Good News Friday

Apologies for the late – and brief – posting. A family simcha took us out of town (mazal tov to our niece and family on the birth of their baby daughter ☺ ), and what with the heat, the Petach Tikva schvitz and a week of repainting our flat, and it’s a bit of a miracle that I’m sitting down to post at all!

My first item is from Israel’s bio-tech and green-tech revolution – watch this video how Israel makes the desert literally bloom:


Kol hakavod to all the botanists, agriculturalists and researchers involved in greening the desert. Just imagine how our neighbours, not to mention other arid regions of the world, can benefit from Israel’s developments.

My next item is a fantastic video in support of Israel – by Ashraf Sherjan, a Muslim Israeli Arab. No words are necessary. Just watch the video!


Ashraf’s words in support of Israeli victims of terror are as follows:

“Today when the whole Muslim world is celebrating Eid with their loved ones.

But I am not celebrating my Eid.

I want to pass my message to the mother of 13 year old Hallel Yaffa, who was killed last week in Israel. Being a secular Baloch Muslim I stand with you.

Yes, You are not alone. I stand with you and I stand with Israel.”

Kol hakavod Ashraf on your courage in speaking out so openly in support of Israel. I’m sure there are many more like you, but without your bravery. If only they too would stand up and speak out, Israeli society, in all its varied colours and religions, would only benefit.

And on the same subject of loyal Muslim citizens of Israel, here is a video another courageous Arab Israeli. Again, no words of mine are necessary.

Kol hakavod Atta Farhat on holding to the courage of your convictions. Here too, if only your fellow Muslims would stand with you (and us) openly, all sides would benefit hugely. They could also be a bridge to the rest of the Muslim world, with boundless benefits for all of us.

May these words of support bring us peace of mind and a calm(er) spirit as Shabbat begins.

Shabbat Shalom and chodesh tov everyone!

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4 Responses to Good News Friday

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  2. shelley bloom says:

    Very nice that Moslems stand by us, shame that many Jews in Israel and around the world do not…………

    • anneinpt says:

      It is a crazy world isn’t it? But remember, these Muslims live in Israel, and they see the reality of our country, and benefit from all the good that we have to offer.

      Anti-Israel Jews live outside Israel and most of them have either never been to Israel or they cam with anti-Israel groups, touring only “Palestine”, never seeing what Israel is really like.

      We have to help take off their blinkers.

  3. Reality says:

    These wonderful Muslims are more precious to us than our self- hating Peace Now and J street types.As for the video of making the desert bloom, how wonderful! I just read a few newspaper articles today how Israel is finally broadening her horizons,and is making business arrangements,and exporting precious know-how to African countries and other far East communites. Not everything has to be approved by the disgusting EU or UN. They are beginning to make themselves irrelevant,so its fantastic to see other fronts opening up on Israels export horizons.

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