The good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid

Several incidents of antisemitism from the usual suspects, as well as some plain-speaking sense from unusual quarters, caught my eye these last few days (links via Elise R. and Haya E. amongst others).

Starting with the really ugly:

82f09-haaretznonewsHaaretz is holding an international conference in New York, along the lines of the Jerusalem Post diplomatic conference. The similarity between the two newspapers ends there, at the noun “conference”. Whereas the JPost’s conference hosted speakers from a wide political spectrum, and yet all of them support Israel and are Zionist, Haaretz’s conference could not be more different.

Yesterday, Palestinian “chief negotiator” (what does he ever negotiate??) Saeb Erekat, refused to enter the conference hall until the Israeli flags were taken down. Yes – in a conference held by an Israeli paper, the representative of our putative “peace partner” could not tolerate our national flag. And instead of telling him to take a running jump, Haaretz cooperated!

This is the man who has the gall to say this:

when it is he himself who is committing apartheid by refusing to sit with Israel’s national symbols.

Who else came to Haaretz’s suicide-Israel “peace: conference? Why, it was the antisemitic Roger Waters himself. Waters, of the Pink Floyd band, is a leading and loud advocate of BDS and his avid anti-Israel activity has been well-documented by Israellycool. Just read a couple of the articles, here and here, to get an idea of how revolting he is.

As Israellycool remarks:

Since he does not appear on the program, I am thinking he came for the fun of watching Israelis bash Israel. Or the Israeli flag being removed when Saeb Erekat spoke.

What a disgrace.

A much bigger disgrace is Haaretz’s Chemi Shalev cosying up to this revolting specimen of humanity:


Pass the sick bag.

More ugliness occurred at Barack Obama’s “disgraceful” Chanukah party, of all places, where an anti-Israel activist was invited to light the Menorah:

Susan Talve, anti-Israel activist, and President Reuven Rivlin at Obama’s Chanukah party

If this account of the White House Hanukkah party is accurate, then President Obama’s politicization of everything has reached a new low. According to Daniel Greenfield:

Obama’s own remarks were boilerplate inoffensive stuff. Israel’s President Rivlin, a political hack who desperately sucks up to the media, was equally insipid.

But the White House chose Susan Talve to light the Menorah. Talve is a member of the anti-Israel group T’ruah which is currently promoting assorted “soft BDS” programs. She’s also a Ferguson activist. Her behavior was deeply insulting to the religious Jewish community and made it clear that the White House was determined to hijack even a Chanukah party to promote an anti-Jewish agenda.

How so? Greenfield explains:

Read it all. I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s outrageous all the same, and the Jewish community as well as Israel’s government ought to express its anger at the Obama administration. Not that anything is going to change at this late stage.

As for the bad – though it’s pretty ugly too – a public Menorah in suburban Chicago was vandalised:

The damage to the electric menorah is being investigated as a possible hate crime, Chicago’s CBS Local reported Thursday.

Public Menorah in Evanston, Ill.

The menorah stands outside a facility run by the Chicago Mitzvah Campaign, a Chabad group that provides services to Jewish patients, visitors and staff members of nearby hospitals.

“The menorah’s lights were smashed and the switches were all ripped out,” Director Rabbi Aron Wolf said, according to CBS Local. “This wanton destruction of property is incredibly disheartening, and especially at this time of year, when we should be recognizing everyone’s right to celebrate holidays in a spirit of brotherhood and goodwill.”

Similary, a public Menorah in New York was vandalized twice. Adding insult to injury, the New York Times, so quick to report on cases of Islamophobia, didn’t think this incident of public antisemitism was important enough news to print. Elder of Ziyon reports (because the NYT didn’t):

Now, between the incident at the Shop-Rite and the New York Times’ long description of this example of Islamophobia, something else happened in the New York metropolitan area. In Manhattan, in fact, and only a week ago, as the local CBS station reported:

Hate crime detectives are investigating after a menorah was knocked over two nights in a row at an Upper East Side park.

The toppled-over Menorah in New York

Police believe the menorah at Carl Schurz Park was toppled on purpose both Saturday and Sunday nights.

The menorah is in a section of the park near the water and it didn’t appear that there were security cameras nearby, WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reported.

“There’s no way it came down by accident, it kind of sat on a platform and clearly somebody pushed it over,” Alex Goldstein, who lives in the area, told 1010 WINS.

How did the New York Times cover these two cases of blatant antisemitism in New York City?

It didn’t.

The Elder offers to be an outlet for other reports of antisemitism that don’t make it to the news:

Feel free to put your personal experiences of antisemitism in America in the comments – things that were never in the news. I’ll make a post about it.

And then we can see if the New York Times considers them as newsworthy as the story of Ms. Macksoud.

Haaretz and the New York Times are two of a kind.

Continuing to the utterly stupid, a leftist activist who was injured in a car accident in Israel refused to be evacuated to an Israeli hospital, and instead chose to be treated at a (far inferior) Palestinian hospital!

An unidentified American human rights activist whose vehicle overturned Sunday morning refused to be evacuated to an Israeli Hospital, TPS news agency reported.

The leftist’s car after the accident

The activist, who lives in Bir Zeit near Ramallah, must have shuddered at the thought of riding in a Jewish ambulance of the “occupation” that had been sent from the Nevei Tzuf community in Samaria.

Instead, he waited for a Palestinian Authority Red Crescent ambulance to take him to his preferred destination, a hospital in Ramallah.

Whether he likes it or not, initial aid was offered by Magen David medics.

Talk about bigoted, not to mention delusional! The only good thing I can say about this madman is that he has the courage of his convictions and sticks to his principles. But maybe he should consult with Mahmoud Abbas, not to the Hamas leader Mussa Abu Marzouk,  whose family members have been successfully reated in Israeli hospitals.

But enough of the bad news. It’s still Chanukah for a few more hours so here is some good news, davka from the Muslim world: an Arabic expert says that even Muslim scholars agree that Jerusalem is Jewish:

Prof. Youssef Ziedan, a specialist in Arabic and Islamic studies and a prolific author, has given a series of interviews to Egyptian television stations in recent days, in all of which he emphasizes one issue: There is actually no connection between Jerusalem and ancient Islam.

Jewish Jerusalem

When Islam was founded during the 7th century, Ziedan says, Jerusalem was a holy city to the Jews, while the Mosque of Omar was not even built until 74 years after Muhammad’s death. The reason it was built, he maintains, had nothing to do with the sanctity of Jerusalem but rather because the builder “had a cause” – he wished to detract from the centrality of Mecca in Islam.


Jerusalem was not known as Al-Quds (City of the Sanctuary) during Muhammad’s times, according to Ziedan. Let us add that when Islam finally did get around to calling Jerusalem by that name, it was because of the Holy Temple, our Beit HaMikdash. How ironic it is that the Muslim name for what is supposedly their third-holiest city – Al-Quds – is an abbreviation of the Arabic term for the Holy Temple, Bet Al-maKDeS. Thus, the name the Arabs use for Jerusalem for the purpose of “Arabizing” it is actually one that perpetuates its Jewishness.

Jerusalem is Jewish

“Al-Aksa is not ours,” according to Prof. Ziedan, “and though its name comes from the word ‘extreme,’ it does not refer to the far mosque on the Temple Mount, but rather to a mosque that is the ‘further’ of two mosques in Mecca.”


It’s noteworthy that when the PLO was founded in 1964, its original charter did not even mention Jerusalem.

As Prof. Ziedan has told his Egyptian listeners, angering many Muslims in the process: “The religious aspect of the [Israeli-Arab] conflict is nonsense…. The only reason why Muslims insist on the sanctity of Jerusalem is simply politics.”

What an amazingly honest and brave man is Prof. Ziedan. If only his message would get across to his co-religionists and have some sort of influence. And if only his message would get through to our own co-religionists who are so narrow-minded, bigoted, and have gone so far over to the enemy’s side, that they cannot see what this Muslim scholar sees so clearly.

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8 Responses to The good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid

  1. Reality says:

    Well the 2 highlights of this post are the stupid Amerian who went to a Palestinian hospital, that even the Palestinians don’t like to go to! May he get sepsis and any other complication,and I hope Israel will have the sense to shrug its shoulders & say too bad. Or charge him hand and foot to repair any damage!
    The other highlight of course,is Professor Ziedan. What a brave man, to finally tell the truth.
    As for Haaretz, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I feel sick to my stomach when I read about such disgraceful acts. They should be fined for treason, or something.Our president is trying so hard to be politically correct amongst all his world peeres, but actually creates more damage . Even Peres sometimes behaved better than him. It’s time to stop being so lily-livered and stand up to these pc bullies. Even if they come from our own house.

  2. JudyPrager says:

    I didnt think that Haaretz could sink any lower in my estimation but they managed to do so with their antics round this “conference” esp. the flag removal ,how can they justify such disgusting grovelling to our so called “peace partners” ,have they no shame? Obviously not!

    • anneinpt says:

      Honest Reporting called Haaretz Israel’s most dangerous enemy, precisely because they are Israeli. As I said to Reality, they give “cover” to the antisemites who can say, “Well, Haaretz is an Israeli paper, and THEY say bla bla bla”.

      They don’t feel the need to justify the grovelling to the Palestinians because they think it is entirely justified to start with.

      And no, they have no shame.

  3. Earl says:

    Interesting piece on Ziedan’s accurate, commendable scholarship. That said, I would not now be writing a life insurance policy on him…

  4. Pete says:

    Anne – it’s worth adding the following note. There exists within America a small minority of people who are more “hard core” than just anti-Semitism. It is a type of thinking that borders on paranoia, and part of these conspiracy theories are the beliefs that “Zionists” are somehow responsible for the evils of the global banking system. To be honest, it appears that someone is peddling this rubbish as a means to further their own political agenda … but I’ve got no idea who – or why. Just the same, there is a small vitriolic minority who seem to want to blame “pro-Zionist forces” for every ill in the world. Sorry, but it is a nasty reality. I would not be surprised if these people damaged Jewish symbols in public places. PLEASE DON’T assume that most Americans feel this way … we find it horrifying. And yes, our police will definitely arrest anyone involved in hate crimes. Good for them!!

    Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Oh, don’t worry Pete, I know, we all know, that there is a hard-core very small group of crazed antisemites (there is no other way to describe them) who blame everything on Israel/the Jews/Zionists or even more crazily, the Rothschilds/the Illuminati etc. Those are anyway just code words for Jews.

      I am presuming that the vandalism to the Menorahs was done either by bored teenagers or by some of those nasty antisemites.

      All of us Israelis know for sure that these people do NOT represent America as a whole, and we certainly know – and highly appreciate! – the huge support of the vast majority of Americans both for Israel and for Jews in general.

      It was actually the fact that this overt antisemitism is so rare that it got noticed and published in the media.

      Thank you again for your support.

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