Let’s see you boycott this, idiots

Arab students at Ariel University. No discrimination there

An infuriating news item caught my eye yesterday in the Jerusalem Post: the head of an organization of 1,000 (one thousand!) Israeli sociologists announced that they are severing all contact with Ariel University since “it is not in Israel”:

Prof. Uri Ram, the newly elected president of the Israeli Sociological Society, called on Monday for a boycott Ariel University, located in Samaria.

“We will not cooperate with the institute known as Ariel University, which is not located within the bounds of the State of Israel,” he said in an interview with Army Radio.

The boycott initiative by Prof. Ram of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev will first need to pass a vote of the Israeli Sociological Society, which includes some 1,000 researchers and academics.

It is true that this announcement was denounced by Education Minister Naftali Bennett. It is also true that this decision needs to be ratified by a vote of the Israeli Sociological Society, which consists of over 1,000 sociologists – and we all know how where there are two Jews you find three opinions. Nevertheless, the very fact that an Israeli Jewish academic wishes to boycott an Israeli academic institution merely because of its address is an outrage.

It is also exceedingly stupid. Also yesterday, another item was brought to my attention (via OP) – the discovery by an Israeli researcher of a method to save stab victims from bleeding to death – and the researcher works at …. you guessed it… Ariel University!

An Israeli researcher at Ariel University in Samaria has discovered a revolutionary new method to stop the uncontrolled bleeding common in victims of stabbings – a medical innovation which could save countless lives in Israel and worldwide.

More than 30 people have been murdered in the attacks and hundreds have been wounded. Many of the victims – which have included the elderly, children and mothers – bled to death after suffering multiple stab wounds and the accompanying rapid blood loss.

Along with ceaseless incitement, Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas and Fatah have circulated detailed instructions on how to most “effectively” stab or slash a victim to cause maximum damage, and as a result the injuries inflicted to Jewish victims are often extensive and extremely dangerous.

Until now the only blood stopping solutions for the type of deep wounds caused by such violent stabbings are either too weak to effectively deal with them, or so strong that they cause deadly blood clots. Even the most able medical first responders often do not have the most effective solutions to save lives when every second counts.

The knife which an Israeli stab victim pulled out of his neck and with which he stabbed the terrorist

But Israeli scientist Moshe Rogosnitzky has discovered that gallium, a biometal currently used to stop bone loss in cancer patients, can, in liquid form (known as gallium nitrate), rapidly halt bleeding from deep wounds without causing blood clots.

The use of gallium for stopping bleeding from deep cuts provides additional benefits as well. Extensive research has shown that gallium is a very powerful anti-infective and speeds the healing of injuries caused by deep gashes which are often produced by the knives and other type of weapons used by terrorists.

Gallium works by inducing “flocculation” of the clotting protein in blood known as fibrinogen. This results in external clot formation. In stark contrast to other treatments for bleeding wounds, gallium does not induce clotting mechanisms in the blood. This avoids the highest risk of existing technologies that run the risk of causing deadly internal blood clots.

According to Rogosnitzky, Gallium has the potential to “dramatically increase the chances of survival by victims of terror or accidents. However, it is vital to get this discovery from the lab to the clinic as quickly as possible. The sooner it gets to the market, the sooner it can be used effectively to save lives.”

At this stage, gallium has to undergo studies to determine the optimal dose and delivery method prior to filing for marketing authorization by the health authorities. In addition, a comparative efficacy trial with other technologies for stopping bleeding needs to occur.

In order to speed up the process for clinical development and availability of gallium, Stop the Bleeding, an online fundraising campaign, has been initiated through We Fund the Cure – a US-based nonprofit.

Researchers say they urgently need the funding to move forward to the next stage.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be no immediate end in sight to the kind of violent attacks facing Israelis,” said Rogosnitzky. “Gallium can provide instantaneous help to victims in Israel.

“Our goal is to place gallium in every first aid kit and every ambulance, ensuring that every stabbing victim has an increased chance of survival.  In order to move forward quickly we need resources for clinical testing.

“Moreover, as blood loss remains the leading cause of death from stabbings and other external injuries, it is our hope that this innovation can help innocent victims of violent crime or accidents throughout the world by significantly reducing mortality rate and providing an effective and safe answer for blood loss from wounds.”

This is an incredible discovery, which could save countless lives, from terror and war victims to accidents.

Just make sure that the sociologists who voted to boycott Ariel University don’t get to benefit from this. They should remember to carry this pin with them at all times:

How to boycott Israel properly

How to boycott Israel properly

Beyond the outrage and the disgrace of an Israeli academic calling for the boycott of another Israeli academic institution, there is the dismay that we feel when such a call undercuts our own message to the world to outlaw BDS because it is discriminatory.

When I see the Israeli sociological association distancing itself from, for example, Bir Zeit University, which educates terrorists and teaches hate and incitement – and which, it must be noted, is also not “in Israel” – then I will accept that the disrespected sociologists have a point.

Until then, they are simply a bunch of bigots.

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  1. Reality says:

    I cannot believe or understand the sheer stupidity of our own home grown racists.I think he should be fired from his position immediately.

  2. David Coleman says:

    Oy vey I do not know why they are trying to stop our scientific progress with such petty tactics. Please fire that man.

    • anneinpt says:

      That would be my first recommendation David. My second recommendation would be for the government to cut the funding of any institution or organization that votes for the boycott.

      I can’t say I’m shocked but I am furious at our enemies within who give fodder to those who hate us.

      Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog!

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