Good News Friday – Shabbat Hagadol edition

It’s the last Shabbat before Pesach (Passover), known as Shabbat Hagadol – the Great Shabbat. My mind isn’t really into any of my usual Good News Friday stuff at the moment, having been to a funeral earlier today (of my brother’s father-in-law), and added to that the rapid approach of Pesach with all its attending preparations.

On the other hand it is still Friday after all, and Shabbat is still upon us in a few hours, when we must not mourn and when we must not work (thank goodness for that!).  So here a couple of lovely videos to put us into the Pesach mood and bring a smile to our faces before Shabbat.

This is a great video of that old favorite, Let My People Go, with some fabulous graphics (h/t Simcha S.).


And here, from the ancient to the utterly modern, the Technion proves that its geeks are not only brilliant at hi-techy stuff, (last year they created a Rube-Goldbergesque Passover machine which you can watch at that link)  but they can dance too! 🙂

Watch the Technion’s ultra-modern interactive breakdance version of the Hagaddah story. (the oldies amongst us might want to turn down the speakers a tad…):

The Hagaddah is never going to look the same again! 😀

Kol hakavod, well done to the excellent creativity of Nina Paley at the first video, and to all the clever minds and techno-geeks at the Technion for giving us something to smile about this Shabbat with their very original video.

May the coming week bring only good news and joy towards the upcoming Pesach festival.

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom!

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5 Responses to Good News Friday – Shabbat Hagadol edition

  1. Shabbat Shalom Annie and Happy Passover.

  2. Reality says:

    I love this post.Wishing all your family better news
    Shabbat Shalom

  3. rabbiadar says:

    Thank you, Anne! Pesach sameach!

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