Technical problem with WordPress – UPDATED

Update:  As you can see, I managed to publish my latest post after all, but I managed to do it only via a workaround. Some time ago I opened a backup blog on Blogger (make a note of it): Anne’s Opinions on Blogger. ( (note that it is annept and not “anneinpt”.)

I had copied the original text of my post into Notepad before it disappeared (thank goodness!) and in any case the text is still on this blog in the revisions section of my post – but not in the draft version itself. So I copied this text and inserted it into a new post on my Blogger site, and published. You can even see the post there: Click the following link: Self-defence for me but not for thee.

Once I had done that I did a little experiment, opening (yet another!) new draft on this blog, and copying over just one paragraph from Blogger back to here. Instead of clicking “save” I clicked publish by mistake. But at least I could see that the post had indeed posted with all the text. I then copied and pasted the post over, paragraph by paragraph, updating each time. I did the whole thing in about 6 goes. I still want to update with some more pictures.

SECOND UPDATE: It seems that one of the pictures I wanted to insert, copied from the Daily Telegraph with a link back to them, was the source of the problem.  As I copied over the post, I inserted the pictrues one by one, previewing each time. When I inserted the last picture the post disappeared in the preview. So I simply removed that picture and now it’s OK.  It’s all Hilary Benn’s fault. It was his picture. 😛

Whether this is going to remain a problem or is a temporary glitch remains to be seen.

Meanwhile I’m going to provide a link to my backup Blogger site in the sidebar. Make a note of it. If this place ever crashes again I’ll revert to Blogger.

Apologies to all of you for the lack of posting. I’m having a serious problem with WordPress. I hope to be able to post shortly. I will try to keep you updated – if WordPress will allow me!!

I may have to skip some posts that I had planned, and post others instead. Please bear with me.

My problem is that I have a post in draft, all ready to be published, but when I hit “preview” all I see are the headline and the categories and tags. I tried rewriting the post from scratch, but the same thing still happens. I’ve seen in the WordPress forums that someone else has the same problem, but when I posted a similar query last night, WordPress closed it to comments! So how will I get help I ask you?? I added my comments to this other blogger’s query and maybe we’ll get some assistance. I also emailed and tweeted WordPress.

I tried just rewriting (copy-pasting actually) and then immediately publishing, but as you might have noticed, all that published was the headline. So I deleted the post. I still have the draft so don’t worry!

I have another post in draft which still needs editing, and that one seems OK for now. Tfu tfu tfu. I’m scared to preview or publish it.

Also this very post has also published, so I wonder what is going on.

If anyone out there has experience in dealing with, or with the technical side of blogging, please contact me either here in the comments or by email:

Meanwhile, continued Happy Chanukah.

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4 Responses to Technical problem with WordPress – UPDATED

  1. ShimonZ says:

    Wishing you good luck. If you explained what the problem was, you might get better advice as to how to deal with it.

  2. DP-PT says:

    Your Self Defence post arrived OK.

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