#Israelisburning while #Arabsarecelebrating

Wildfire in Israel

Wildfire in Israel

A brush-fire which, aided by extremely dry weather and strong winds, turned into a wildfire, caused initially by negligence, set fire to large swathes of the picturesque town of Zichron Yaakov, and in the coexistence village of Neve Shalom and Nataf near Jerusalem. Severe damage and even destruction was caused to several houses, and trees and land were burnt too.

This wildfire ignited another kind of fire in the black hearts of Palestinian and local Arabs.  Inspired by the destructive quality of the earlier fires they proceeded to ignite huge swathes of the country. The worst fire occurred in Haifa, where 6 separate ignition points indicate arson rather than negligence or natural causes. 75,000 residents were evacuated over the course of yesterday, several houses were burnt down completely or very severely damaged.

Residents escaping the massive fire in Haifa

Residents escaping the massive fire in Haifa

The Hesder Yeshiva of Haifa burnt down completely, including its holy books, because the heroic students abandoned their books in order to save the lives of nursery school children on the top floor of their building.

More fires occurred in the Jerusalem hills, in Modiin,


Footage of a fire in the mountainous village of Beit Meir, west of Jerusalem

Footage of a fire in the mountainous village of Beit Meir, west of Jerusalem

Last night fresh fires started in Bet Meir in the Jerusalem Hills, leading to great destruction, as well as outside Carmiel in the Galilee. While most of the fires had been extinguished by this morning, several fresh ones broke out again in Haifa and elsewhere.

The biggest miracle was that there has been no loss of life, although several dozen people have been injured from smoke inhalation.

It now appears that even the initial fire at Zichron Yaakov was caused by arson, as were many if not most of the other fires:

A spokesperson of the Haifa Fire Department said on Friday they have evidence that a fire started near the city’s main fire depot was an act of arson. Speaking to Channel 2, Uri Chibotaro said video evidence proved the cause of the blaze.
Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) said to Israel Radio that the Haifa firestorm, which caused widespread damage on Thursday, was an “intentional act of arson.”
Earlier, Interior Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said that the results of an investigation into Thursday’s fire in Zichron Ya’acov concluded that the blaze was caused by arsonists.
Police reported that in total 12 individuals had been investigated for arson and incitement as a result of their investigations.

While the Israelis have been busy fighting the fires, evacuating residents, foreign countries chipped in with fire-fighting planes. Even our “cold-peace” partners Turkey, Jordan and Egypt are sending helicopters and fire-engines. The Palestinian Authority too is sending in fire-fighting ground teams.

Sadly, many Arabs (definitely not all I am pleased to say) have been celebrating the fire, cheering it on and praying for more destruction and wishing death on us.

Here is a selection of relevant tweets:

The vile reactions of these antisemitic hateful people reveal their true feelings. They are not “for” the Palestinians. They are against the Jews, wherever they live. They are happy to see the land that they claim to cherish burn down rather than let the Jews live in it:

It is so reminiscent of the famed story of King Solomon and the baby that several commentators have remarked on it. Israellycool has an excellent video which summarizes another post of his:

If the analogy was not already obvious enough, the celebrating Arabs and Muslims are woman #1 and the baby is the land of Israel. They claim this land is theirs (despite them having conquered it in the 7th century, way after we had been here) and are thus lying like woman #1. Yet they are happy the land burns because it means possibly depriving us of it.

Just like in this story, allow the wisdom of Solomon to once again demonstrate who the true indigenous people of this land are.

There are no more apt words to finish this post than the words of the beautiful Israeli song: “I have no other country, even if its ground is burning”.

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  1. Elise Ronan says:

    Israel will survive. We will replant. We will rebuild. All the hatred proves is that the Arabs do not deserve this land and it will never be theirs again.

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  3. DP-PT says:

    Elise, what do you mean “again”? It was NEVER theirs!!!

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