The not-so-good news

Despite yesterday’s post, it’s most definitely not all rosy out there for Israel, or for Jews in general.

In Israel, the stabbing intifada comes and goes in waves. On Monday there were two horrific stabbing incidents, one in Netanya and one in Rishon LeZion, in which two elderly people were badly injured and several others also wounded:

Four Israelis were wounded, three seriously, during two separate Palestinian terror attacks on Monday.

Three people were stabbed on Monday afternoon in the central city of Rishon Lezion, The Times of Israel reported. Two of the victims, a woman in her 80s and a middle aged man, were seriously hurt. The third victim, a 26-year-old man, was lightly injured.

The attacker, identified by authorities as a 19-year-old Palestinian man from Hebron, stabbed the 40-year-old man from behind on a bus on Tarmab Street, got off the bus and ran to the adjacent Herzl Street, where he stabbed the elderly woman and the young man.

As he ran down Herzl, locals realized what was happening and surrounded the man. He entered a beauty products store and stabbed one of the victims inside, then was locked in when a woman fled from the store and closed the door behind her.

After passersby locked the door shut by placing sticks in its handles, police arrived and arrested the attacker. One of the eyewitnesses told the Times, “The terrorist got off a bus, starting running around with a knife. People shouted, ‘There’s a terrorist!’ I and five other people saw him and chased after him. We [caught him] and started hitting him in the face [while he held a knife]. We tried to stop him, but he managed to stab two people.”

Later on Monday, a 71-year-old man was stabbed and seriously wounded in Netanya by a Palestinian man from the West Bank, according to the Times.

An Israeli stabbing victim being treated by MDA on a bus in Rishon Lezion

MDA paramedic Raz Levi, who was on the scene, said he saw “a man about 71 lying on the sidewalk, fully conscious with a stab wound in his upper body. He told us he was standing in the street, when suddenly he felt himself being struck in the back. We gave him initial lifesaving medical care in the field and evacuated him quickly to Laniado Hospital in serious but stable condition.”

The Palestinian terrorist was shot while attempting to flee from the scene of the attack. He is reported to be in critical condition.

By the way if you are a consumer of the BBC you will not have heard of either of these attacks, despite the barbarity of a terrorist stabbing elderly pensioners in the street.

Yesterday a Border Policeman was very seriously injured and is in critical condition in hospital after a car-ramming attack near Hevron:

A Palestinian careened his car into an Israeli Border Police officer north of Hebron on Wednesday in the latest terror attack to occur near the restive West Bank city.

The 20-year-old suffered multiple injuries and was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital in serious condition, the Magen David Adom rescue agency said.

He was fighting for his life after sustaining a major head injury, according to hospital officials.

A second Border Police officer was also hit but was unhurt, according to initial reports.

The driver of the vehicle was reportedly shot dead by security forces at the scene of the attack, which occurred near Halhul Junction on Route 60.

Also in this article is another interesting item:

Earlier this week IDF soldiers and Civil Administration officials raided a Palestinian radio station in Hebron after it aired what the army called “incitement” to carry out deadly attacks against Israelis.

Broadcast equipment was seized in the raid on the offices of the al-Huriya radio statio for its broadcasts advocating attacks on Israelis in the West Bank city, which has produced the largest number of attackers in the latest wave of stabbings.

It’s a drop in the ocean of incitement but it’s a start.

The stabbing intifada seems to have inspired a stabbing in Brooklyn, New York of all places, where a Jewish man was stabbed and injured:

An off-duty volunteer for Brooklyn-based Jewish ambulance service Hatzalah was stabbed in the back on Tuesday night while walking in Crown Heights, local blogs reported.

The victim, identified as 34-year-old Dovid Katz, was treated on the scene by his colleagues and then rushed to the nearby Kings County Hospital, where he was reported to be in stable condition, sources said.

Noting the current wave of stabbing attacks sweeping Israel, another local website,, said that the New York Police Department “could not be reached for comment about whether the attack was terror-related.”

The blog later quoted NYPD Assistant Chief Steven Powers, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, who said that the “possibility of a bias crime” is being explored.

“Considering the climate that is going on right now around the world, we have to be more vigilant than ever,” Tamir said further. “When people search for Judaism online they find us. We’re a target; there is no question about that.”

This attack follows two earlier attacks in New York last month:

A firebomb was thrown at two Israeli yeshiva students in New York City in an incident being investigated as a hate crime.

Scene of the firebomb attack in New York

Neither of the students, both 19, were injured in the Midtown Manhattan attack, which occurred Friday and was reported in the New York media on Sunday morning.

Detectives from the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force interviewed the students in the wake of the attack after an officer at the scene did not take a formal report. The officer said “nothing happened,” according to the New York Daily News.

I find the reaction of the NY police to be disgraceful. They should be investigated for negligence at the very least.

“A firebomb is not the kind of thing you have sitting in your car or in your bag unless you have someone to throw it at,” Barry Sugar, director of the Jewish Leadership Council, said in a statement emailed to JTA. “It is conceivable that the attacker sees these boys every Friday and prepared this bomb to ambush them.”

In a second possible hate crime incident, objects were thrown at an Orthodox Jewish woman, 22, as she pushed her baby in a stroller past the Bangladesh Muslim Center in Brooklyn, the Post reported, citing police. The Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident as a possible bias incident.

In an alarming attack on board an Ethiopian Airlines plane, an Israeli passenger was attacked and almost throttled by a Sudanese passenger:

A Sudanese man was arrested by Ethiopian authorities for attacking an Israeli man on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from N’Djamena to Addis Ababa last week, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Tuesday.

A 54-year-old Israeli man, identified as Arik and an employee for an Israeli communications company that operates in Africa, was on the flight with the intent to get on another flight to Israel after landing in Addis Ababa.

“About 20 minutes before the plane started its descent the passenger sitting behind me identified me as Israeli and Jewish,” Arik told the newspaper.

“He came up behind my seat and started to choke me with a lot of force,” he continued, “and at first I couldn’t get my voice out and call for help. He hit me over the head with a metal tray and shouted ‘Allah akbar’ and ‘I will slaughter the Jew.’ Only after a few seconds, just before I was about to lose consciousness, did I manage to call out and a flight attendant who saw what was happening summoned her colleagues.”

Most of the other passengers chose not to get involved, with the exception of one Lebanese passenger who assisted the crew in stopping the attack, Arik said.

Kol hakavod to the Lebanese passenger who came to Arik’s rescue, and to the airline staff who kept guard on the Sudanese until he could be arrested.

Meanwhile, on the blood libel front, the Palestinians are up to their old tricks as usual. Jonathan Halevi explains in the JCPA How a Blood Libel is Born:

On Friday, October 30, the primetime show The Agenda on Ontario’s TVO network, with anchorman Steve Paikin, explored the question of whether the Palestinian violence marks the beginning of the Third Intifada.1

A Palestinian “protestor” aka a terrorist armed with a knife

Two interviewees were asked to give their assessment: Yoni Goldstein, editor of the weekly Canadian Jewish News, and Khaled Elgindy, a fellow of the Brookings Center for Middle East Policy and former adviser to the Palestinian Authority on permanent-settlement issues from 2004 to 2009.2

Elgindy presented a distorted picture of the situation that pins full responsibility for the Palestinian violence on Israel. He asserted that a new intifada would probably be a better option for all of the sides, because it would be organized and would seek clear-cut objectives. In other words, Elgindy implied that a wider outbreak of violence, which would wreak numerous civilian deaths like the Al-Aqsa Intifada that began in September 2000, would be better than the current level of Palestinian violence, which so far has not succeeded to kill large numbers of Israelis.

Elgindy went on to say:

I would disagree that the Israeli response has been effective. It’s not been effective. It’s been very repressive, and it has been almost as random in its violence as the knifing attacks except far more deadly in terms of the number of Palestinian casualties….

Israel has arrested hundreds of Palestinians basically just mass arrests rounding people up. It has shot into crowds of unarmed protestors. There is a sort of ‘shoot to kill’ policy that appears to be the main rules of engagement for Israeli security forces where they shoot first and ask questions later. And we saw just the other day, the Israeli police conducted an investigation into a Palestinian woman who was shot in the city of Afula and they found in fact that she wasn’t carrying any weapon. That the initial report that she had a knife was false and that she was simply executed for no reason.

Fatah cartoon claims that Israel plants knives next to dead terrorists

To put it mildly, Khaled was not speaking the truth. There have been no cases whatsoever of Israeli security forces shooting into innocent crowds.3 The casualties among the Palestinians stem from the multitude of terror attacks against Jews, of which there have been many hundreds just in the last month. The arrests being made are not random, but are responses to violent activity or to intelligence information. Israeli open-fire orders do not allow shooting to kill except in life-threatening cases, such as the use of firearms, firebombs, knives and potentially lethal stonings.

The blood libel against Israel has reached a peak with the description of the incident where the woman in Afula was shot. The facts are entirely different from those Elgindy presents in his version.

The female attacker was not Palestinian, but rather an Israeli Arab residing in Nazareth named Asra Awad. She was not “executed,” but rather moderately wounded in her lower extremities by the gunfire and treated in a hospital.

The lies of the Palestinians know no limit. On the one hand, the Palestinian leadership glorifies the perpetrators of the stabbing attacks (and the other attacks), encourages continued attempts to murder Jews, and boasts that thanks to the Palestinian “knife intifada” the Jews fear for their lives. Yet, in the same breath, the Palestinian leadership claims that Israel is executing “innocent” Palestinians on the “false” charge that they are attempting such attacks and is even fabricating the scenes of the crimes.

The Western media play a huge part in the invention and broadcast of these blood libels and incitement, which inspire yet more violence against Israel and Jews. They have blood on their hands.

An even more outrageous blood libel was regurgitated this week by the Palestinians when their envoy accused Israel of harvesting organs of dead terrorists:

he Palestinian Authority’s UN representative has claimed Israel is harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians, leading Israel’s envoy to accuse the PA of spreading a blood libel.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon holds up a visual aid in New York on Oct. 16. Photo by Michelle Nichols/Reuters

In a letter to the UN secretary general, ambassador Riyad Mansour protested Israel’s “persistent aggression against the Palestinian people” over the past month of unrest and what he called its “insistence on use of violent force and oppressive measures.”

He then claimed that bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces “were returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”

In response Israeli envoy Danny Danon called the organ harvesting accusation a “blood libel” and said the claim had shown the Palestinian ambassador’s true “anti-Semitic face.”

It is far beyond time that not only Israel but the entire civilized world held the Palestinians to account and made them pay for their disgustingly outrageous, antisemitic, and libellous accusations. Israel should refuse to cooperate with the PA and refuse to meet with any of their officials until they publicly and officially apologize for these accusations, recant them and fire the officials involved.  Israel should be supported in this by the UN and any and all civilized nations.

But given our history with the “civilized” world I am not holding my breath.

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