UK charity which supports anti-Israel activity loses government funding


Some more good news out of the UK, where it seems that the authorities are waking up sharply to the scourge of antisemitism. Today’s good news, as reported by the Daily Telegraph, is that the charity War on Want has lost its government funding from the Department for International Development because it supported Israel Apartheid Week:

The government has ceased funding a British charity which sponsored events accused of promoting hatred and violence against Jews.

The Department for International Development (Dfid) said that it no longer supported War on Want, which helped pay for “Israeli Apartheid Week” in February this year.

The statement comes as the Telegraph obtained undercover recordings of events where anti-Semitism, demands for the destruction of Israel or naked support for terror were expressed by academics and others at meetings in some of Britain’s most prestigious universities.

One speaker, Max Blumenthal, the son of a close adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, praised a massacre by Hamas as sending an “incredible message” and said that taking up arms should be “normal” for Palestinians. He compared Israel to the terrorist group Isil, describing it as “the Jewish State of Israel and the Levant, Jsil”.

At another rally – sponsored by War on Want – a speaker said that British government policy was created by “Zionist and neo-con lobbies”.

A second speaker at the same event spoke of a “rumour” that Israelis were harvesting dead Palestinians’ organs.

The meeting, at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), was the London launch of Israeli Apartheid Week, held across UK university campuses to “raise awareness about Israel’s ongoing settler-colonial project” and demand boycotts of Israel. They were secretly recorded and passed to the Telegraph.

War on Want, whose logo appears on publicity materials for Israeli Apartheid Week and the meeting, has received £260,000 in funding from Dfid over the last two years.

The subsidy is doubly embarrassing because the Government has recently banned local authorities and other public bodies from implementing boycotts of Israel.

I wonder if the “secret recordings” came from the very courageous blogger and Jewish activist Richard Millett, or from some other pro-Israel person embedded within the SOAS crowd. Richard Millett wrote about that sickening SOAS Israel Apartheid Charade mentioned in the Telegraph article above, where Israel was accused of rape and organ harvesting. (I quoted from his article too in my own post here).

War on Want has lots of “form” in anti-Israel activity, as can be seen from NGO Monitor‘s report:

Under the “Activities” headline there is a list of reprehensible anti-Israel activities which should never play any part in a genuine charity to help the poor. Here is just a very small selection:


  • A leader and mobilizer of anti-Israel BDS (boycotts, divestments, and sanctions) campaigns.
  • Due to its highly inflammatory activities against Israel, Jewish Human Rights Watch filed a formal complaint with the Charity Commission, claiming that there is “reason to believe that [War on Want] is working with terrorist organizations” and carrying out a campaign of “demonization of the state of Israel – that has no bearings on the objects of the charity.”
  • Regularly erases the context of Palestinian terror and utilizes demonizing rhetoric, accusing Israel of “war crimes,” “collective punishment,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “apartheid.”
  • Maintains that the “illegal occupation of Palestine and oppression of the Palestinian people is one of the outstanding moral outrages of our day.”
  • Published a “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” resource, “expos[ing] the companies that are profiting from the Occupation and call[ing] on ordinary people around the world to take action.”


This heartening development from the Dfid follows several other counter-antisemitism actions by the British authorities, including public demands for Labour to expel antisemites from its midst, and the recent Daily Mail exposé of British taxpayers money being used to help funding for Palestinian terrorists.

I wonder whether this new interest in the human rights of Jews and Israelis is part of a new shift by the British government, electioneering (particularly for the post of Mayor of London) or simply a realignment of the British body politic in the face of potential massive Muslim immigration and problems of integration of the new immigrants.

Whatever the reason, it is to be encouraged and the British authorities deserve our thanks. Let’s hope the leaders of international human rights organizations (human rights for all except Jews) and Western political leaders take note.

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6 Responses to UK charity which supports anti-Israel activity loses government funding

  1. Judy Prager says:

    Great article hope this defunding is just the beginning ,followthe money it leads to all the anti semites and their cohorts.

    • anneinpt says:

      Indeed it seems that this is the start of a new wave of awareness in the West about terror funding. Let’s hope it increases.

  2. Reality says:

    I wonder if anti Semitic Labourites will be thrown out of their party.Well done to whoever exposed all this.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Did anyone notice that the boss of War on Want muttered that they hadn’t had (or applied for) any UK government money for some time.

    Sounds like a modern version of Aesop’s fable of the sour grapes to me.

    • anneinpt says:

      I read elsewhere, after I posted, that they hadn’t been receiving any gov’t money for some time. Maybe the Dfid just decided to go public with the story to embarrass them? Or maybe WoW were lying? Or sour grapes as you said.

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