or he is feeling threatened by ISIS and other assorted extremist Muslims who want to depose him.

The Jordanian royal palace is very angry with Netanyahu over his handling of access to the Temple Mount, the sources said, and Abdullah has refused to meet with the Israeli leader.

Well, refusing to meet Netanyahu is sure to persuade Bibi. Not. What stupid juvenile thinking! Furthermore:

A joint Palestinian-Jordanian demand seeks a return to the situation on the Temple Mount as it was before September 28, 2000, when then opposition leader Ariel Sharon made a controversial visit to the complex; this sparked protests by Palestinians, and was utilized as a trigger for the Palestinian terrorist onslaught against Israel of the Second Intifada.

Again, the story of the Palestinians, always wanting to turn the clock back and get a do-over of history. The world doesn’t work that way.

Words of support and wisdom from our friends:

But let’s take a break for a bit and enjoy some relief from this constant barrage of bad news. It is so refreshing to know there are some sane and reasonable voices out there even if they have yet to make much of a dent in Palestinian society.

Arab-Israeli journalist Lucy Aharish

The most widely broadcast Arab condemnation of the current incitement and violence comes from Lucy Aharish, a young Arab-Israeli TV anchor who severely scolded her co-religionists and leaders for their behaviour:

“Some of the Arab leaders are keeping a horrific and deafening silence,” she said, according to a translation of the interview by The Israel Project. “They are not trying to calm the situation, not trying to act toward mutual understanding and accepting the other.”

“Even if the status quo on the Temple Mount has been broken, does that allow someone to go and murder someone else because of a sacred place?” Aharish said. “Why, because of God? What God are they speaking of? One that allows for children to go out and murder innocent people?

“What woman puts a hijab on and prays to God, takes a knife out and tries to stab innocent people?” she asked.

Aharish also called Arab leaders in Israel “weak” and suggested their purported outrage about the Temple Mount is insincere.

“They know how to march and go to the Temple Mount and shout, although they don’t believe in God, you don’t have a religion, but yet shouting that it’s ours. What ours are you talking about?” Aharish said. “It’s the house of God. Your God? You have ownership on it? What are you talking about?”

She ended her rant by criticizing leaders for inciting young Arabs to violence.

“You are inciting thousands of young people to go to the streets. You are destroying their future with your own hands,” she said.

Watch her in action:

What an amazing young woman! I hope she and people like her will enter Palestinian politics and help bring about a change of direction.

Another heroic Arab woman not afraid to speak the truth is Sara Zoabi, star of the Israeli Master Chef contest and mother of the equally brave Mohammad Zoabi, relatives of the revolting MK Hanin Zoabi. Watch her amazing speech to a Knesset committee (h/t Varda Epstein at Israellycool) as she tells her fellow Muslims to “wake up!”:

“I want to say to all the Arabs, especially the Israeli Arabs, ‘Wake up!’ We live in a paradise. A million Arabs live in the State of Israel alongside Jews. And they are not suffering like the Arabs who are controlled by Arabs.”

Here is another example of a Muslim leader who is not afraid to speak the truth:

President Rivlin and Czech President Milos Zeman in Prague

Despite Israel’s ostensible diplomatic isolation, it is very good indeed to hear from the Czech President that support for Israel is still strong:

Czech President Milos Zeman assured his Israeli counterpart that his country’s support for Israel has not changed, after a top government officials criticized Jerusalem over its West Bank policies.

After a meeting in Prague on Wednesday with President Reuven Rivlin, Zeman said: “There’s no change in the Czech foreign policy toward Israel.”

Zeman, who has been siding with Israel in the conflict with the Palestinians added: I’d like to express my full personal support for the state of Israel.”

Rivlin thanked him: “A clear stance of the Czech Republic, a moral stance, is a great support for us.”

The Czech Republic is a close Israeli ally in Europe. It was the only European country that voted in 2012 to reject the resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ United Nations status to a nonmember observer state.

The following story shouldn’t even be news, but in today’s surreal reality, when a few Arab doctors are suspected of not aiding Israeli terror victims, it is certainly newsworthy:

Thank you Professor Ahmad Eid! You can read his story here.

And then we also have support for Israel in unexpected places:

Let us take comfort in the support of our friends and colleagues, both at home and abroad. To mangle a metaphor: Let the dogs of war bark – we in the caravan of Israel, the Jewish homeland, will continue.

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11 Responses to More terror and incitement, but also support and relief with a little help from our friends

  1. Elisheva Klein says:

    Please do not apologise, I really appreciate your posts. I get so many ads flashing across the screen when I try Arutz Sheva or Ynet, it drives me crazy and makes it a big challenge to actually read news. Plus the way you present seems to me to be clear and honest. It is a relief to read what you have to say and you have become my number one source for what’s happening. With so many immediate family members living in Israel, as well as our other brothers and sisters,the extended Jewish people, you are a strong connection. Thank you

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m glad I’m managing to keep our friends updated on events here, even if I’m often late with the news. (In my defence, I have a job and family to keep me rather busy!).

      Re the ads on websites, just download an ad-blocker. There are several out there. some enable unintrusive ads so as not to withhold revenue from favourite websites.

  2. Amy Cheung says:

    Yes, Anne, thank you very much for your BLOG. I am so thankful to have come to your BLOG ever since I first researched about Israel on the web. After almost 2 years, I’ve learned enough to know how easy I would have been misled by other sources. When God called me to go and learn about Israel, He surely led me to voices and places of truth and genuine kindness. Todah Rabah!

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you Amy for your kind words, both here and on Facebook and elsewhere. You should know that the support of our friends overseas is so encouraging and heart-warming for us, it really helps us get over the hard times when we know there are people like you out there – many more than the media would have us think.

  3. JudyPt says:

    I agree with the above commentators.Your Blog reports give us the important news without frills so we English speakers get to know what is really going on from an unbiased viewpoint.Carry on blogging ,even if you miss out a day here and there,we need your input.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you too for all your support – and for your letter-writing campaigns to the JPost and WSJ. We all have our parts to play in the defence of Israel, and all the little cogs together form a great defence.

  4. Reality says:

    You haVe totally blown my mind with this blog! thank You. That clip of Sara Zoabi is breathtaking! What an amazing woman! I would vote her in in a minute. I sincerely hope she has protection. I study alongside the nicest Arabs, we are friends and it really makes things horrible when I come to class, if there’s been an attack, and nobody knows what to do or say. Should we talk to them? should they sit with us? It makes us all feel sick. Till a few weeks ago we were all friends, now I’m not so sure, especially the real leftists amongst our group, even they have become very angry and come out with right wing expressions. This needn’t have happened.

    As for the point that all Arabs want to live here, I just saw a survey that 70% want to leave…to Europe! Perfect, it will resolve everybody’s problem! Europe gets tons of Arabs, we are left with fewer to deal with. A win win situation. BUT then they forgot the “right of return”. You cannot have it both ways. In fact that should be a stipulation – just like in many other counties,that if you leave your country of origin, you forfeit all rights, including the right of return.(not for Jews,though).

    As for the Arab doctors, I want to tell you that I volunteered for a short while in an emergency room in a hospital in central Israel. The head doctor there is an ARAB WOMAN (where would you get that in any other Arab country?), the orthopedist is an Arab doctor, and all the nurses are Arabs, Jews, of all stripes and colors. Religious, secular, Russian, Druze, Haredim, Ethiopian, you name it, they work alongside each other, with the greatest respect for each other. A true microcosm of Israeli society.

    • anneinpt says:

      Wow, thank you Reality for this excellent comment. You’ve given us all great insight into the reality of life in Israel as it is lived, Israelis and Arabs, Jews and Muslims and all others, all living and working and studying together in peace – at least until there is a spate of attacks.. The hospital you worked in sounds amazing, but it’s typical of all Israeli hospitals. Those who are blinded by hate or ignorance have no idea what Israeli society is really like.

      I understand your dilemma very well. How can you trust your Arab classmates and colleagues if in similar situations they turned on their friends and literally stabbed them in the back? But that is exactly what the terrorists want. They want to destroy any possibility of coexistence and normalization. And you know what? They’re doing a good job. As you say, these attacks, this particular kind of attack, is very personal and destroys any level of trust. It is an extremely difficult situation and I don’t know how we’ll find our way out of it.

      I agree with your stipulation that Palestinians who leave Israel for foreign shores forfeit the right of return. It should be noted that the 70% who want to leave are Palestinians and not Israeli Arabs who want nothing more than to remain Israeli citizens. And if they are law-abiding there is no reason why they should not stay.

  5. Aridog says:

    I just want to add here that Anne is among the few people I admire completely, without ever having the opportunity to meet her face to face. Another is “CBA” also a regular on this blog. “CBA” has demonstrated a personal level concern for me and I can’t describe how honored that makes me feel..same for Anne. Both are people who we’d be far worse off generally if they were not present, virtually and literally, in our lives. Some day I might have an opportunity to visit them face to face, but it is limited now that I’ve grown before my own eyes.

    • anneinpt says:

      Aridog, if you ever came to visit Israel I would be delighted to meet you finally face to face. Our acquaintance goes back so many years i feel I know you well already.

      And remember – you’re never too old to visit Israel! My grandma made aliya at age 83!

  6. Aridog says:

    Dang it: “grown” = “grown old”

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