Melanie Phillips puts the Middle East conflict into the right perspective

The British pro-Israel advocacy organization Campaign4Truth  (follow them at their Facebook page at the link) recently held an evening of debate of “The Two State Solution – dead or alive?,” the videos of which Brian of London posted at Israellycool, plus a video at the end of the entire evening.

Brian himself was one of the speakers, and the line-up included an amazing selection of pro-Israel activists, from the right and the left: James Sorene of BICOM, Melanie Phillips who needs no introduction, David Hirsh, UK academic and founder of Engage Online site fighting campus and political antisemitism in Britain;  Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian exile from Jordan; David Collier, who writes about campus antisemitism and campaigns for Israel at his website The Great Divide; and Brian of London himself (or Brian John Thomas as he calls himself here) of Israellycool.

Each video is a must-see in its own right, and I urge you to watch them all, but the keynote speaker, Melanie Phillips, as Brian put it, “hit it out of the ballpark”.

Just watch and listen to Melanie as she places the Middle East conflict into the correct context, and accurately asserts that the core of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not over land but over the very rejection by the Arabs of Israel to exist in any land at all in the Middle East.

Go now and watch all the other videos. And then make a note of all the important points to be used in your own battles with antisemites, BDS bigots and all the other racists we encounter as Jews, Israelis, or simply as moral human beings.

Kol hakavod to both Ambrosine Shitrit and Sharon Klaff of Campaign4Truth for organizing this amazing evening. Please consider organizing such an evening here in Israel too!

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