Disgusting display of anti-Israel violence and thuggery at UCL

An utterly outrageous display of anti-Israel bigotry took place last week in what should have been a “safe place” (to quote the favourite phrase of modern progressives) for Jews: University College London (UCL).

Hen Mazzig, a pro-Israel activist who works with StandWithUs, a pro-Israel campus group, was invited to speak at a Friends of Israel event at the University.

Even before he began, the event was threatened with closure by anti-Israel thugs:

The Jewish Press reports:

An Israeli speaker’s talk at a London college campus scheduled for this week was canceled on Wednesday. Why? Because, according to the cancelation notice sent by the student union, “there had been controversy” when he spoke at the campus two years prior, and the hosting organization failed to disclose that when the room was booked for the talk.

After cries of suppression of speech and vehement protests, the university stepped in and “un”canceled the talk. Hen Mazzig’s talk at University College, London, was reinstated. It would take place, as scheduled, on Thursday evening, Oct. 27.

However, the event was allowed to go ahead, and that is when the trouble started.

The Jewish Press report continues:

The response by the anti-Israel mob was swift and the attack was vicious. A protest was called. Outside the room where Mazzig was scheduled to speak, livid demonstrators screamed for murder and the end of Israel. “Intifada, Intifada!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” They barred the entrance to the talk while pummeling the doors and windows, leering malevolently. Two thugs yanked open a window, hurling themselves into the room, launching several students inside into panic attacks. A woman inside kept repeating: “This is like the Warsaw Ghetto!

The Times of Israel reports:

In a series of videos from the event, protesters can be seen banging on the windows and the door to the hall, shouting “Free, free Palestine,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Outside the room, one attendee confronts a group of protesters who refuse to let him and other into the room to hear the speech.

In a video broadcast on Facebook from inside the hall, Mazzig tells followers: “The situation is really out of control, we’re hiding in a room and there are protesters outside.”

“I don’t think that even in my days in the IDF, it was as bad as it is right now, it’s really scary,” he said, adding that he had heard that some of the female Jewish supporters of the talk had been attacked by the protesters.

Security guards can be seen blocking the door of the room to prevent the protesters from storming in while generally trying to keep everyone calm.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after to escort the attendees out past the protesters who yelled “shame! shame!” at them.

One officer who spoke to the attendees in a video posted on the Sussex Friends of Israel Facebook page said that police could not prevent the screaming — “it’s what they do” — but that officers would make sure the attendees would not be “assaulted or prevented from leaving or anything else of that nature.”

“I had to be rushed out of the event at @UCL with security. The campus was the war zone and the streets are the safe place. I’m out. My god,” Mazzig later tweeted.

These reports, and similar ones, simply do not do justice to the palpable violence in the atmosphere, and the physical threat emanating from the antisemitic thugs expressed towards the Jewish students and Israel supporters.

Just watch these videos below and read the tweets. The banging on the windows is really intimidating, and when the 3 Nazis antisemitic thugs threw themselves through the windows it was utterly terrifying – and I’m only watching a video. What must the participants have felt?!:


Kol hakavod to Sharon Klaff for expressing her outrage at those vicious cowardly antisemites.

Here are some more pictures, videos and tweets:

Watch this outrageous video of the Jewish group having to run through the baying mob of  antisemitic, Jew-hating, Israel-hating scum as they left the building.


It is reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany when Jews had to run the gauntlet of Nazis roaming the streets. What a disgrace!

Shame on UCL! And shame on the Jew-hating bigots.

UCL have now said they will investigate the violent incidents:

In response, UCL and it’s union (UCLU), said they do not “condone acts of intimidation or violence under any circumstances”.

They “regret protesters took measures to try to prevent the event from happening but stress that the protest was non-violent.”

“We are aware that the Metropolitan police attended following accusations of assault and support them fully in their investigations. As this was a public event, it is unclear how many UCL students were present but we are instigating an enquiry and we will take appropriate disciplinary action where there is clear evidence that students may have breached our disciplinary regulations.”

Their statement came after the Board of Deputies presented four demands to the university’s provost including issuing a clear rejection of last night’s events and the launch of a “credible rigorous enquiry”. Board president Jonathan Arkush also demanded that the provost meet him, UJS and UCL student leaders.

Arkush noted that “the university, albeit a little belatedly, had reacted positively to these necessary steps”. Arkush had earlier spoken to the vice-provost whose initial response he described as “unsatisfactory. He appeared to be playing down events”.

Arkush also said the incident appeared to be part of efforts by the Palestinian lobby to prevent talks by Israelis on campus. “We are determined these efforts will not succeed.”

We were also reminded of a similar event at Kings College back in January:

The Union of Jewish Students issued a statement following the incident at UCL, in which they said “there can be no excuses” for what happened.

“The fact that such violence and hostility took place only nine months after the incident at KCL, with police having to once again be called, is an absolute disgrace. UCL Friends of Israel were simply trying to engage students in discussion on Israel, but instead were met with a wall of intolerance and intimidation aimed at shutting down free speech.”

They added that it is “reassuring however that, despite the acts of the protestors, the event went ahead as planned with no students harmed.”

“It is imperative that UCL and UCLU (UCL’s Union) take action following last night’s events and we will be working with UCL Friends of Israel to ensure just that.”

The pro-Israel Campaign4Truth posted the following facebook post (video at the link) which gives a very good and very depressing overview of the situation for Jewish students in British campuses today:

Tonight something happened in London that most in our country would know nothing about. Why would the average Joe know that our campuses in the UK are now no go areas for Jewish students?

At a UCL friends of Israel event with speaker Hen Mazzig, we Jews had to move from room to room looking for that ‘safe space’ where Jews can hold meetings without being attacked. With the sound of baying hoards outside, Hen delivered his shortened talk and after a Q&A, Hatikva and a flag, he was scuttled out in disguise. The rest of us had to wait and wait whilst the police were ‘working on a strategy’ to get us out through the still baying hoarded outside!

So what’s happening here? What is it about universities where the safety of Jews cannot be a given? And let’s be clear, no other minority group is subjected to such discriminatory attacks. It’s about a sense of deja vu. We’ve seen it before, most Jews would know something about Jews on campuses in an earlier era. I don’t need to explain how it started then with education and landed up with bespoke factory conveyor belts for bit parts of Jews as they were showered in gas. And last night is a typical example that it’s happening again in our lifetime.

My sense was one of reliving the history of my unknown relatives, dead before I could know them, all because of the most ancient of hatreds, illogical as it seemed. Words defy the description of what it felt like to witness the ugly hatred being spewed our way by some too young and too illiterate to even know what exactly it is that they hate, indoctrinated and led by those who know exactly what they’re doing. And let’s be clear – these are not the right wing Neo Nazis of Golders Green in 2014. Those baying with hatred were mostly of Muslin origin indicating which ‘ism’ is the current high fashion outfit launching a renewed genocide of Jews – remember their chant ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ and if they achieve that dream, what’s their plan for the Jews who live in that space?

What we have here is a media now obsessed by antisemitism as though talking about it and defining it will eradicate it. In the meantime the tide of Muslim Jew hatred is growing a pace whilst more youngsters are propagandised to intimidate young Jewish students into a safe space of silence.

I could go on, but I’m tired in every respect of that word.

Marc Goldberg at Harry’s Place in his article “Forgetting Palestine”, he remarked on the stupidity of the anti-Israel protestors who don’t really care for the Palestinians at all. Davka Hen Mazzig should have been someone to whom they should listen and from whom they could have learned a lot. But because he is Israeli – and for no other reason – they did all in their power to silence him. And the only ones who will suffer from this in the end are the Palestinians themselves:

Because the reality of life in Palestine doesn’t really matter. What matters is that a “baby killer” came to campus and 100 students gave him and everyone who came to hear him a tough time. No Palestinians were helped. Israel didn’t suffer some kind of humiliation. Nothing that has anything to do with the Middle East happened on the UCL campus. What happened was that kids living a world away from Palestine were deprived the opportunity to learn about it from someone who really knows. That this opportunity for learning was so violently disrupted on a university campus adds more than a touch of irony to an all too familiar situation.

Anyone genuinely interested in the lives of Palestinians might wonder why it is that so many utterly ineffectual things are able to take the place of a genuine framework to move the situation forward to a more positive place for everyone. They might also wonder why so many so-called friends of Palestine are so busy attacking Israel and so rarely helping Palestine.

This point has been made over and over again by all those who support Israel: those who purport to support the Palestinians are in the main not interested in the good of the Palestinians at all. Their only aim is to “get” Israel – either by violence, or deligitimizaiton, and if all else fails, by silencing us.

We must not let them win.

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  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    What, increasingly, gets me angry is not that Israel is held to “higher standards” (whatever these might be and even allowing for the fact that Israel could never reach them) but that no other state is held to these standards.

    The hell with double standards, let’s have equal standards for all. Anything else is, plain and simple, antisemitism.

    And as such, in the UK, incitement to racial hatred and a criminal offence.

    So arrest and charge the antisemitic thugs.

  3. Reality says:

    Another infuriating thing ,is that these universities will”investigate to see if any of their students took part”!Excuse me?1st if it happened on their campus ,it makes no difference whether it was their students or not.2nd,why do they only”investigate”AFTER the Deputy of Jews gets involved?Surely if they know a trouble spot will occur,they can pre control said outcome.Like they wanted to cancel the speaker,they can make a violent protest illegal.A calm protest is allowed,anyone may do that,but a violent one?What would happen if the Jewish society will arrange a violent protest against a pro Palestinian talk?I will bet my last penny,that they would be pulled aside and arrested or told it’s illegal.So yes,as Brian Goldfrb says,we are held th higher standards in Israel,but so are the JEWISH societies on campus in Europe and the rest of the west held to higher standards than the Por Pallestinian thugs.
    As a thought,if the Jewish society ran a lecture about the poor Syrian refugees,I wonder what would happen?It might be worth a shot,just to see the reaction there!

  4. Rrw says:

    Indeed it is reminicent of 1930 germany. But then we are leading up to a third world war. The muslims vs everyone else. Only this time we have Israel and if attacked believe me Israel wont hesitate to take down the rest of the world with it. All the world will burn this time with nukes. And then finally, hopefully after this the Messiah will come and peace will reign. Its just difficult that we have to live thru these troubled times.

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