Terror attack in Tel Aviv: 4 murdered, Palestinians celebrate

At around 9.30 this evening two Palestinian terrorists opened fire on the Sarona shopping and restaurant complex in Tel Aviv, killing 4 (up from earlier reports of 3 dead), injuring 6. Arutz Sheva reports:

Terrorists opened fire at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv Wednesday evening, killing three and wounding 6.

Upturned restaurant in Sarona after terror attack

One victim is reportedly in critical condition, while two are in serious condition, MDA has reported.

The venue of the attack, Sarona, an old Templar village incorporated into Tel Aviv, is a popular tourist destination.

MDA officials report that the shootings occurred around Kaplan, HaArba, and Carlebach streets.

Witnesses say shots were fired at two different locations within the market.

It has been reported that the terrorists were disguised as haredi Jews.

One terrorist involved in the the attack was shot by a security guard and neutralized shortly after the attack. A second terrorist was later found and captured.

The Times of Israel brings an eye-witness report that the terrorists first ate at a restaurant in the complex:

A bartender confirmed to The Times of Israel that the two gunmen were sitting at Sarona’s Max Brenner restaurant before beginning their shooting spree. Yousef Jabarin, a resident of Umm al-Fahm, said the pair were dressed as “warriors” — wearing black suits, white shirts, skinny ties. He said he knew they were from the West Bank by the way they were dressed. The terrorists sat down and ordered a dessert, he said, and after 15 minutes, they stood up and started shooting.

Their mode of dress could explain why eyewitnesses thought they were disguised as haredim, who typically dress in conservative black suits and white shirts.

Unfortunately, in one of the rare times when the police made the correct call, they were ignored, as the ToI report continues:

In April, Israeli police moved to close down Sarona Market over fears that the commercial center was not sufficiently secure, but the site’s management said it would stay open. The popular compound is home to Israel’s largest indoor culinary market. Its 8,700 square meters (93,000 square feet) of market space hosts 91 shops of all varieties.

At the time, police asked the Tel Aviv Municipality to revoke Sarona’s business license, arguing that lax security put the visiting public at risk.

The JPost reports that Hamas welcomed the attack and said that the attackers were cousins from Yatta, near Hebron.

So how do our “peace partners” the Palestinians note this outrage? This is a rhetorical questin as I’m sure you all know the answer by now. For those who are not sure – those disgusting specimens of humanity celebrated. They cheered and handed out candies in celebration of murdered Jews.

Here are the cheers by Palestinians at Shaar Shechem in the Old City of Jerusalem:

There were celebratory fireworks in Hebron and fireworks in Gaza in celebration at the “successful” terror attack.

Even in faraway Istanbul they cheered the murders:

And the naivete of the UN has to be seen to be believed – below is the tweet from the “UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process”, no less:

This tweet is spot on:

With the vile reactions from the Arab street, the Palestinians’ murderous blood-lust, together with the mind-boggling naivete of the UN, how could anyone think any peace process could even start, let alone lead to a lasting settlement.

It is way beyond time that the world finally accepts that there can be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians until Israel is accepted as the Jewish State, the homeland of the Jewish People. Without that admission and acceptance, all talk of peace and all peace talks are just empty words in the wind.

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8 Responses to Terror attack in Tel Aviv: 4 murdered, Palestinians celebrate

  1. Reality says:

    Maybe now the French,who are convening ‘peace talks” will understand that Charlie Hebdo =Tel Aviv.
    Not holding my breath

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s not that they don’t understand. ‘m sure at a certain level they do. But they always have a “but” when it comes to Israel – not only the French, everyone.

      It’s “but the occupation” or “but apartheid” or “but they’re a minority” but in the end it adds up to “but the Jews are alive and breathing”. That’s all it is.

      No don’t hold your breath. The world definitely understands. But the world doesn’t care.

  2. rabbiadar says:

    Sick at heart. This has been on my mind ever since it came through the news. Some of the reportage has been infuriating. Thank you, as always, for writing.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you for your words of support. Each time I think I’ve become inured to the biased reporting on events in Israel, and each time I’m shocked anew. And then surprised at my own surprise. Why would we expect any different? It seems that there’s always a “but” when it comes to terrorism against Israel. No matter how hard we try, I sometimes despair that we will ever persuade the media to change it’s message.

      The only light in the darkness is the support we receive both from Jews and non-Jews all over the world who see through the lies and bias. That is what gives us heart in these hard times.

      • rabbiadar says:

        Anne, I wish I could give you a hug. Believe me there are many many Jews here in the Diaspora who care very much.

        • anneinpt says:

          I know there are Rabbi Adar, and that is what gives all of us the strength to carry on the fight. Thank you again. I wish you a happy and peaceful Shavuot meanwhile.

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