Speaking truth to power: Hillel Neuer at the UNHRC; a Saudi TV host criticises Islam

I was going to title this post “Into the Lion’s Den”, since the stars of both videos are taking on very controversial, if not downright dangerous, positions.

First, here is Hillel Neuer, from the amazing UN Watch organization, in his own words on his work at the Human Rights Council:

In this new documentary film, UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer tells his personal story and feelings about being at the UN and speaking out. “When I walk into the Human Rights Council, I feel the glares of hatred, of enmity directed at me. I see it in in their eyes, and it’s from dictatorships, it’s from Arab states, it’s from others — sometimes even from some democracies.”

Watch this clip. My admiration for him has just gone up by another 100%.

This next video, via MEMRI TV, gives us a glimmer of hope that something is moving in the Arab world as the TV host Nadine Al-Budair slams the religion and the leaders of Islam for producing and supporting terrorism. I admit to being astonished, in a very pleasant way, both at the unveiled mode of dress of the TV host, but more importantly at her very outspoken words. It is hard to believe that the Saudi authorities allowed this broadcast to go ahead, and that Nadine Al-Budair has not been thrown into jail. I really hope she stays safe and can continue her amazing work in promoting modernity and tolerance in a very regressive and intolerant region.

Perhaps Hillel Neuer should make contact with Nadine Al-Budair and invite her to address the UN Human Rights Council. Maybe she can change their minds where others, notably Neuer himself, have not managed to do so.

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