Good News Friday

And again, despite it all, despite the devastating murders of young Israeli fathers this week, and despite another extremely serious attack today in Maale Adumim which has left a security guard fighting for his life, we must try to see some positive – at least as we approach Shabbat. So here is today’s Good News Friday post.

We’ll start with some archaeological news. In the first item, a 7 year old Israeli boy stumbled across a 3,400 Canaanite figurine in the north of Israel (via Mum). But that’s not all – see how the ancient find tied in with his school studies!

During a trip to the Tel Rehov archeological site in northern Israel this week, seven-yearold Ori Greenhut, from Tel Te’omin in the Beit She’an Valley, suddenly came upon a small figure covered with soil while climbing the site’s tel, or archeological mound.

When he rubbed the dirt off the object, an unusual clay statuette was revealed.

Ori Greenhut and the Canaanite figurine

His mother, Moriya Greenhut, said Ori was excited when he came home to present her with the mysterious ceramic figurine of a woman standing naked.

In short order, the family reported the finding to the authority, and Amihai Mazar, professor emeritus at the Hebrew University and director of the archeological excavations at Tel Rehov, inspected the statuette.

“It is typical of the Canaanite culture of the 15th–13th centuries BCE,” said Mazar. …

“It is highly likely that the term trafim, mentioned in the Bible, indeed refers to figurines of this kind,” Mazar added. “Evidently, the figurine belonged to one of the residents of the city of Rehov, which was then ruled by the central government of the Egyptian pharaohs.”

For his good deed, representatives from the IAA went to Greenhut’s Shaked Elementary School at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, to present him with a certificate of appreciation for good citizenship.

Meanwhile, his teacher, Esther Ledell, noted that the archeologists came to the school while she was teaching her students about idol worship.

“It was an amazing occasion!” she said. “The archeologists entered the class during a Torah lesson, just when we were learning about Rahel stealing her father’s household gods (trafim; Genesis 31).”

Ledell continued: “I explained that the household gods were statues that were used in idol worship, and all of a sudden I realize that these very same idols are here in the classroom!”

This is what I love about Israel. The archaeology ties in with our own history and with our present day. Even if the artifacts are not Jewish or Israelite in origin they are often mentioned in the Tanach, which go to prove its truth. Kol hakavod to young Ori Greenhut and to his mother Moriya for recognizing the value of the item and calling the authorities.

A similar archaeological find of non-Israelite items was discovered down in the south of Israel, in the fabled Timna copper mines:

Israel – the modern 21st century country where you trip over 3,500 year old items as you hike!

Moving now to a completely different era, here is a lovely, simple heart-warming story to cheer up those of us who are worried that Palestinian terrorism is dissuading the average Israeli from travelling to, or even just supporting the settlements: (via Hadassah):

(Shufersal is one of the largest, if not the largest, supermarket chains in Israel).

Shufersal logo


Here is my free translation:

Here is something nice that Emily Amrussi published in the Talmon community forum:

Yesterday there were only 19 Shufersal orders from the local area. It is not just unprofitable, but loss-making.
In addition stones were thrown at the delivery man as he left the settlement.

I sent the director of marketing of Shufersal message thus:

I understand that the number of orders is still small.
1. You should ensure official advertising.
2. Maybe you can join the two days of deliveries to Talmonim into one day. Perhaps it would be more concentrated and more profitable for you.

Thanks again.

I received a phone call now and this is what she said:

“The stones will not deter us.

It is unthinkable that a town in this country should be cut off from service because of terrorism. If we stop deliveries because of stones – this would be a surrender to terrorism.”

(This girl is a classic Buji (Labour) voter, lives in a moshav near Rechovot and never crossed the green line – i.e. a classic Israeli Leftist).

If necessary we will armour the delivery vans at our expense.
Not only am I not going to join up the delivery days or reduce them – I’m going to add a day. I’ll update you soon about which day.

You are the Beautiful Israel, dwelling there in the name of all of us.”

In this day and age of persistent delegitimization of Israel and of the settlement enterprise, not to mention the constant terrorism, this is truly a wonderful message of support, and certainly not to be taken for granted.  Kol hakavod to Shufersal! Let’s all go shopping there!

Now how could we manage without a hi-tech mention? This week over 140 Israeli companies attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

More than 140 Israeli companies will introduce innovative technologies and applications in Israel’s pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 2016. The congress, to be held from February 22-25, is considered the biggest and most important get-together in the mobile industry and is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors and 2,000 companies ready to unveil the most innovative technologies, products and applications in the field. The congress, which traditionally hosts the giants of the communications industry, including cellular operators, Internet providers and device manufacturers, will this year also be a magnet for the digital media, consumer goods brands and contents producers coming to take a close-up, personal look at tech trends in advertising, brand connections, customer service, contents and more.

The Israel Export Institute is teaming up with the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry to put together Israel’s national pavilion, centrally located in Hall 5 next door to global leaders in communications, and slated to spread over 500 square meters. The pavilion will serve as the setting for some of the event’s biggest business meetings already scheduled by the trade attachés of Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration.

Among the technologies to be presented at the pavilion are a smart dog collar equipped with tiny, non-invasive sensors monitoring the health of man’s best friend, a location device attached to one’s luggage tracking it throughout flight, a wireless charger for cellular devices requiring no cables at all, an order button for rapid repeat orders of basic consumer goods, and a technology for the early detection of available on-street parking. Israeli companies will also display cyber technologies that protect mobile devices against hacking, smart home technologies, digital medical technologies, and much more.

According to the Export Institute’s estimate, Israel exported communications products and technologies to the tune of some $3.5 billion in 2015 – $2 billion in communications equipment and $1.5 billion in communications software (not including exports credited to communications startups).

How about that for a kick in the teeth for #BDSFail? Let them boycott all that!

We can be so proud of all the amazing developments and inventions that have come out of our little country.

And to conclude, let’s go back 100 years to a quieter, much smaller Jerusalem. Here is a fascinating film (via Vered) taken by a Dutch tourist of life in Jerusalem and the area in 1918. This film disproves all those who claim that the Jews only returned to Israel in 1948, or that Jerusalem was an Arab town and that the Jews “Judaized” it (!).

Watch and enjoy!

And with this beautiful peaceful note I wish you all Shabbat Shalom. May the coming week be a much better, more peaceful and safer week for all of us.

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    What a great post!!! I am thrilled that Shufersal answered so well.Good for them.I am amazed.
    As for that cute little boy finding an antiquity-how exciting for him.
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