A sick society that brainwashes its children

The wave of terror attacks by Palestinians against Israelis is still continuing, with new incidents every day. I have stopped writing about each one because I simply can’t keep up.

But one of today’s three attacks (Tuesday) really stands out deserves widespread coverage for the simple reason that it was carried out by children!

First, just watch this video. It is horrifying precisely because its initial banality which so quickly turns violent:

One can clearly see two pre-teens get on the train and sit down, looking around like any other teenagers on any train anywhere in the world. And then they suddenly jump up and attack the security guard with a knife – and the end is known. One kid is shot and wounded, the other is apprehended.

Today isn’t the first item that teenagers have knifed Israelis in the past few weeks. Two 13-year old cousins knifed a 13 year-old Israeli boy in Jerusalem a few weeks ago, almost killing him. I’m sure you all remember the blood libel spread by PA “president-for-life” Abbas who claimed that Israel “executed” one of the teenage terrorists when in fact he was only moderately wounded and was treated in hospital.

But what on earth would cause two teenagers to attack an armed guard, knowing that they will likely be shot and wounded or worse, for no visible reason?

The answer to this is really quite simple. Incitement, incitement, incitement. Over a month ago I mentioned Avi Issacharoff’s excellent analysis of “the Children of Oslo” –  the new teenage terrorists, whose violence is triggered  by incitement and fed by a constant diet of hatred provided via social media and their own society.

In a subsequent post I quoted Yaacov Lozowick who pierced through to the essence of the problem with his concise explanation, “this is what long-term education to hatred will do”

The part that impresses me is the public atmosphere forming the minds of Palestinian teenagers. In order for significant numbers of them to be willing to be killed for the chance to stab an Israeli, they must be steeped in hatred to a degree most Western pundits can’t even recognize. Many westerners don’t even accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of the concept “enemy”. These young Palestinians seem unable to accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of their common humanity with Israelis. For this, blame their parents and grandparents and society at large.

Spend decades telling yourself, your children and your grandchildren that Jews have no legitimate reason to be here, and that now they’re here they spend their days cooking up nasty ideas about how to be cruel to Palestinians and destructive towards Islam, and eventually this is the result you’ll end up with.

And that is the heart of the matter. If you want further examples of the brainwashing which incites these children to murder, even at the very clear risk of sacrificing their own lives, look no further than Palestinian media and TV, as amply documented by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Palestinian society promotes and glorifies child martyrdom, the media publish stories of proud parents who approve of their children’s aims to become martyrs, violence is promoted for children via cartoons and TV – for example the famous (or notorious) sickening “martyrdom” of Farfour, a Mickey Mouse lookalike, on Palestinian TV:

Children are also likely to be impressed by the schools, public squares, sporting teams and events that are named for “successful” terrorists.

When I hear about attacks like today’s, carried out by innocent-looking children who turn in an instant into murderous monsters, and when I read about the incitement and brainwashing that Palestinian children are subjected to almost from the beginning, I admit to feeling huge despair.

It’s bad enough when Hamas use children as human shields but in that case the children can be forgiven for they were not willing participants.  But now we are seeing children being turned into vicious terrorists and I am at a loss – and I fear that our leaders are too.

After all, how are we to un-brainwash these children? How do we re-educate the next generation? I use the word “we” advisedly. We obviously cannot rely on the Palestinians.

I have no answers.

We can’t even rely on UNRWA which runs Palestinian schools and provides the teachers – who themselves promote terrorism on their own social media. Elder of Ziyon has recorded dozens of instances, for example:

The UNRWA teacher who posted a “stab the Jews” video on her Facebook page:

Screenshot from video

The teacher who posted vile inciting anti-Israel cartoons;

And the teacher who posted al-Aqsa incitement cartoons …

The nauseating list goes on and on.

It seems to me that the only way to bring an end to Palestinian violence is to re-educate the next generation, but that would entail Israel taking over the Palestinian educational system. And that would go down like a lead balloon in Palestinian society, in all international forums, particularly the UN, and even in Israeli society.

So what can we do? For starters, we should produce videos like the one below – just in  case any passing terrorist is reading this blog and wants to know how to avoid Israeli brutality, here is a not so tongue-in-cheek video explaining it all:

I doubt it will make any difference but you’ve got to start somewhere.

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12 Responses to A sick society that brainwashes its children

  1. YJ Draiman says:

    Israel’s Safety and Security must be foremost and at all costs
    The State of Israel must always keep in mind its own sovereign obligations and be careful not to risk its capacity to perform the vital task of defending itself, its people, and its interests. Israel even under the most adverse conditions, it shall not capitulate to world pressure whereby its citizen’s safety and security is compromised.
    Israel has faced over 22,980 terror attacks since September 2000, when a wave of terror started against Israeli citizen’s right after Arafat was offered an independent Palestinian state.
    To date Israel’s concessions and appeasement to the Arabs has decreased the safety and security of Israel’s population. It is time to change direction and not worry about world opinion. Do not wait for the world at large to condemn these terrorist attacks, they did not care in the past when Jewish blood was spilled and they do not care now. The security and safety of the people of Israel must be first and foremost above any other consideration. That is the duty and obligation of a responsible government. Deliberating at time of National crisis without a previous set plan borders on dereliction of duty, based on Israel’s experience with terror, they should know better. Meanwhile, Israelis are being killed and injured on a daily basis throughout Israel, the people in Israel feel unsafe and the economy is suffering. Get your act together, act immediately and forcefully with no compromise, now the only way; it has to be Israel’s way or the highway. Any delay in implementation will increase terror and violence and escalate the death and injury of Jewish lives in Israel. Israel must face the bold facts. The Arabs do not want peace, they never did, they only want the destruction of Israel, Israel must act accordingly with no illusion and fantasy or false promises that the Arabs are partners for peace, it is perfectly clear that they are not.
    The Arabs educate and train their children to commit terror and violence, celebrate and glorify suicide bombers, Need I say anymore. Stop bickering among yourselves, unify, and face the enemy with vigor and determination and do not stop until the enemy is totally vanquished and peace and tranquility returns to Israel.
    YJ Draiman

    • anneinpt says:

      Again your comment is spot on Mr. Draiman. Unfortunately on this blog you are preaching to the converted and yet the people who should be listening – the government and our leaders – are either deaf or too cowardly to act as you suggest.

      When you talk about not delaying implementation of measures to prevent terrorism, this should be addressed to the High Court who delays destroying terrorists’ houses, allowing them to appeal and re-appeal, while never allowing the same leniency to Jewish Israelis whose houses and synagogues are condemned to destruction on the most spurious claims of “ownership” by Palestinians – claims that emerge decades after the fact at the provocation by Jewish extreme leftists.

      I’m sure my frustration and outrage is contributing to my high blood pressure.

  2. ShimonZ says:

    I remember, a few years ago, watching a video that was shot in a ‘summer camp’ for children in Gaza. I saw children jumping through fire hoops, and practicing war. It was clear where this was leading. It was clear that they were raising the next generation to be dedicated enemies of Israel. And yet, still naïve, despite all I’ve seen and lived through in our country, I believed that these enemies would only be sent to kill and die after reaching the age of 18. Watching the present wave of violence, I feel that this is war of a new type… something we haven’t known in the past. And it seems to me that we should relate to it in a different way. Just as the nations of the world reacted differently to the appearance of bird flu, which threatened a dangerous pandemic to all of humanity. I believe that any children found participating in ‘crowd violence’, like those throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at policemen and innocent citizens, should be separated from their families and be interned in ‘re-education’ institutions for juvenile delinquents. I also believe that we should give serious consideration to de-nazification of the adult population connected to this recent uprising. We can’t continue to treat this phenomenon as ‘individuals’ demented by political radicalism.

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree with you totally that these violent children should be removed from their families on the basis that they are the victims of child abuse, and they should be re-educated by Israel, no matter how Communist that sounds.

      However child soldiers are not a new phenomenon. See the Iran-Iraq war. And remember too the first Lebanon War, Shlom Hagalil, in 1982, where several of our soldiers were killed by children carrying RPGs. The soldiers saw the children and didn’t quite believe their eyes. Their moment of humane hesitation at the idea of killing a child cost them their lives.

      Like I said – a sick society.

      I also agree about the “de-Nazification” of Palestinian society. The question only is how do we go about it? And certainly, if we don’t, we will be condemned to live with the effect of this sick society for evermore.

  3. Reality says:

    It really is despairing to read and watch all these clips.Yet the world at large continues to blame Israel for everything.Today the EU is “proving that labeling products is GOOD for Israel”! Remind anyone of 1939? No one calls out Abbas on all this incitement. We may have to wait 15 or 20 years and then the same stuff will start happening in European cities, which have taken in refugees. Funnily enough, no Palestinian has thought to ask their leaders that if its so good to be a shahid, how come none of them have sent THEIR kids to be shahid. Also why on international t.v. shows do they interview mourning mothers sobbing their guts out ,whilst praising the fact that their child killed Jews? Why mourn if you are so proud? Throw sweets etc..
    We are always on the defensive.Its time our leaders took up the offensive and start protecting us, whilst re educating the west.

    • anneinpt says:

      I don’t think we’re goign to have to wait even 5 years for the Europeans to see the effects of a large Muslim population living in their midst. Already there are huge numbers of rapes and violent crime and the European citizens are crying foul. Well, serves them bloody right.

      And don’t forget the beheading of Lee Rigby in the middle of a London street in broad daylight. And of course the terror attacks on London transport on 7/7/2005.

      Bu they haven’t learned their lesson. Not fully. And anyway, THEIR terrorism is always different and worse (in their eyes) than OUR terrorism. Ours is because SURELY we did something wrong – settlements, occupation, defending ourselves, breathing.

      As for the media, it’s all been said before. You can count on the fingers of one hand how often they have interviewed Israeli victims of terror, and even fewer times when those interviews have appeared “netto” without a “balancing” interview of the terrorist’s family.

      The reason I have come to believe is simple outright straightforward Jew-hatred.

      I agree 1000% that it’s time, way beyond time, that we took the initiative and went on the initiative in the media, hasbara, whatever. But for the moment, the IBA has cancelled all its English language news programs. Because THAT is how you influence foreigners. (sarcasm).

  4. Earl says:

    It’s simple: these mini-Orcs are suckled on Judenhassmelk. They are incorrigible. And their generation will be Israel’s future “negotiation partners” in another decade… Abbas’ PA incitement is merely the trigger that readily unleashes a generation of demons.

    • anneinpt says:

      Absolutely. But what is the solution other than wholesale deportation?

      • Earl says:

        If that is what it takes to excise a metastasizing cancer from Israel’s body politic, then so be it. Hamastan or Palestine (ie., the illegal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan); the Dark Agers may even pick their expulsion destination of choice.

        Mark my words, it will come to this. The next generation of “Palestinians” is incorrigibly Jew-hating, and indefinite penal or preventive detention of hordes of them will beggar Israel.

  5. Pete says:

    thanks for the video. these videos are chilling – and they send a message that is clearer than 1000 words. I agree, it is a sick society that brainwashes its children in this way. the sudden nature of the attack was amazing. your Israeli security guard DID VERY WELL to subdue the attack with “reasonable force”. If I had the gun, I am not sure that I wouldn’t have shot both attackers dead immediately … it was a violent attack with a deadly weapon.

    I don’t want to say discouraging things about the future. But I honestly do NOT see how Israel can contemplate peace with a neighboring state that indoctrinates its own citizens in this way. There appears to be nothing in the Hamas “mindset” that embodies peaceful coexistence as a final goal. It’s very sad.

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      In a way Hamas are the least of our problems. For the most part they are confined to Gaza and are not in a position to do more damage than they have done already.

      The biggest, hugest problem is the Palestinian Authority (PA), aka Fatah, previously known as the PLO, which is the mainstream “peace partner” of Israel (excuse me while I gag). They are the ones with whom we live and interact, and they are the ones promoting this vile antisemitism and indoctrinating their young. This goes right to the very top, to Mahmoud Abbas himself, who despite his sweet words in English, speaks with vitriolic poison against Israel in Arabic to his own people.

      I agree that there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this. Don’t get me wrong. we will survive and we will thrive. But we will always be condemned by the “right-thinking” people who condemn our acts of self-defence and who mis-represent our actions. And I don’t see how we will ever achieve peace, or even a modus vivendi with these animals.

      And that is why I despair.

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