The four victims of the Tel Aviv terror attack

The four victims HY’D of the Sarona shooting attack

The four victims of the Sarona shooting attack were named earlier today:

The four victims of Wednesday night’s shooting attack in central Tel Aviv have been named as 41-year-old Ido Ben-Ari of Ramat Gan; Ilana Naveh, 39, of Tel Aviv; Ben Gurion University professor Michael Feige, 58; and 32-year-old Mila Mishaev of Rishon Letzion.

Ben-Ari’s wife was with him at the time of the attack, which took place in the busy Sarona Market; she is currently hospitalized in moderate condition after suffering gunshot wounds herself.

Ido, a former fighter in the IDF’s elite Sayeret Matkal unit, also leaves behind two children. His funeral will take place this evening at 6 p.m. at Yavneh cemetery.

Ilana Naveh, a mother of four children, was reportedly murdered while celebrating her 40th birthday. She will be buried in Petah Tikva this evening.

Feige, too, was a father to three children, and a prominent professor at Ben Gurion University.

Mila Mishaev was engaged to be married, and according to reports managed to call her boyfriend immediately after she was shot multiple times. She had been waiting for him at the restaurant when the gunmen opened fire.

16 other people were injured in the attack, including three people with serious wounds.

The Times of Israel has more background detail on some of the victims:

Ben-Ari was a father of two. He served in the elite Sayeret Matkal unit during his IDF service and was working in a senior position at The Coca-Cola Company’s Israel branch, his sister told the Ynet news site.

Ido Ben Ari HY’D

In a statement, Coca-Cola said the company “mourns the tragic loss of our friend Ido Ben Ari, a victim of this horrific act. We send our condolences and warmest wishes to the family.”

His wife was among the injured. She was admitted to a hospital Wednesday in serious condition but doctors said she stabilized overnight and were now defining her condition as moderate, according to Army radio.

The couple were eating at the Max Brenner restaurant where the shooting took place.

Ben Ari’s funeral will take place Thursday at 6 p.m. in Yavne.

Naveh, a mother of four, was out to celebrate her 40th birthday, according to media reports.

She will be buried in the Petah Tikva cemetery at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Thirty-two-year-old Mishayev, the youngest of the four victims, was set to be married in the near future, according to Ynet. She was waiting in the restaurant for her boyfriend when the attack took place. She suffered bullet wounds to her lower body and later died of her injuries. According to Ynet, Mishayev managed to call her boyfriend immediately after the attack.

Feige was a professor of Israeli studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. According to a bio posted by the school, he was a “a sociologist and anthropologist that specializes in Israeli society, collective memory and political myth.”

Prof. Michael Feige HY’D

He was a father of three.

Feige was a “really nice professor,” said Elisheva Goldberg, a graduate of Beersheba’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who took two courses with Feige.

“He wasn’t one of those stuck-up academics, he was very approachable, very human and personable,” she said. “He always asked people’s opinions, he was never rude, even when someone asked a stupid question, and he always made sure we understood what he was speaking about.”

Funeral details for these two victims were not immediately released.

Each one of the victims was a whole world, to humanity and to their families. Each one is a huge loss for their families and for the nation. May the families and loved ones of the four victims be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may they know no more sorrow.

ברוך דיין אמת. יהי זכרם ברוך.

An afterthought: I know it’s not proper to make political capital out of such a gruesome terrorist murder, but in a bitter irony, Prof. Feige was an anthropologist, and strongly opposed to the BDS efforts of the American Anthropological Association (AAA).  Just 3 days ago, the AAA’s boycott campaign was defeated, yet the AAA’s executive board wouldn’t back down and issued a censure of the Israeli government. Read more about it at Legal Insurrection.

One would think that the AAA would have the decency to cease their condemnations of Israel after one of their own was so brutally murdered, but then again, I don’t think the words “decency” and “AAA” fit together in any reasonable way.

This then is the true despicable face of BDS.

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8 Responses to The four victims of the Tel Aviv terror attack

  1. YJ Draiman says:

    As long as you have Arabs living in Greater Israel, terror and violence will never stop. It is in their blood and in their culture. Just look around in the world and see how terror and violence is promoted in the Muslim countries and in the Muslim communities in Europe and elsewhere. They are killing each other by the tens of thousands. When is the world at large going to wake up and face the hard reality? That terror and violence must be eliminated at all costs like a cancer or we are doomed to extinction. Death to all terrorists must be applied, no exception. When the Arabs Muslims; are teaching their children from infancy to commit terror and violence. There is no alternative but elimination of the terrorists and those who promote and incite the masses to commit terror and violence.

  2. YJ Draiman says:

    Local Arabs is the description of the Arabs in what was formerly known as the region of Palestine, which is the Land of Israel. It is an insult and it is promoting the perpetration of a fraud by calling the local Arabs nothing else than local Arabs. Prior to the mid sixties they were called Arabs all of a sudden they woke up one morning and decided in order to promote their fraud and deception to assume the title the Jews had since the Romans renamed the Land of Israel Palestine and Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina.
    YJ Draiman
    Also, let’s not forget that not only is the word Palestine a Roman miss-spelling of philistine with no Arabic roots whatsoever and the only area the Philistines had was the Gaza area, the rest had 7 other nationalities; it’s only purpose was to insult the Jewish people and serve as a constant reminder that they had been conquered by the Romans. There is a certain irony in the idea that these Arabs would choose a Roman name over making up their own. But that fits their method of operations in that all they do is take what is NOT theirs. Be it the land of Israel, the bodies of innocent women and children, the freedom that the EU and the U.S.A. insists on giving them, thus to abuse and threaten. Why wouldn’t they steal a name designated for the Jews by the Romans also? Principally since until 50 years ago the Arab themselves considered is as an insult to Arabs. Abbas the terrorist with a murder conviction belongs in Jail and should be hanged for his crimes.

  3. anneinpt says:

    YJ Draiman, thank you for both your comments. You make extremely viable and relevant points. I really ought to get into the habit of calling the Palestinians “Arabs” or “local Arabs” as you say. Calling them Palestinians bestows upon them a nationality which they do not deserve or possess in any real shape or form. They only became a “nation” in order to be a pawn to use against Israel.

  4. CNN has been on a tear since this tragedy, trying to portray once again, that this is lone violence, not affiliated with any Palestinian group. The CNN comparison is more like fans of the Eagles traveling to Boston to kill fans of the New England Patriots – not the true comparison to only Methodists killing only Catholics over a dispute on the Trinity.

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s not only CNN Fred. They’re probably the best known, but MSNBC, the BBC and many many others are doing the same. It’s part of the same belittling of Israeli or Jewish victimhood that we find each and every time there is an attack, whether in Israel or elsewhere. Everyone sympathizes and identifies with victims of attacks in France or the US, but when it comes to Israel there’s always a “but”, an excuse. It’s sickening.

  5. Michael Feige was an extreme leftist.

    Despite my abhorrence of his politics, yes even leftists have a right to live.

    Keep in mind that Arabs, seized of anti-Jewish bloodlust don’t stop to ask if a Jew is one of their supposed allies.

    They want ALL Jews dead. Let’s not forget as we remember the victims, its not Israel that’s to blame for the absence of peace in the Middle East.

    • anneinpt says:

      Norman, I edited your comment. I’m no prude and have been known to swear plenty of times. But I reject using swear words when describing a terror victim. As you say, he did not deserve to die, and his politics are irrelevant besides proving the hypocrisy of the Palestinians and the naivete of the left.

      He was NOT anti-Israel – he opposed the boycott motion and was a well known and popular teacher in Ben Gurion University. At least he had the courage of his convictions and was living in Israel, unlike a lot of people I could mention.

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