An open letter to anti-Israel activists

I wish I could claim credit for this brilliant article but sadly I am nowhere near as eloquent as Nevet Basker, the writer of this hard-hitting open letter to “anti-Israel” activists.

She points out that “pro-Palestinian” activists are anything but. Their anti-Israel activism only harms the Palestinians whom they claim to love and support so much, and more than that, she exposes their underlying antisemitism.

Here’s an excerpt. Go and read it all:

… I see your placards with names of villages lost when Israel’s neighbors invaded in 1948. I see your props: child-size coffins, for a dramatic effect. Mock “eviction notices” and “apartheid walls.” Posters commemorating the “Nakba”—catastrophe—your term for the Arab failure to destroy Israel.

I hear your chants of “Intifada, Intifada” and “We are Hamas”—glorifying violence against Jews and celebrating their murder. I see you disrupt talks by Israeli scholars and experts—and even by Palestinians who support peace. I hear you call for boycotting hummus (made in Virginia!), and petition artists not to perform in Israel, and demand that pension funds divest from one of the world’s most vibrant economies. I hear you misappropriate terms like “justice” and “apartheid” and “genocide,” divorcing words so far from their true meaning that the language is no longer recognizable.

Haaretz, Gideon Levy, and the Israel apartheid canard

And I can’t help but wonder: How is all this vitriol, this hateful rhetoric, remotely helpful to the cause of the Palestinian people you claim to support?

If you truly cared about Palestinians, you would fight the rampant corruption of the Palestinian Authority. You would challenge Palestinian leaders who rob their people to line their own pockets, who pay bounties to terrorists and their families. You would oppose Hamas in Gaza for stealing humanitarian aid, international donations, and construction materials to build rocket launchers and assault tunnels.


If you cared about the Palestinian people, you would protest the thousands killed and imprisoned, the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians gassed, bombed, and displaced in Syria. But you don’t, because you haven’t (yet?) figure out how to blame Israel and the Jews for this wholesale death and destruction.

The reason you don’t do any of these things is because, in fact, you don’t care at all about the Palestinians. You represent a campaign of hate and bigotry, disguised as a national-liberation movement. You then add to it a phony veneer of social-justice and—the irony!—a sprinkle of political correctness, in order to attract well-intentioned progressives to support your cause. In reality, you don’t even want a Palestinian state, only to eradicate the Jewish one. (That’s what “From the River to the Sea” actually means, of course.)

There’s so much more at the link. Read and share, especially amongst those who have doubts about the justice of Israel’s cause.

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3 Responses to An open letter to anti-Israel activists

  1. Charlie in NY says:

    The truth is simply stated: if you only “care” about Palestinian Arabs when Israel is involved, then you are not pro-Palestinian but anti-Israel and perhaps, if you are honest with yourself, you are using this politically acceptable cover to vent your prejudice against Jews.

    • anneinpt says:

      Precisely. One can see it clearly in the news headlines every day. How many hundreds of thousands of Arabs have been killed, amongst them thousands of Palestinians, in Syria. And yet there is virtual silence from the world. But if Israel should dare to shoot to injure a Palestinian terrorist there is an outcry, calls for restraint and more often than not a UN condemnation.

      If it wasn’t so dangerous and evil it would be funny.

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    It seems to me that one of the real giveaways in this whole debate about the Middle East is the focus on Israel’s supposed crimes against the Palestinians. Since November 1947, when the UN passed its (supposedly in-)famous Partition Resolution, something like (it’s claimed) 50,000 have died as a direct result of Arab-Israeli violence (if you prefer, that could be written as Israeli-Arab violence, but it doesn’t alter the figures) and some 700,000 Arabs were displaced (again, if you really want to be ideological, “were driven out/made refugees, etc”), balanced by some 800,000 Mizrachi Jews driven out, etc, from Arab lands.

    That’s over some 69 years.

    Yet the world ignores the 250,000 dead (and rising daily) in 5-6 years of the Syrian Civil War, to say nothing of the 2-3 MILLION refugees created by the same conflict.

    The world also ignores that the 20% or so of the Israeli population who are Arab citizens of the State are represented proportionately in, for example, higher education and are found throughout the economy. This says nothing of those from this sector who choose to do national service and are, very often, passionate supporters of the State of Israel as it currently is.

    I know very well that the overwhelming majority of the visitors to this site need no reminding of this. I just wish everyone else needed no reminding and we could argue on the basis of whether the policies of the Israeli government of the day were good, bad or indifferent for the future of the region.

    But the this is Israel and Jews we’re talking about, so perhaps that makes me something of a Pollyanna in these matters.

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