How BDS aims for the destruction of Israel and supports terrorism

For anyone following the fight against BDS, and for those combatting the euphemistic “anti-Zionist not antisemitic”, the latest actions of BDS disprove their claims that they are “only” anti-occupation and not anti-Israel.

We have all heard in recent days about the BDS “victory” in forcing the closure of the SodaStream factory near Maale Adumim – which is over the “Green Line” – and its relocation to the Negev. You would think that BDS would be happy at their victory (at the expense of the Palestinians of course) and that now they would leave the company alone. But no, this is a step too far for them, and this is where they show their true colours. Honest Reporting reports on how BDS is STILL not relenting on their attacks on Sodastream:

When SodaStream moved out of the West Bank in October 2015 under pressure from BDS, 500 Palestinian employees lost their jobs. Another 74 were able to continue working at the new factory close to the southern town of Rahat, but only on temporary work permits. On Monday, those permits expired and SodaStream was forced to let its last Palestinian employees go.

Thanks to the BDS movement’s actions, close to 600 Palestinians have now lost their jobs.

BDS activists have clearly demonstrated beyond all doubt that their only goal is to harm Israel, and they don’t care one iota if that causes Palestinians to suffer. Mahmoud Nawajaa, the BDS coordinator in Ramallah, called the loss of the Palestinian jobs at SodaStream

part of the price that should be paid in the process of ending the occupation.

And yet, as we see after the factory’s move to the uncontested Negev:

The boycott movement will still be targeting SodaStream as leaders claim that operating from the Negev “amounts to participation in Israel’s plans to forcibly displace at least 40,000 Palestinian Bedouins into townships,” and according to BDS leader Omar Barghouti, “colluding in the ethnic cleansing of Bedouin Palestinian citizens.” Except the Bedouins are not Palestinians, and BDS is simply hijacking their identity to fit their narrative portraying Israel as an occupier of Palestinian land.

This is in reference to the contentious Prawer-Begin plan which was dropped while the government sought to formulate a new version, but aimed to resolve the issues of illegal Bedouin settlements and to more fully integrate them into Israeli society.

The SodaStream factory was built in a new industrial zone in the Negev administered by the Bedouin city of Rahat, the Jewish town of Lahavim and the Bnei Shimon Regional Council. Around 40 factories will be based in this industrial zone when it is fully developed, providing employment for hundreds of workers, including many Bedouins from nearby towns. A college and hospital are also being built. The Negev is uncontested land under Israeli sovereignty, but to BDS it is another area that can be used in the attempt to delegitimize Israel altogether.

Just like the 600 Palestinians who lost their jobs, the plight of the Bedouins and the reality of the situation are irrelevant to BDS. The movement will take any opportunity to demonize Israel, even if it is to the detriment of the people it claims to care about.

As if this outrage isn’t enough, Deebo of Israellycool brings us a video that shows how BDS is also connected to terrorism – not just against Israel, but against America and the West:

Do not let yourselves or your families be fooled by the soothing words of BDS. They are hateful antisemites who are out to destroy Israel, and are absolutely NOT interested in the well-being of the Palestinians about whom they claim to care so much. And in the process, via their hatred, they have made some very bad alliances with some very bad people.

Watch, learn, and spread the word. Don’t let the hateful bigots get away with their hatred and support of terror.

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