Palestinian child abuse – father forces his child into danger for the cameras

One of the most shocking videos that I have seen in a long time has been doing the rounds of the internet – and the internet is rife with shocking videos emanating from the Palestinians.

In this instance, we have a classic example of “Pallywood” – a staged event intended for the cameras in order to smear Israel’s reputation and paint the Palestinians as poor, downtrodden and oppressed victims rather than the violent child abusers that they are.

It started out with a photo posted by a Palestinian propaganda photographer that went viral (via Legal Insurrection):

Here is another example. A young child, maybe 3 years old, was photographed heroically confronting Israeli border police. It had all the hallmarks of a viral shot, tweeted by anti-Israel Twitter account Abbs Winston and retweeted by “Hamas Lawyer” Stanley Cohen and over 150 others:

But Legal Insurrection investigated further:

But the image of the child is not what it seems.

After I had seen the tweet, I saw on Facebook that the video of the confrontation had been posted. …

Rather than a brave child confronting the Israelis, the video shows a man, presumably the father, carrying the child toward the border police … and pushing the child forward:

The video clearly shows a Palestinian father shoving his little toddler son in the direction of armed IDF soldiers, yelling at him to “go on! Go forward!”, and then shouting at the soldiers, “shoot him!”. The little boy, clutching a Palestinian flag, seems confused (obviously!) and doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do. A soldier holds his hand out to the boy, who then gives him a high-five – which quite ruins the whole intention of the ridiculous escapade.

Even worse, and reinforcing the realization that this was a staged event (in case it wasn’t clear enough already), in the background you can hear a crowd of treacherous extreme leftists shouting in Hebrew at the soldiers “you are not defending anybody! Look around you!” and “Your commanders send you here to use your weapons against children, against their parents who are your age”. They are also chanting, “We shall not fail!” (despite the fact that they evidently have).

Here is the video, via the (Israeli, Hebrew) “Arabist” facebook page:

The commentary on the Arabist’s facebook page  reads as follows:

נעלין: אב קורא לחיילים לירות בבנו בן ה-3

צילום היום מההפגנה בנעלין בגדה המערבית, אב שולח את בנו בן ה-3 לכיוון החיילים כשהוא צועק להם בהתגרות “הנה ילד קטן, תירו בו, תהרגו”. (עריכה: למי שלא הבין, מדובר בפרובוקציה (חולנית), לא בניסיון להרוג את הילד.)

הרוב המוחלט של התגובות באתרים הפלסטינים בהם התפרסם הסרטון גינו את האב וקראו לו “דביל וטיפש”. חלק אפילו שיבחו את החייל שנתן יד לילד והיה אחד שהתעצבן על פרסום הסרטון שלדעתו הציג את החיילים באור חיובי.

The English translation is as follows:

“Ni’lin: A father calls to soldiers to shoot his 3 year old son”.

Photos from today from Ni’lin in the West Bank. A father sends his 3 year old son towards soldiers as he shouts at them provocatively “here’s a little boy, shoot him, kill!”.

The overwhelming majority of responses on Palestinian sites which published the video condemned the father and called him “stupid, an idiot”. some even praised the soldier that gave a hand to the child, and there was one who was annoyed at publication of the video because it put the soldiers in a positive light”.

But this is not the end of the story. Palestinian TV showed the video but deleted the crucial handshake of the soldier – thereby recreating a Pallywood moment:

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports that the PA TV version of the video not only omits the handshake, but the announcer lies outright about it. He declares that the boy, “who has yet to reach the age of five, also knows, despite his young age, that it is forbidden to shake hands with the soldiers, just as it is forbidden to make peace with them.”

The edited version shows the soldier reaching out to the boy – at which point the video freezes, and continues a few seconds later. Those few seconds include the boy shaking hands with or high-fiving the soldier, but the PA viewers don’t get to see that. Instead, they get to hear the lie that the boy refused to shake the soldier’s hand.

PA Television and other official PA organs constantly sing the praises of terrorists who have murdered Israelis, or who attempted to do so – but, as PMW reports, “official PA TV did not want its viewers to see a friendly handshake between a young Palestinian child and an Israeli soldier, so they distorted the footage.”

Both versions of the video can be seen here:

The only other question remaining is was there any other motivation besides pure hatred and indoctrination that motivated this father and so many other Palestinian parents to exploit their children for the sake of propaganda that is both false and futile to their well-being?

The famous French film-maker Pierre Rehov (who exposed the Al-Dura hoax), shockingly remarks during an interview with the Elder of Ziyon that Palestinians would sacrifice their children for PR – and for $10,000:

“When I was doing my investigation in Jenin, I was obviously posing as a French journalist, because when you are a French journalist, they love you. So with my French passport I could see everything I wanted.

“[Using a hidden camera] I was able to record an amazing scene of Palestinian doctors, Palestinian journalists, around a woman who they claimed that she had given birth at a checkpoint because the Israelis wouldn’t let her through. The woman said, ‘No! It didn’t happen like that! The ambulance was late…’ But they told her, “No. You have to say that the tanks were pointing their cannons to you.’ The guy who was with her, the poor husband, who was also trying to play the game, says, ‘Yeah, and I helped her give birth while I was driving…’

“This guy was my fixer, He thought I was a French journalist… I was giving compliments to Talal Abu Rahma, who was the guy who filmed the story of Mohammed al-Dura. I was saying how it was so great for Palestine what he did, and also for himself, ‘Everybody’s talking about him, he’s so famous, and he got awards…’ My fixer said ‘Are you interested?’ I  said ‘What do you mean? Am I interested in what?’ He said, “The easiest thing is to kill a kid. That’s so simple. ‘ I asked ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘Listen. Every family has some kid that they are ready to sacrifice. Are you ready to pay $10,000?'”

I find that more depressing that the wish to use their children for propaganda. Ideology, however mistaken or false, is a comprehensible motivator. Sacrificing one’s children for monetary gain? I cannot grasp that.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded with an eloquent and well-expressed condemnation of this act as well as his prayer for peace:


Former Prime Minister Golda Meir put it more concisely:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

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  2. Reality says:

    Kol hakavod to those who continue to upload the full videos.We have to continue to share them to the world.How despicable that father is, and even more so our own home grown traitors.

  3. Earl says:

    “Palestinians” are overwhelmingly mohammedans.
    To any mohammedan, Mohammed is al-insan al-kamil.
    Mohammed’s basic dictum was: “War is deceit”. (cite: hadith Bukhari 52:269)


  4. cba says:

    The father now claims his words were “taken out of context” and that really, really bad stuff happened before and after the period when the video was shot. Uh-huh… all those demonstrators and anti-Israel extreme lefties, and not one of them caught this “bad stuff” on camera. As if…

  5. This child abuse goes way back to Arafat:

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for the timely reminder Hammer. It’s part of their ethos and psyche. They don’t care what happens to their own people, even the children, as long as they can harm the Jews.

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