Another huge Islamic terror attack in France, this time in Nice

However much I get annoyed at France for taking the side of the Palestinians against Israel, and for not standing up for Israel at the UN, no country deserves terror attacks, let alone the kind that was perpetrated in Nice yesterday, in a car-ramming and shooting attack killing around 80 people.

As many as 80 revelers were killed late Thursday in a terror attack in the French Riviera city of Nice that saw a truck driver plow his vehicle into a crowd as it left a traditional Bastille Day fireworks show on the beachfront.

The truck driver reportedly drove intentionally into a dense crowd that was leaving the celebration on the famed Promenade des Anglais, then stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire on passersby.

The driver’s rampage was stopped in a hail of gunfire from police that left the truck itself riddled with bullets.

Nice mayor Christian Estrosi said that police found grenades and firearms in the truck.

Reactions from politicians have been precisely as expected, from assertions that “this has nothing to do with Islam”, to calling the attack a “tragedy”. As Jewish Agency spokesman Avi Mayer remarked after the Orlando massacre:


An earthquake is a tragedy. A flood is a tragedy. A gunman walking into a nightclub in Orlando (or a concert hall in Paris, or a café in Tel Aviv) and calmly, methodically shooting innocent people is not merely a tragedy – it is an act of calculated cruelty.

Labeling something a tragedy enables us to shrug sadly and move on. In a way, it gives us something of a pass. Tragedies happen. They often cannot be avoided.

While the results of the Orlando massacre are certainly tragic for the victims’ loved ones, whose lives have been torn apart by the murderer’s bullets, the attack itself is no mere tragedy – it is a cataclysmic outrage that should shake us out of our complacency and spur us to action.

As we mourn those murdered in Orlando, let us not fall into that all-too-familiar pattern of tortured acceptance. Mass murders are not acts of God. They do not simply happen – they are perpetrated. There are deep hatreds and poisonous ideologies at play, and they threaten us all. Now is the time for a national conversation on how the next Orlando can be prevented.

His words are equally applicable to this latest terrorist outrage. If we won’t call a spade a spade we haven’t a hope in hell of defeating the perverted religion that inspires such mass murder.

Following is a selection of tweets that I found relevant:

The following tweets note the lack of response, let alone sympathy, for car-ramming attacks in Israel. It would do well for the world to remember that what starts with the Jews does not end with the Jews:

And the last word (for the moment) goes to Hillel Neuer of UN Watch who chides the world at their short memory:

My sympathies and condolences to the French people, especially to those who lost loved ones, and prayers for a complete recovery to the wounded.

We should direct our prayers too to the Western governments who seem to be in denial about the reality of the enemy that we face and who find it hard to take on board the stiff measures that are need in order to defeat this implacable enemy – fundamentalist Islam.

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3 Responses to Another huge Islamic terror attack in France, this time in Nice

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  2. Reality says:

    And yet again Obama refuses to use the words “Islamic terror”.Perhaps we should tell France to “return the Eiffel tower to its rightful owners,the Palestinians”!Also we could rewrite history and make Loius viiiiii an original Palestinian!Perhaps Versailles really belongs to Abbass?!!!

    • anneinpt says:

      Obama refuses to use the I or M word because he’s either a Muslim himself or he has a very close attachment to it. He thus cannot bring himself to embarrass them by accusing them of such terrible violence, even when they themselves take “credit” for these attacks.

      Re the French, yeah, they’re as hypocritical as any other Western country that constantly chides us for our “occupation” and for not using restraint when defending ourselves.

      I have no patience left any more to deal with it all.

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