France shows Brazil, Sweden and an Israeli diplomat how to support the Jews

A diplomatic contretemps between Brazil and Israel shows no signs of abating. Brazil rejected the appointment of Dani Dayan as Israeli Ambassador because he is a former leader of the Council for Judea and Samaria and lives over the Green Line (i.e. he is an eeevil settler). Israel has rejected the rejection as an interference in its domestic affairs and Netanyahu announced that Israel will not be proposing another ambassador. It’s Dayan or no one.

Dani Dayan and Binyamin Netanyahu

A Brazilian journalist is outraged at Israel’s behaviour and threatens that the coexistence granted to Jews is under threat.  But he forgets we are living in the 21st century, that the Jews are a free nation, and that they even have a homeland of their own. He writes as if we still live under sufferance or under dhimmi status.

The Brazilian Israelite Confederation, or CONIB, the umbrella Jewish organization in Brazil, condemned the columnist.

“Mr. Freitas once again distilled his hatred against Israel, but this time he’s gone much too far,” CONIB President Fernando Lottenberg said. “The Jews, like all Brazilians, have the right to express their opinion and not be threatened for them, as the columnist insinuated in an arrogant and intimidating way, evoking openly anti-Semitic attitudes.”

The situation is made all the more outrageous by the revelation that Alon Liel, a former Israeli diplomat, was amongst those who who urged the Brazilians to reject Dayan’s appointment.  Even worse is  Liel’s involvement in the delegitimization of Israel at the UN,

Former diplomat Alon Liel

More details emerged Tuesday morning regarding a secret recording of a meeting between ex-diplomat Alon Liel and about five central activists in Breaking the Silence, a group that besmirches the IDF abroad. The meeting took place in the Tel Aviv offices of Breaking the Silence – which receives funding from the New Israel Fund, among other sources – on December 17, 2015, and was recorded by a “secret agent” from nationalist group Ad Kan.

…Liel told the group that “international activity is critical.” One reason, he said, is that the Left has lost the battle for Israeli public opinion.

So THAT’s what democracy means according to the Left! If you can’t get what you want through the electoral process, get foreign countries involved to change the wishes of the Israeli voter.  This obnoxious behaviour is both subversive and potentially treasonous.

Liel then explained that the group needs to focus on the UN, because individual nations have a hard time fighting Israel: “Not even Britain, not France, not the United States, because of the consensus here, because of the determination and the willingness to pay a price. Bibi was willing to go to Congress and fight Obama, and nothing happened.”

However, he said, if the UN Security Council adopts a pro-Palestinian resolution and the US does not veto it, the matter could reach the General Assembly, which could then make Palestine a full member state. If this happens, he elucidated, Israel would be deemed as occupying a UN member state, and this “sets into motion an unavoidable process of beginning to suspend us from the UN. It is unavoidable. No UN member state in history was an occupier of another state that is a UN member. South Africa was booted from the UN; it was dismissed. No one could take part in Olympic games. You couldn’t travel anywhere in the world with a South African passport.”

At this point, Weiman said: “If they do a sports boycott on Israel… God. Really, I say a sports boycott on Israel.”

Liel agreed and floated the idea that FIFA could boycott Israel, leaving Israeli soccer fans with league games like Betar Jerusalem versus Hapoel Tel Aviv. “Is that worth living for? For the brawls between Betar and Hapoel fans? Let me breathe a bit. Some Barcelona. You think it can’t happen? It can still happen.”

Liel’s actions are almost at the same rock-bottom level as another revolting politician, Sweden’s Margot Wallstrom, who once again has opened her mouth and put her foot in it regarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinian terrorists.

Wallstrom called earlier on Tuesday for an investigation to be opened in order to determine whether Israel is guilty of executing Palestinian Arab “assailants” without trial, fueling already existing tensions between Stockholm and Jerusalem.

Swedish anti-Israel Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom

Wallstrom made similar accusations in December. “I reject/condemn the knife-attacks,” the Swedish minister had said. “I think that it is awful and that it should not happen and Israel always has the right to defend itself and ensure its safety.”

“And in the same way the response cannot be, and I say this in other situations as well, that the response turns into extrajudicial executions, or that it becomes disproportionate so the numbers of dead on the other side is greater than the original death toll by several factors,” she said.

Her remarks are all the more outrageous and dangerous because of the support for terrorism that her words imply. Avigdor Liberman stated that he hopes she doesn’t join the terrorists and that she is encouraging terrorism:

“The only thing that Sweden’s foreign minister hasn’t done yet is physically join Palestinian terrorists and stab Jews,” the former foreign minister said. “In light of her conduct now, one is left to really hope that this won’t happen.”

The Foreign Ministry said Tuesday in a sharply worded statement that Wallstrom is supporting terrorism and encouraging violence.

Tzippy Hotovely, Deputy Foreign Minister, announced that Swedish diplomats are no longer welcome in Israel, following Wallstrom’s statements:

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) took a group of Foreign Ministry cadets on tour of Judea and Samaria on Wednesday, and while there told the future ambassadors that Swedish officials are no longer welcome to visit Israel.

Hotovely met up with the cadets at Peduel in Samaria, just over the 1949 Armistice lines, and spoke to them at the “porch of the nation,” a site offering an impressive outlook over the coastal region.

 She referenced Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom’s latest remarks against Israel on Tuesday, in which Wallstrom accused the Jewish state of “executing” Arab terrorists in an attempt to delegitimize the actions of security forces.

The killing of terrorists as they are in the midst of an attack is often a matter of life or death in preventing prevent further victims, as in many cases the terrorists continue attacking after being shot.

“For over two years the relations with Sweden have been at a certain level of disconnection,” Hotovely told the cadets. “That is to say that we refuse visits by the Swedish Foreign Minister in Israel.”

“In the clearest manner possible the state of Israel is giving a very sharp message to Sweden that says ‘you are backing terror, you are giving a tail wind to Daesh (Islamic State) to act throughout Europe. In Brussels. In Paris. We saw yesterday in Istanbul.”

Compare and contrast this whole disgusting spectacle of the behaviour of Brazil and Sweden to the behaviour of France after another antisemitic attack, this time against Jews in Marseilles. Following this attack and several others, the head of Marseilles’ Jewish community told his members after the attack that they should avoid going outside wearing a kipa.

Jews in Marseille should avoid wearing the kippa in the streets, the head of the Jewish community in the southern French city said on Tuesday, a day after a teenager attacked and slightly injured a teacher there who wore the traditional brimless cap.

French soldiers guard Jewish children going to school in Marseilles

The teenager, a Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin who was armed with a machete and a knife, said he had acted in the name of the militant Islamic State group, French prosecutors said.

“Not wearing the kippa can save lives and nothing is more important,” Zvi Ammar told La Provence daily. “It really hurts to reach that point but I don’t want anyone to die in Marseille because they have a kippa on their head.”

Although Ammar’s comment was a bit cowardly, his reaction is correct bearing in mind the dangers involved. However, the French political echelon refuse to allow this to pass and came out in strong support of the Jewish community. French President Francois Hollande called the situation intolerable that Jewish should not be able to wear a kipa:

PARIS — French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday rejected as “intolerable” the idea that fear of attack would prompt French Jews to “hide.”

“It is intolerable that in our country citizens should feel so upset and under assault because of their religious choice that they would conclude that they have to hide,” Hollande said following Monday’s attack on a kippa-wearing teacher in the southern city of Marseille.

The French leader’s comments came two days after a machete-wielding teen who claimed inspiration from the Islamic State attacked the Jewish teacher, lightly injuring him.

In an extraordinary show of support, some French MPs appeared in Parliament wearing kipot:

A call earlier this week from the leader of the Jewish community in Marseilles for Jews to stop wearing kippot in public caused a fierce uproar in France, with scores of Frenchman putting on the ritual head covering in a demonstration of solidarity with Jews.

French MPs wear Kipot to Parliament

French parliamentarians Meir Habib and Claude Goasguen joined the demonstration on Wednesday, proudly adorning kippot at the National Assembly as a show of solidarity after a brutal anti-Semitic stabbing attack in Marseilles on Monday.

The move was very unusual given France’s principle of “secularism” and its prohibition against wearing religious articles in official or state locations, such as schools.

The law is ambiguous about wearing such garments to the National Assembly, but Habib and Goasguen’s move did raise eyebrows. “It’s not so accepted,” asserted sources in the French parliament.

Explaining his decision to wear a kippah, Habib stressed that “freedom of religion is a central value in France” and that removing kippot would deliver a “dangerous message [we are] surrendering to terrorism.”

“We will not accept a situation where people are afraid to express their Jewish identity,” he continued. “What will haredi Jews do? Shave their beards? The problem is more general and concerns all of France.”

“Unfortunately, just as Israel is the first goal of jihad, so is it with the Jewish community in France,” Habib warned. “It begins with the Jews and then quickly impairs all of France. We must be careful but to stop wearing religious symbols is not an answer to terror.”

Goasguen noted that he even though he is not a Jew, he wore the kippah as a sign of solidarity, “because I cannot understand or accept that a country like France, a state of human rights, people are killing or trying to kill citizens because of their religion. Religion does not create a murder, a person does.”

Kol hakavod to France for their support of their Jewish community. True, this does not always translate as support for Israel too, but at least they did not blame the violence on the “occupation”, on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, or any other pretext by the terrorists and anti-Semites.

Not only can Brazil and Sweden learn from the French, but our very own former diplomat Alon Liel and his friends in the anti-Israel extreme-leftist NGO’s can learn what support for Israel and the Jews really looks like.

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  1. The leftist gonernment of Brazil is a real disgrace for all of us, brazilians. It´s embarrassing to us they always choose the wrong side. Mr. Netanyahu is right: Dayan or no one.

    I hope we can impeach the president Dilma Rousseff – there are many proofs of corruption -, but let´s see. The truth is Brazil´s not a real democracy anymore. The government´s party took over all instances of power and the fight will be long.

  2. Reality says:

    I honestly think that all those like Liel should be charged with treason and imprisoned,or if living abroad,have their citizenship revoked and disallowed entry to Israel.This is one of the main reasons I am dead against allowing ex pats the right to vote in elections here.
    As for Sweden, and Brazil, good for Hotovely for saying what we all feel.I’m sure though that in the end Netanyahu will give in and remove Dani Dayan.

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree about Liel. The fact that he is a former diplomat makes it even worse. We have to investigate whether he engaged in this anti-Israel activity while he was still serving, which would make him an outright traitor.

      As for Dani Dayan I suppose it depends on how important Israel thinks Brazil is, or how much we need them.

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