Otniel murder victim named: Dafna Meir, 38, mother of 6

Dafna Meir Hy’d, murdered in her Otniel home by an Arab terrorist

A few hours after learning about the murder in Otniel the name of the victim was released. She was Dafna Meir Hy’d, 38 years old, a mother of 4 of her own children and a foster mother to two more:

Dafna Meir, who was stabbed to death in a terror attack at the West Bank settlement of Otniel, is to be buried Monday in Jerusalem, the day after she was murdered as she tried to fight off an stabber who entered her home in a terror attack.

Meir, who leaves behind her husband and four children, aged 11 to 17 will be laid to rest on Monday morning at 11 a.m. at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem.

The Meir family was also fostering two additional children, both below the age of five.

The funeral procession will begin in Otniel at 9 a.m. and move to the capital where she will be laid to rest.

Initial investigations indicated that Meir wrestled with the attacker in an effort to protect the three of her children who were in the home during the attack. The stabber fled the scene without continuing the attack and before he could reach the children.

Media reports said her teenage daughter witnessed the attack and described the terrorist to authorities.

Meir’s neighbor, right-wing activist Yehuda Glick, surmised the terrorist likely would have attacked three children in the house at the time if not for Meir fighting them off.

“The terrorist tried without a doubt to hurt the kids and Dafna, who was so small and short, fought him,” he told the Walla news site. “We are broken but strong.”

Meir, 38, worked as a nurse in the neurosurgery department of Soroka Medical Center, Beesheba. According to the Ynet new website she was also a pre-marital counselor for brides.

She was remembered as a “joyful” person by her neighbors.

“She was a happy woman, joyful, optimistic, driven, responsible, loving,” a neighbor, Yishai Klein, told Ynet. “Everyone in the settlement who was in pain knew they could call her 24 hours a day.”

Friend Liron Steinberg said she “was a woman who enjoyed life, the wittiest woman I know.”

“She always looked for how to help. If it was to take two foster kids, or as a nurse in the neurosurgery department. I work as a social worker in the Beit Hagai youth village and she would always invite home kids who didn’t have where else to be,” Steinberg told Ynet.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this post. What a huge loss to her family, to her community and to all the people of Israel. Dafna Meir was a hero in her life and in her death. There are no words that can comfort such a bereaved family, but that is all we have.

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך אבלי ציון וירושלים  – May Hashem comfort them amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

As I had suggested in my previous post, the Har Hevron Regional Council will ban Palestinian workers from entering the area’s Jewish communities – but only for one day. What is the point of that? Until Palestinians can be relied upon not to murder any random Jew they come across they should not be permitted to enter at all.

On a tangential note, Edgar Davidson expresses shock and disgust at the Jerusalem Post’s current headline (which I checked for myself and is indeed as shown at the time of my writing) which puts the focus of this terror attack on exactly the wrong place:

Jerusalem Post screenshot

While some of us rage at the anti-Israel bias of the Western media, the Israeli media itself (and not just Ha’aretz) continues to do a splendid job of deligitimizing Israel without outside help. Today an Israeli mother was murdered in her home in a brutal terrorist attack. But that story never made it on to the front page of the Jerusalem Post. Instead, the above screen shot is its front page. This ludicrous headline and ‘story’  is nothing more than the personal view of yet another leftist former Shin Bet moron Carmi Gillon made during a Sunday lecture at the Jerusalem Press Club.

As he rightly notes, who do you think the foreign media will quote? This is just fodder for the antisemites, besides being an opinion piece rather than hard news.

In stark contrast, there is a beautiful eulogy for Dafna Meir Hy’d on the Times of Israel by Rachel Sharansky Danziger, which gives us an idea of the amazing personality of this wonderful woman, although it also intensifies our feelings of loss at her murder:

Dafna Meir was many things for many people. She was a dedicated nurse. She taught women about fertility and contraception, sexuality and health, from a holistic point of view. She shared her medical and religious knowledge with other women, through her blog (in Hebrew) and in private conversations.

For five and a half years, Dafna answered anonymous medical and halachik questions through Kolech, helping women balance modern life, Jewish law and medical concerns. …

Dafna didn’t stop sharing her knowledge when she stopped volunteering for Kolech: Many women consulted her, online and in real life. They recall, tonight, how she always made time to answer them thoroughly, and with what we call in Hebrew “maor panim“: a welcoming, lit face.

Dafna was also a wife and a mother. She gave birth to four children and became a foster mother to two others as well. This evening, as the night descended on the hills around their home, these children watched Dafna bleed to death on her own doorstep, after a terrorist stabbed her and ran.

When people argue that attacking settlers is a legitimate form of national resistance, I want them to think about the nurse who lived in a settlement, and approached all of her patients, regardless of their religion and nationality, with a smile on her face. I want them to think about the woman who composed and recited this special prayer before handing out medicines:

May you, the Creator of the world… grant me the privilege of giving medicine to those of your nation, Israel, who are in need of deliverance, as well as those of other nations.

I want the people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” to think about Dafna, and her children, and the world of good she will no longer do.

As with Naama Henkin Hy’d, who was murdered in November in the same area together with her husband Yaakov Hy’d and son Netanel Hy’d, Israel has lost another incredible, powerful, religious, Zionist, educated female leader with an intense love for the Torah, her country and her fellow Jewish women. The terrorists certainly know how to strike close to our hearts, both physically and metaphorically.

ברוך דיין אמת. יהי זכרה ברוך

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  1. Reality says:

    ברוך דיין אמת
    There are no words,just more tears and more tears.If all the Jerusalem Post can talk about after such a terrible murder is committed ,it’s time to remove my membership.To read headlines like that ,I can go to any foreign media outlet .And if more of these gruesome terrorist attacks G-d forbid occur,sadly more Duma-like attacks will occur too.People are sick and tired of being sitting ducks, waiting for nothing to be done to prevent terror.They will take the law into their own hands.We keep being told by our leaders,that we are a sovereign state and we are allowed to defend ourselves.So let them start defending us!
    I cannot understand the point of not employing Palestinian workers for one day.They should stop employing them period.When/if things calm down they can slowly slowly employ a few at a time,to see how things go.If only a small number of Palestinians are employed,it would be considered a prestigious job,in which case they hopefully wouldn’t want to jeapordize that.And if they restart terror attacks we can again unemploy them.

  2. ShimonZ says:

    Another heartbreaking story. Words can’t say what we feel. We look at her face… and even those of us who didn’t know her, see the beauty and the humanity she radiates. What did the Swedish foreign minister have to say about this incident? Did she feel that there was some question as to the legality of the action? Did she have anything to say about those who praise such murders? Those of us who lost intimate family members to the Nazis will remember her and the ‘sympathizers’ with murder that came before her.

  3. And another one today in Tekoa. Pray for the recovery of Mikhal bat Esther, and her baby (she is pregnant)

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