Shabbat Shalom

I’m on vacation in the north of Israel with my entire family: all the children and grandchildren, over 20 of us in all.

We’re staying in a “zimmer” which is Israelis’ quaint term for a holiday villa, in a tiny little village near Meron.

We’ve been having a great time seeing the sights and are now getting ready for Shabbat.

So no good news Friday this week, but it is our 36th wedding anniversary today which is pretty good on its own. 😊🍾🍷

So I wish you all Shabbat Shalom and see you next week.

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11 Responses to Shabbat Shalom

  1. Judy Pragerr says:

    Mazaltov. Have a. Great shabbat

  2. C. K. says:

    Mazal tov!!! Shabat shalom!!!

  3. anneinpt says:

    Thank you both 😊

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Mazeltov…from a 47 year veteran (what one-upmanship???)

    Enjoy – it can only get better!

  5. Happy Anniversary and Shabbat Shalom.

  6. I think three generations of a Jewish family, holidaying together in our very own country, is also pretty good news! Hope you had a great time!

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks Shimona! I agree with you, 3 generations together (the 4th, or rather the 1st generation stayed in PT) is “echt Yiddishe nachas” as our Rabbi used to say. 🙂

      We did have a wonderful time – though “noisy” doesn’t quite describe it. 😀

      • Earl says:

        Jews celebrating a family milestone event would be “noisy”? Nah, NEVAH! 😉

        /Mazel Tov!, and you’re in beautiful countryside there.

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