Palestinian resistance heroes terrorists murder another defenceless Israeli woman

Shlomit Krigman Hy’d, murdered in Bet Horon by Palestinian terrorists

Yesterday another sickening terror attack took place, this time inside Bet Horon, an Israeli community in the Binyamin region. The target was outside a grocery store (gasp! How DARE those eeevil israeli settlers buy groceries!) where the terrorists went on a stabbing spree, seriously injuring two women, one of whom, Shlomit Krigman Hy’d, died of her injuries overnight.  In an escalation from previous attacks, these terrorists also carried pipe bombs for further attacks:

Here is the initial report from Arutz Sheva:

Two women were wounded in a stabbing attack that took place on Monday afternoon near Beit Horon, located to the northwest of Jerusalem in Samaria’s Binyamin district.

The two terrorists who conducted the attack, in which one victim was critically wounded and another moderately wounded, were shot by a security guard and later died of their wounds.

An improvised explosive was found shortly afterwards adjacent to the scene of the attack by security forces. A police bomb-squad member was rushed to the scene to dismantle the explosive, and residents were asked to stay indoors.

Shortly afterwards a second explosive, described as a pipe bomb, was also located, followed shortly afterwards by a third explosive device discovered nearby.

The terrorists were thwarted from continuing with their murderous rampage by the  brave shopkeeper – who fought them off with his shopping cart!

The owner described those terrifying minutes:

“I don’t know where I got the courage,” he told Channel 2 in an interview inside the store. “But there were children in the store, women. Someone called out to me ‘terrorist, terrorist’. I didn’t think of anything but jumping out to make sure they didn’t get in. That was the only thing.”

Mordechai Shalem, hero grocery owner

Added Shalem: “It was scary. Scary, for sure. You see two people facing you with their knives raised. I saw the hatred in their eyes, the anger. I knew I had to stop them from getting in… I’d stop them with my body. If they’d got in, I dread to think what would have happened.

He said he faced off with the two assailants for what he estimated was 10 seconds. “They screamed at me ‘Allahu Akbar.’ I screamed back at them, ‘Get out of here, you dogs.’ They tried for 10 seconds to get in. I made sure they couldn’t. And then they internalized that the moment had passed. They ran off toward the homes in the settlement.

Mr. Shalem underestimates himself. He got the courage from his own morality, his determination to protect innocent civilians from murderous thugs. Thank G-d the terrorists were shot dead before they reached any residents’ homes and committed more bloodshed.

Sadly, Shalem’s efforts did not manage to save Shlomit Krigman Hy’d. She was described as “beloved, sweet, full of light”:

The death of 23-year-old Shlomit Krigman, who sustained serious injuries during a stabbing attack in the West Bank settlement of Beit Horon Monday and died of her wounds Tuesday morning, left the young woman’s friends and relatives shaken, as they grieved and recalled her warm heart, artistic nature, and her social conscience.

She was a caring person, close and caring toward her friends,” Einat Dermer told the NRG news site. “She was just a person who wanted everything to be good, and she did that in her own way.”

Krigman, who had previously served as a group leader for the Bnei Akiva Youth Group in Beit Horon, was spending time with her grandparents in the settlement when she was attacked, according to a message from the community sent out Tuesday morning.

Though originally from the West Bank settlement of Shadmot Mehola, located in the Beit She’an Valley, Krigman spent much time in Beit Horon, outside Jerusalem, and was seen as a resident by many who lived in the small settlement.

“Shlomit, your address may have been in Shadmot Mehola, but you were without a doubt a resident of Beit Horon,” one resident wrote on Facebook in tribute to her. “Shlomit, part of the landscape of Beit Horon, a smiling, quiet flower who brightened up her surroundings.”

Krigman had recently completed her bachelors degree at the University of Ariel, and was trying to decide on a path to pursue in the field.

“Shlomit, a daughter of Shadmot Mehola, was a sweet and gentle girl,” Matti Carmi, a close personal friend, told Ynet. “She studied industrial design at Ariel and displayed an amazing final project; she built a mobile library. She was a talented girl, sociable and loved by everyone.”

Krigman’s funeral was scheduled for 1 p.m. at Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuhot Cemetery. She is survived by her parents and her six siblings.

Shlomit’s friends spoke of their shock at her loss, of her good heart:

Her close friend Einat Dermer says that Krigman “was a considerate person who cared about her friends. She always wanted everything to be better. I am in complete shock.

“It hasn’t sunk in. When they called me I was certain that it was to tell me she was engaged. She had such a good heart and was so empathetic to those around her. She was very creative. I still can’t imagine returning home without Shlomit,” she added in tears.

Others in the community said, “We are supporting and embracing the Krigman family. With all the pain and the sadness in losing Shomit hy”d, it is important that the enemy knows we are only getting stronger and more determined to keep our legitimate communities throughout the country, including in the Jordan Valley.

What a dreadfully sad loss to her family, to two wonderful Jewish communities and to the Jewish nation. May her family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may they (and we all) know no more sorrow.

The blog This Ongoing War wondered what our “peace partners”, the Palestinian Authority, think of these cowardly terrorists? The answer is not too difficult to work out. Why, they are brave resistance heroes, to be emulated by the young and impressionable: (emphasis added in 4th paragraph):

Yesterday, in the small Beit Horon community (population: about 1,300, and a long Jewish history) that abuts the busy commuter route, a pair of Palestinian Arab men with terror on their minds made their way unhindered into the heart of the neighborhood – evidently via a breach in its periphery fence or by climbing over – towards the makolet, the local grocery store. This is the fourth attack in a week in which Arabs have brought their terror right inside Israeli communities; the others were in Tekoa, Otniel and Anatot/Almon.

They stopped briefly to place several home-made explosive devices just outside the shop. Just before or after that, they evidently spotted two women, one walking along the sidewalk, a second one in the nearby car park, and stabbed them both brutally. Security camera footage [here] shows them then being stopped at the entrance to the makolet by its proprietor aided by what he had at hand – a shopping cart. This worked. Sometime very soon after that, a security guard shot them both. They are now dead.

We know the attackers’ names. Arabic-language news sources [here, for instance] say they are Osama Ibrahim Yousef Allan, 23, from nearby Beit Ur al-Tahta [بيت عور التحتى] and Hussein Mohamed Abu Ghosh, 17, from Qalandiya, an Arab neighbourhood from which a stream of killers, stabbers and would-be jihadists have emerged in recent months (most recently mentioned in our blog here, here and here.)

It’s reported that they posted on Facebook in the hours before the murderous attack that they were “going to hunt porcupines“. One of the thugs was immediately claimed [see poster] as “son, martyr, hero” by Fatah, the terrorist band headed by PA president Mahmoud Abbas. Their photos, part of the process of elevating armed thuggery to something higher and worthy of emulation, already began popping up across the Arabic media [here, for instance] in the hours after the terrorism.

Knowing how these matters work, there is no room for doubt that their stabbing of two unarmed women makes them heroes in the perverted society from which they emerged, starting at its highest levels. Their deaths at the hands of a security guard turns them in martyrs with custom posters for family and friends to admire.

The PA “President-for-life” later came out in open support of these murderers:

After this series of attacks PM Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the army to prepare a plan to increase settlement security.

But defensive measures are no longer enough. There are several other obvious solutions that come to mind although you may think I’ve turned into a raging Islamophobic racist. But I don’t see any other way out of this intifada, and it is clear that the government’s lukewarm responses are not improving the situation one bit. I am also sure my ideas will be rejected due to being politically incorrect and/or liable to enrage the Left/the UN/the US Administration/the EU/any other alphabet soup you can think of. But here goes:

For example:

  • Israeli roads which are open to Palestinians, despite the Palestinians having their own access roads, should be closed forthwith to all Palestinians until the security situation is improved to a situation where Israelis can feel safe; and
  • after each attack the government should expropriate a preset area of several hectares and hand it over to Israelis; and/or
  • after each attack the government should authorize a new settlement in the area of the terrorists’ hometown; and/or
  • after each attack the homes of the terrorists should be razed immediately – without delays and interminable appeals in the courts.

As I said above, these suggestions sound, and indeed are, draconian. But the terrorists didn’t allow any appeal or justice to their victims. Measure for measure sounds appropriate, don’t you think?

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21 Responses to Palestinian resistance heroes terrorists murder another defenceless Israeli woman

  1. DP-PT says:

    I think our response has to change from a defensive posture to an offensive one. In the Forties and Fifties, Fedayeen raids were responded to with “Pe’ulot Tigmul” retaliatory raids, taking the nature of ultra violent murderous attacks on the villages from which these terrorists came, up to and including destroying these villages utterly, killing as many of the population as possible and exiling the rest. Thus is created deterrence. The response has to be immediate and ultra violent. No looking for terrorists in the population, no looking for needles in the haystack, just burning the entire haystack. This has to be done by the IDF, as an authorised policy by the government. Yes, the world will shout and scream, but the time has come to give the world the finger. That’s my suggestion FWIW. If killing the population is unpalatable, then utterly destroy the village and bus the entire population to the Gazan or Syrian border. My bet is that after one or two of these operations, calm will be restored.

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree with you, but we need a government with the intestinal fortitude, a la Ariel Sharon in the 1950s – to carry out such a program, and I don’t think we have the leadership today.

  2. Oskar says:

    I agree entirely with the contents of the above letter. And Bibi should remember, because of his lack of giving the population proper security, he will not be reelected next time. His time is up. And the next election is just round the corner. If two or three votes will be missing from a piece of legislation, he can whistle in the wind and rain. And Herzog, and or Lapid will not have the slightest chance of taking over.
    Paddy O’P

    • anneinpt says:

      Trouble is, if Bibi is not elected, and neither Herzog or Lapid, who is left? There is no one else. Unless Bennett or Erdan or someone similar arises but I can’t see that happening quite yet.

  3. Earl says:

    No, I don’t think that you have turned into a “raging Islamophobic [sic] racist”.

    But, I do think that you have evolved into a “rational Judaeophilic survivalist”. And there is nothing negative to say about that sort of evolution, beyond that it is unfortunate that it has to occur at all.

    DP-PT’s latter suggestion, in the absence of wholesale internments, regrettably forecasts inevitable Israel’s future. Being an Israeli Jew does not mean one willingly accepts being slaughtered by Dark Age orcs.

  4. Reality says:

    I agree that something needs to be done,possibly in line with DP-PT’s suggestion. For sure to raze the terrorists home entirely forethwith,and not just a balcony or his bedroom where he resided, but the entire house & the whole family should be deported to Gaza or Syria.
    After having just read Ban Ki Moons (non)logic concerning again settlements/occupation= frustration = terrorism, why then is every country in the world under Muslim terrorist threat? And all the alphabet soup EU UN US etc “friends” of Israel are as bad as the terrorist s in my mind, as they give them legitimacy to continue wholesale slaughter of innocents. There are plenty of occupied lands around the world, and none of them are suffering from terrorism,unless its from Muslims in the name of Jihad. In ww2 the Jews lands,their belongings, their entire world was expropriated(some until this present day) and they didnt go around slaughtering(perhaps they should have),instead the Arabs helped the Germans towards the final solution,which they are still trying to bring about today.

    • anneinpt says:

      Agreed 100%. If it’s poverty or frustration or occupation how come the Jews never became terrorists? Or the Tibetans? Or Saharans?

      We just have to accept that the UN, including Banki, are acting out of plain old Jew hatred. Once you accept that premise, nothing comes as a surprise, and our plan of action becomes clear – as long as we have a strong enough leadership which unfortunately we don’t.

  5. Earl says:

    @ Reality: A more direct comparator is the case of the Sudeten Germans; if only Lieberman or Bennett would champion their cause at the UN (spit) and with the EU (spit). Not to pick on the Czechs, but…

  6. Earl says:

    @ Reality (supplementary): Fortunately for dar al-khufr, the ummah appears to have solidly entered its own Thirty Years War. So the best we can do is contain the combatants and hope that Mutti et al. are not permitted any further opportunity to relieve the War’s outcomes on the backs of future generations of hapless Western citizens.

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree in theory Earl, but that hasn’t stopped the EU from labelling setlement products and now legislating that agreements with Israel stop at the 1949 ceasefire lines. You’d think they have enough problems on their heads to bother with Israel, but no… And maybe they think they’re throwing the Muslims a bone by throwing Israel under the bus, but the Muslims cannot be appeased or sated until Israel is destroyed.

  7. Reality says:

    Why don’t we start a UN petition for all these poor occupied Sudetenland Germans,Mexicans,Red Indians,Tibetans…..
    That would cause a lot of ruffled feathers,and take the heat off us for about 10minutes! I’d loooove to see the UNs reaction to those suggestions!

  8. If this is the definition of terror then the occupation is “horror”?? “nightmare” call it what ever you want. EVERYONE KNOWS ISRAEL IS THAT x1000

    • anneinpt says:

      If you can’t see how stabbing an innocent woman is the definition of terrorism then you have no spark of humanity.

      No, everyone does NOT know that Israel is a horror or a nightmare. In fact everyone decent knows that Israel is a pluralistic, modern, free society with freedom of religion for all. It is a beacon of humanity and progress both in the dark neighbourhood and even in comparison with the enlightened West.

      It is a country surrounded by pathological, hate-filled, murderous barbaric thugs who only wish to return to the 7th century, where stoning and hand-chopping is acceptable punishment for minor “crimes”. It is a country where the minority living within it think it is acceptable to subvert the country through terrorism, and it is a country where people like you think ti is acceptable to support this terrorism.

      Well, I have to inform you that this blog is an Israel-hatred-free zone. I will leave your comment up so that people can see what anti-semitism looks like, so that people can see what a hate-filled human being you are, how ignorant and closed-minded and utterly stupid you are.

      But one more comment like that from you and you’re banned for life.

      • I can see stabbing an innocent as terrorsim, if you can see Israel as a terror organisation occupying a nation!

        Israel is NOT freedom of religion, if it was Isael would let the palestinian Muslims into al-Aqsa! Israel is not a country first of all, since no Palestinian leaders had been given a “chair” after the British government declared Palestine a state in 1915! You’re just living in a gigantic, stolen refugee camp.

        I don’t see stoning and chopping of hands for murder as any worse than arresting and torturing a 8 year old child, or kidnapping and raping Norwegian journalists for documenting a boat trying to break a illegal sea blockage of Gaza..

        Palestinians are semites too you know..

        • anneinpt says:

          Answering your comment point by point:

          I can see stabbing an innocent as terrorsim, if you can see Israel as a terror organisation occupying a nation!

          I’m glad you can agree on at least one of my points. But no, Israel is not a “terror organization”. Israel is a sovereign country, one of hundreds in the world. Israel is no more a terror organization than is Britain, France, America, or your very own beloved Norway.

          Just saying something, and repeating it over and over, does not make it true.

          Israel is NOT freedom of religion, if it was Isael would let the palestinian Muslims into al-Aqsa!

          But of course Israel IS letting Palestinian Muslims into Al Aqsa! Why don’t you visit the site and see for yourself! On occasion Israel limits the number of Muslims allowed into the Mosque for security reasons.

          I mean, did you know that the Muslims use the Al Aqsa as a base for terror activities? That they store rocks and firebombs there to throw onto the Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall below? No, I’m sure you didn’t know.

          rocks in Al Aqsa

          If the Muslims would treat the Al Aqsa with the due reverence and holiness that it deserves, then there wouldn’t be a problem. But the Palestinian Muslims today treat Al Aqsa simply as another base for terror activities.

          And by the way, before Israel was a state, the Arabs were supremely UNINTERESTED in the Al Aqsa!

          Note the state of disrepair of the Mosque in the 1930s. No one was interested in it until Israel recaptured Jerusalem.

          Israel is not a country first of all, since no Palestinian leaders had been given a “chair” after the British government declared Palestine a state in 1915! You’re just living in a gigantic, stolen refugee camp.

          The level of ignorance in this comment of yours is quite breath-taking. I really would advise you to go and read a history book. Even reading Wikipedia would be useful.

          Israel is not a country? LOLOL!!! We are a country, with a government and a flag and an army and institutions of state and a seat at the UN.

          What on earth do you mean when you say “No Palestinian leaders were given a chair”? There WERE NO PALESTINIANS!! The only Palestinians back in the 1920s and 1930s were JEWS! The Palestinians are an invented construct from 1964 when Yasser Arafat (may his name be cursed forever) invented them as a pawn against Israel. Before any “occupation”, when the land was still occupied by Jordan.

          The AREA (not country) of Palestine was lived in by Jews and Arabs. The nations decided to grant a Jewish homeland in the Jews’ historic homeland of Israel, then in the AREA called Palestine. It included all of Israel including Judea & Samaria (aka the West Bank) and Jordan.

          When the Arabs objected to Jews having a right to live there, the British – who had been given the Mandate to hold the land for the Jews – chopped off 78% and gave it to the Arabs, calling their territory Trans-Jordan.

          As to Israel being a “giant stolen refugee camp”, well, you’re right – the Arabs stole Israel from the Jews.

          In 1947 when the UN declared partition of Palestine into 2 areas – Jewish and Arab – the Arabs refused to agree and invaded Israel. They illegally captured Judea and Samaria and called it the West Bank. Any Arabs living there were kept there in refugee camps until today, to be used as pawns in the fight against Israel. Successfully I may add, since dupes like you believe their nonsense about being refugees, when THEY ARE LIVING IN THEIR OWN LAND!!

          I don’t see stoning and chopping of hands for murder as any worse than arresting and torturing a 8 year old child, or kidnapping and raping Norwegian journalists for documenting a boat trying to break a illegal sea blockage of Gaza..

          Hmm, well who arrests and tortures 8 year old children? Only Hamas. If they are your friends and you would like your 8 year old to live them, gesundheit.

          Kidnapping and raping Norwegian journalists?? I think you have a problem with that right there in your own Norway who has so generously taken in hundreds of thousands of fake refugees, who are going around raping Western women and harrassing them.

          If you know of any Norwegian journalists raped by Israelis, you had better go straight to the police and report these crimes. Otherwise I would think you are making the whole thing up.

          And SURELY you wouldn’t like would you? Just to make Israel look bad??? Naahh… surely not!

          Regarding the “illegal sea blockade” of Gaza – unfortunately for you, the UN itself, not exactly a bastion of pro-Israel sentiment – declared the blockade legal.

          Palestinians are semites too you know..

          No htey aren’t. Not all of them.

          I know what you are trying to imply – that antisemitism is also against Palestinians.

          Well, you are dead wrong. Anti-semitism is another word for Jew-hatred, and Jew-hatred alone. It was a term invented in 1879 by Willhelm Marr to make Jew-hatred, or Juden-hasse, more palatable to the refined taste of educated Germans.

          But it remains: hatred of Jews. Nothing to do with the Palestinians at all.

          They are always trying to co-opt the Jews’ persecution as their own. They claim “Holocaust”, “genocide”, and “antisemitism”. Sorry. It won’t work. The Palestinians are the most coddled and spoiled “refugees” and “victims” that there have ever been in the history of the world.

          Because of the Palestinians’ victimology, millions of real victims get no money and no attention. The Palestinians are spoiled children who whine and cry when their victims hit back. They expect the world to do everything for them and do nothing to help themselves. Their own brothers the Arabs also do nothing to help them. For shame!!

        • Hanspeter Buechi says:

          You better do some homework re history and legal rights first. There was never a nation called Palestine, nor such a country. It was just a small part of the Ottoman Empire. In San Remo 1920 the Allied powers in the name of all powers said yes to the Balfour-Declaration of 1917 to lbuild a home for the Jewish people on that territory. The Arabs did not ask for in on the peace conference in Paris 1919. „Palestine“ was described in a government report of 1921 as undeveloped and unterpopulated, 70% of it was state land. So the Jews resp. Israel is there by right. In 1922 the British cut away for political reasons – they became pro Arab – 77% of the territory promised to the Jews and created Jordan.
          When the Jews started to move to Palestina, they were folloowed by many arabs from x countries, because the Jews created also Jobs. So about 75% of the so-called Palestinians were also immigrants resp. their descendants. There is a lot more to say.
          You talk as so many Israel-haters in the world, totally igrorant and twisting facts!!. You obviously accept the charter of PLO and of Hamas calling fort he desctuction of Israel, you accept Abbas calling Israel as occupied Palestine. By the way even the UN has agreed that the blockade of Gaza is legal, it exists to stop arms flowing into Gaza.

          • anneinpt says:

            Thank you Hanspeter for your excellent reply. Well said!

            • Hanspeter Büchi says:

              I am doing nothing else here in Switzerland. i.e. confronting our blind politicians, our churches and the media with the truth about Israel! – and Islam. The very big problem of Israel here is the Ignoance about your country, its history, its legal rights etc.!!
              As somebody said: Israel wants peace, Abbas wants Israel, piece by piece… We must not forget that any territory, that once has been under the rule of Islam is said to belong to Allah for ever, i.e. Islam has to take such a territory back, at any rate. By the way, from Reagan to Bush, no US president has considered the settlements as illegal.

              I know the parents and grandparents of Shlomit. Her greatgrandfather once was Rabbi in Germany (died in Dachau). Shlomit is not the first victim in the family of a Palestinian attack. We feel very, very sad about it.

              • anneinpt says:

                Bravo, kol hakavod on your activism and your endeavours to put out the truth about Israel. I wish you the greatest success.

                I’m so sorry for your personal loss in the murder of Shlomit. Although we all feel the loss of our terror victims, it is so much worse when the victim is known to us.

                May you know no more sorrow.

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